Wilcox Twp.
Newaygo Co. MI

History of Wilcox Township

Wilcox Township is 14 north, 12 west, with the exception of the south half of sections 34, 35 and 36, which belong to Everett, and with the addition of the north half of sections 4,5, and 6 of township 13 north, 12 west. Waite River drains this county flowing nearly south through the middle of the township. The Big Rapids branch of the C & W. M.R.R. runs diagonally through the township, crossing fractional sections 5 and 6 and sections 32, 33, 28, 22, 15, 10, 11 and 2. The Newaygo division of the same road crosses fractional section 5, and sections 32, 33, 28, 29, 20, 19 and 18. At the crossing of the two lines is the village of White Cloud, which aspires to be some time the county seat.

Wilcox Township was erected Jan. 15, 1880 out of territory previously belonging to Everett. The first township meeting was held the first Monday in April following, at the house of Charles Decker, Lee A. Mason, George Ehle and James L. Morgan were inspectors and James M. Smith was elected the first Supervisor. At the last election, held April 2, 1883, the following tonwship officers were chosen; Reuben S. Trask, Supervisor; Alpheus W. Sidebottom, Clerk; Hollis T. Reed, Treasurer; Henry Cardinal, Highway Commissioner; Andrew G. Clark, School Inspector; Edward Grosvenor, Justice of the Peace; Edward Grosvenor, George W. Chandler, George W. Flack, Howard Helms and William Fulkerson, Constables; and William Fulkerson, Drain Commissioner.

The township had in 1880 a population of 850.

There are now two whole and one fractional school districts. For the year ending Sept. 3, 1883, the number of children of school age was 193; number of children that attended school, 117; number of non-resident pupils, 2; number of days of school taught, 319; number of school-houses (frame) 2; value of school property $700; number of teachers employed, 5; wages paid to same $523.

In 1880 the equalized valuation of property in the township was $134, 143 and the tax collected was $2,635.11; and in 1883 the equalized valuation was only $122,100, and the tax collected $984.64.

James M. Smish 1880
J.M. Popple 1881
R.S. Trask 1882=