Newaygo County

Comprising township 16 north, 14 west, and the west half of township 16 north, 13 west, is the territory of Troy Township. It occupies the northwest comer of the county and is bounded on the north by Lake County on the east by Monroe Township, on the south by Beaver Township, and on the west by Oceana County. The south branch of the Pere Marquette River flows through the western portion, and into it flow Freeman Creek, Allen Creek, Cedar Creek and others. Into Cedar flows Pickerel Creek. Troy is a very new Township. The principal industry is of course logging and lumbering. In 1880, the township had a population of 180, which is but a fraction of the present population. The recent extension of the Newaygo division of the Chicago & West Michigan railroad through the township has given an impulse to its development which will soon produce wonderful results.

On section 32, by Blue Lake, is located the young village of West Troy. It was started by Messrs. Grosvenor and Brener, who built a small mill and began sawing lumber in 1881. They first called the place “Walkup City.” This name it retained until the mill was sold to the West Troy Lumber Co., consisting of Thomas Walkup, President; A. F. Fisher, Vice President; E. P. Barnard,Treasurer; and J. C. Patterson, Secretary. They built the large saw-mill containing two sets of circular saws, and having a capacity of 90,000 feet per day. In September, 1883, they sold out to A. E. Cartier & Co. They have laid the village out into lots, with about 60 buildings and 45 families. They employ about 150 men in the mill and as many in the woods.

Troy was erected into a township Oct. 17, 1879, out of Beaver Township, and the first township meeting was held the first Monday in April, 1880, at the house of Gilbert Yates. Alonzo Yates, F. A. Basford and B. Freeman were Inspectors, and Frank A. Basford was elected the first Supervisor. At the last election, held April 2, 1883, the following township officers were chosen: Frank A. Basford Supervisor; Charles Freeman, Clerk; A. H. Freeman,Treasurer; William Cross, Highway Commissioner; Henry Jackson, Drain Commissioner; Joseph A. Todd,School Inspector; Hiram S. Miller, A. Yates, and Gilbert Yates, Justices of 1 he Peace ; G. B. Freeman, David More, Mike McCafferty and A. J. Painter, Constables.

In 1880 the equalized valuation of property in the township was $95,990 and taxes collected $1,215.91. In 1883 the valuation had increased to $r 98,400 and the taxes to $1,924.90.
Frank A. Basford has held the position of Supervisor since the organization of the township.
Portrait and Biographical - 1884