History of
Grant Township

Newaygo County MI

Grant Township is 11 north, 12 west, and lies in the southern tier of the county. It is bounded on the north by Brooks, on the east by Ensley, on the south by Muskegon County, on the west by Ashland. On section 2, 10, 11, 14, 15, 22 and 23 is Rice Lake, the largest body of water in the county. This lake, with the swamp which surrounds it, occupies one-fourth of the township. On the eastern line is Moore's Lake, on the northern, Hess Lake, and on the western, Blanche Lake. Rogue River, the outlet of Rice Lake, flows southward to Grand River,

Grant was the eleventh township organized in Newaygo County, and was erected by the Board of Supervisors Jan. 8, 1867. The first township meeting was held the first Monday in April following, at the house of Stephen I.. Marvin. The Inspectors were Samuel W. Glover, Lewis C. Hyde and Rensselaer Brace; and Samuel W. Glover was elected the first Supervisor of Grant. At the last election, held April 2, 1883, the following township officers were chosen: Thomas Ryan, Supervisor; William M. Wheeler, Clerk; William A. Watrous. Treasurer; Henry Bates, Highway Commissioner; Harrison Whitmire, Drain Commissioner; Francis L. Cain, School Inspector; Louis Babcock, Justice of the Peace; S. B. English, Horton Thompson, Franklin Spears and Lorenzo Ditson, Constables.

The population of Grant Township in 1880 was 422.

The vote of this township at the last general election (Nov., 1882) for Governor was : For J. W. Begole. Democrat, 43; for D. H. Jerome, Republican, 7. The valuation of property in Grant Township in 1867 was $21, 210, and in 1883, $67,560. The highest valuation was $89,297 in 1880; the next year it was put at $52,780. The taxation on its property ? since 1867 has varied from $279 that year to $1,500 last year.

Samuel W. Glover 1867
Stephen L. Martin, 1868-9
J. H. Shaw, 1870
D. C. Hyde, 1871
David Hebel 1872-5
Eugene O'Connor, 1876
George M. Osman, 1877
Lewis Trexell, 1878-80
Thomas Ryan, 1881-3
H. C. Cole, 1883

Portrait and Biographical 1888