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Oakland County Michigan

Groveland Township


This township, known on the government surveys as town 5 north, range 8 east, was organized in 1835 from a part of Pontiac township, and until 1838 included also what is now Holly Township.

The surface of Groveland is generally hilly.  In the northern and southern portions it is comparatively level, while throughout the balance the land is much higher and considerably broken.  A high ridge stretches across the centre of the township from east to west, broken by occasional valleys, and the highest point is probably the hill west of the residence of D. C. Narrin, near the corner of sections 14, 15, 22 and 23.  The view from this elevation is extensive, and the eye beholds from its summit a broad and fertile country, dotted with field and forest, lake and stream, while the green of the prevailing foliage is occasionally contrasted with the darker hue of various clumps of evergreens. The white cottages of the "dwellers in the land" are seen peeping from among surrounding orchards, and away to the northeast the village of Ortonville appears cozily nestled among the hills.

The soil is in general sandy.  On the central ridge vast quantities of loose stone - boulders and "cobble stone" - abound, and the greatest work of the farmer is that of clearing his fields from these rocky fragments.  The stones are utilized for building fences, rendering the farms more valuable, and the use of timber almost necessary in that particular.

Township Information

Thomas J. Drake Birth, Death, Marriage
Henry W. Horton Town Meeting
Ezra Herrick Supervisors
Sidney Smith Township Clerks
Archibald Cogshall Justices of the Peace
Henry Covert Public Road
Alexander Downey Town Hall
Captain Allen Campbell Dance
Abram D. Perry  
DeWitt C. Narrin  
Captain Isaac Case  
Abraham Bicksler  
Thomas Van Tine  
Allen Campbell  
Henry S. Husted  
A Few Others  
School Districts Mount Bethel Methodist Episcopal
  Groveland Methodist Episcopal
  Olive Branch Methodist Episcopal
Largest Cemetery Michigan Midland Railway
History Austin Lodge No. 48
  Austin Chapter, No. 44 R.A.M.
1864 Volunteer/Draft bond collection Carrh D Barron
Feb 1804 Enlistment call Horatio Wright
July 1804 Enlistment call Henry W. Horton
1805 Volunteer/Draft bond collection Daniel F. Johnson



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