Newaygo County

Cemetery List from Tina Easley

Amish Section 26, Poplar Avenue, White Cloud Wilcox
Ashland Cemetery

Barton Township/Davenport Sections 13 and 14, Beech Avenue, Big Rapids. Barton
Big Prairie-Everett Cemetery
Bridgeton Cemetery
Bull/Saint Joseph's Catholic Section 34, Base Line Road, Hesperia. Denver

Calvary Cemetery
Christian Plains Section 26, 80th Street, Croton. Croton
Clark/Clark's Union Section 31, 48th Street/M-82, Fremont. Dayton
Croton Section 7, Croton Drive, Croton. Owner: Croton
Culp Cemetery
Crandall Section 35, 22 Mile Road, Sand Lake. Ensley
Curtice/Curtis Section 9, Walnut Avenue, Bitely. Home

Danish Lutheran Section 24, 128th W., Grant. Ashland
Dayton Center Section 17, 20th Street, Fremont. Dayton

East Hesperia Section 30, 1 Mile Road, Hesperia. Denver
Evans Section 29, Fitzgerald Avenue, Fremont. Dayton

Family Section 5, 116th Street, Grant. Bridgeton

Goodwell Township Section 16, 3 Mile Road, White Cloud Goodwell
Gowell/Huber Section 9, Comstock Road, Hesperia. Denver
Grant/Parkview Section 24, 120th Street, Grant. Ashland

Hillers Section 24, Pierce Drive, Brohman. Private. Merrill
Hillside Section 28, 128th Street and Catalpa, Grant. Grant
Hungerford Section 16, Cypress Avenue, Woodville. Norwich

Indian/Old Indian Section 2, Fremont. Newaygo Sheridan
Indian Section 20, 124th Street, Grant. Bridgeton

Jewell Cemetery

Lawrence Farm Section 28, Cypress Road, Woodville. Site no longer exists. Norwich
Lilley Twp. Cemetery
Lincoln Twp. Cemetery

Maple Grove Cemetery
Merrill Township Section 1, Center Road at Iris Drive Road. Merrill
Mount Calvary Section 10, 64th Street, Fremont. Sheridan

Newaygo County Poor Farm Section 31,48th Street, Fremont Sherman
Newaygo City Cemetery
North Ensley Section 2, 104th Street, Howard City. Ensley

Oak Grove Section 29, Elm Avenue, Croton. Croton

Parkview Cemetery
Prairie Section 2, 56th Street, Croton. Croton
Pioneer Memorial Section 1, 48th Street, Sheridan. Sheridan
Prospect Hill/White Cloud Section 6, Wilcox Avenue, White Cloud. Wilcox

Reeman Section 16, Brucker Avenue, Reeman. Sheridan

Saint Bartholomew's Catholic/Saint Mark's Section 13, 72nd Street/M-82, Newaygo. Garfield
Saint John’s Section 11, 104th Street, Howard City. Ensley
Saint Joseph’s Catholic Section 6, Wilcox Avenue, White Cloud. Wilcox
Saint Mary's Catholic Section 6, Locust Avenue, Croton. Croton
Saint Michael's Section 7, 64th Road, Brunswick. Sheridan
Shoggwabno Graves Property of Otto Sterms. Bridgeton
Sherman Township Section 16, Wisner Avenue, Fremont. Sherman
Shippy Section 33, 136th W., Grant. Ashland

Troy Section 30, 13 Mile Road, Bitely. Troy

Volney Section 7, Grant Street, near Volney. Beaver

Whipple Section 24, Pine Avenue, Big Rapids Home
Wilde Dickinson Avenue between 96th Street and 100th Street, Sitka Bridgeton
Woodville Section 30, Pine Avenue, Woodville. Norwich