White Cloud
Newaygo Co MI

White Cloud, MI (1930s) - Contributed by Paul Petosky

The village of White Cloud is near the southwestern corner of Wilcox Township. It owes its existence to the Chicago & West Michigan railroad. It was first called Morganville, and then, after the road was extended through the village from the south, it acquired its present name. It now has two railroads, and a chance for a third; and as one sees four passenger trains meet at this point a little before noon, the visitor does not wonder that it hopes some day to have the county seat. It is growing rapidly, having now a population of perhaps 550.

White Cloud was incorporated in 1879, and held its charter election March 11 of that year. The following officers were then elected: President, Fred Ramsey; Trustees, James L. Morgan, Robert A. Moon, James M. Gibbs, James H. Decker, James McLeod and Lee A. Mason; Clerk, William Ross; Treasurer, Charles S. Wilcox; Street Commissioner, David Smith; Assessor, David S. Benson; Constable, Richard Doyle. At the last election, held April 2, 1883, the following village officers were elected: President, J. M. Popple; Trustees, Henry Cardinal, Hollis T. Reed, Richard Doyle, Richard Gannon, R. S. Trask and James McLeod; Clerk, A. W. Sidebottom; Treasurer, Miles Standish; Street Commissioner, E. C. Bracy; Assessor, M. A. Teachout; Constable, George Chandler.

The following is a list of the business firms of White Cloud:

E. C. Bracy, wagon shop.
Jacob Cohen, clothing.
A. G. Clark, drugs.
George Clover, American House.
James Doucett, Travelers' Home.
C. H. Decker, barber
R. J. Doyle, restaurant and saloon.
Fox Bros., livery.
E. A. Grosvenor, furniture.
James Harris, livery.
C. B. Jones, Atlantic Hotel.
W. F. Latham, post-office.
John Labock, saloon.
D. Mathison, saloon.
James McLeod, saloon.
James McLeod, Commercial House.
J. R. McMann, While Cloud Hotel.
Morgan Lumber Co., lumber.
John Newberg, shoe-shop.
D. O'Sullivan, blacksmith.
Hollis T. Reed, drugs.
T. M. Rocdel, general merchandise.
Fred Ramsey, general merchandise.
J. M. Romans, saloon.
Dan Shea, saloon.
Townsend & Gannon, grocery and meat market.
Teachout & Roedel, hardware-
R. S. Trask, drugs.
S. N. Wilcox, lumber.
B. E.Wells, furniture.
White & Hill, saloon.
S. R. Woodworth, tailor.

Congregational Church.
There is but one church in White Cloud,— the Congregational. It was built in 1875 at a cost of $800, as a union church. The Congregational society was organized Dec. 20, 1877, with eight members, but services had been held from the early part of 1876. The first pastor was Rev. James Worden. He was followed by Revs. John Dongerman, John Holloway, D. Bettes, Wm. G. Puddefoot and John Jeffries, the present pastor. The society now numbers about 25.

White Cloud Lodge No. 34, I. O. 0. F. was organized July 15, 1883, and the following were its first officers: James McLaughlin, N. G.; S. D. Witherell, V. G.; George Williams, Secretary; R. J. Doyle, Treas. The present officers are: James McLaughlin, N. G.; George Williams, V. G.; D. O'Sullivan, Perm. Sec; Jacob Cohen, Rec. Sec; R. J. Doyle, Treas. The membership of the lodge is about 40, and the meetings are held Wednesday evenings.

White Cloud Lodge, No. 1997, K. of H., was organized the latter part of 1879, and now has a membership of 34. A. G. Clark is Dictator; E. A. Grosvenor, Secretary; and M. A, Teachout, Treas. The lodge meets the second and fourth Thursdays of each month.

White Cloud Lodge No. 452, I. O. G. T., was organized July 5, 1882, with D. C. Mcintosh as Chief Templar. The present officers are as follows: L. M. Clover, C. T.; Mrs. C. N. Draper, V. T.; Wm. Cameron, Sec; Frankie Clark, Treas.; Walter Witherell, Mar.; Mrs. Chandler, Chap.; Anna Hagen, I. G.; Antone Weiker, O. G. The lodge has a membership of 25, and meets every Tuesday evening.

Source: Portrait and Biographical Newaygo County 1884