Genealogy Trails

Oakland County Michigan



Barrett, Mrs. David (Bethia) d. in Walled Lake, Oct.13, 1849, formerly of Mendon, N.Y., ae 47y. She was born in Madison Co., N.Y. At ae 11 she united with church in Cazenovia. She also lived in Rochester and Medina, N.Y., Kingsville, Ohio and Highland and Walled Lake, Mich. 1-10-50

Brown, Benjamin, of Walled Lake, and Miss Mary Sanford of Novi, m. Dec. 13, 1849 by Rev. E. Wever. 1-10-50

Willey, Elder Aristarchus d. in Addison, Jan.4, 1850. He began the work of the ministry in Vermont-came to Michigan. 1-24-50

Fenner, Mrs. George (Almena) d. in Avon, May 13, 1850. She was second dau. of Jeremiah and Mercy Curtis of Shelby, Macomb Co., ae 30y and 3m. 5-30-50

Retan, Benj. S. of Commerce, and Miss Lucy A. Pennel of West Bloomfield, m. on May 22, 1850 in West Bloomfield by T. Deuel. 6-6-50

Peck, Mrs. Abel G. (Caroline) d. in Novi, June 24, 1850, 2d dau. of James and Margaret Sandford of the same place, ae 26y. She left a husband and two children. 7-11-50

Russel, Reuben of Royal Oak, and Miss Margaret Perry of Smithfield were married in Southport, July 4, 1850 by Rev. Avery Denison. 7-18-50

Waterman, Mrs. Abby, d. in Lyon, on Sept. 16, 1850 ae 68y, at the residence of her father. 9-19-50

Benjamin, Eli S., and Miss Elizabeth Kneeland, both of Bloomfield, married at Pontiac, Sept. 24, 1850 by Rev. S. Cornelius, Jr. 10-31-50

Baker, Rev. Thomas, d. in Highland, Oct. 4, 1850. Born in Groton, Mass., Sept. 23, 1771. United with church in Alsted, N.H., about 1795. 11-21-50

Williams, Orville of Novi and Sally Vincent of Duplain, Clinton Co., m. in Novi, Oct. 29, 1850 by Eld. S. Chase. 12-12-50

Welch, Andrew J. and Laura Ann Dennis, all of Novi, m. Nov. 7, 1850 by Eld S. Chase. 12-12-50

Farrand, L. G. of Royal Oak to Miss Mary Wight of the same place m. on Nov. 28, 1850, by Rev. A. Denison. 1-2-51

Brown, Mrs. Jabez (Ann) d. in Walled Lake, Nov. 30, 1850 ae 73y. 12-19-50

Shaw, S., of Livonia, and Miss Mary A. Maiden of Farmington, Mich., m. in Farmington, Dec. 1, 1850 by Wm. B. Grow. 12-12-50

Vickery, Jenett, d. in West Bloomfield, Dec. 23, 1850, youngest dau. of R. M. and N. A. Vickery, ae 3y 7m 3d. 1-9-51

Cornelius, Rev. Samuel and Miss Mary Ann Mann, m. in Pontiac, Dec. 30, 1850, by Rev. J. Booth, bride and groom were of Pontiac. 1-9-51

Burt, Wells, of Mt. Vernon, and Miss Amanda F. Beman, of Rochester, m. in Rochester, Feb. 19, 1851, by Rev. Z. Coleman of Mt. Vernon. 3-6-51

Chapman, Mrs. Rebecca, d. in Oakland, Aug. 23, 1851, ae 88y 6m and 2d. 10-9-51 also 10-16-51

Learned, Wm. S., of Springfield, Ohio, and Miss Abigail Goodrich of Oxford, Mich., m. Sept. 29, 1851, by Rev. R. Walker. 10-16-51

Jones, Mrs. Samuel (Lucy Benson) d. in Commerce, Oct. 6, 1851, ae 62y and 12d. Born Sept. 24, 1788 in Galway, Saratoga, N.Y. and m. Aug. 14, 1808. Joined the Baptist church in Darien, Genesee Co., in 1819� 10-30-51

Wood, Sandford, of Washington, Macomb Co., and Margery Hannah Whittaker of Avon, Oakland Co., Mich., m. on Dec. 4, 1851 by Eld. R. J. Laurence. 12-25-51

Clark, George, of Plymouth, and Miss Sarah Burton of Lyon, m. in Lyon, Jan. 1, 1852, by Rev. S. Chase. 1-15-52

Swift, William H., of Detroit, and Miss Lucinda E. Perry of Grand Blanc, m. in Clarkson, March 8, 1852 by Rev. T. H. Facer. 3-18-52

Leland, B. F., of Rose and Miss Emeline A. Struges of Holly, m. in Holly, March 29, 1852, by Thomas Joslin. 4-15-52

Philips, Mrs. Charles B. (Mary E.) d. in Highland, April 1, 1852, in the 37th year of her age. Biog. Sketch. 5-6-52

Green, Luther, of Farmington, and Mrs. Elizabeth Gilbert of Ann Arbor, m. in Farmington, April 18, 1852 by Eld. William R. Norton. 5-6-52

Leland, Mrs. Horace (Phebe) d. in Rose, ae 32y on April 22, 1852. 5-6-52

Deuel, Albert d. in Walled Lake, May 3, 1852, son of Thomas and Mary Deuel, ae 3y and 2m. 5-20-52

Wells, John, of Utica, and Miss E. E. Bradshaw of Troy, m. on Aug. 17, 1852, by Rev. S. Cornelius. 10-7-52

Washburn, G. D. and Miss Zurviah Middaugh, both of Pine Lake, m. Aug. 18, 1852, by Rev. S. Cornelius. 10-7-52

Sabine, John, d. in Clarkston, Aug. 25, 1852, ae 64y. A native of Canterbury, Kent Co., Eng. Came to U.S. in 1832 settling in Utica, N.Y. Came to Detroit in 1838. 9-2-52

Hendrickson, George W., and Miss Mary E. Parks, all of Troy, m. in Royal Oak, Aug. 29,1852 by Rev. James Ward. 9-2-52

Park, Mrs. Robert (Elizabeth) d. in Troy, Sept. 10, 1852, ae 68y. Baptized in Fleming, N.Y. 10-7-52

Smith, Jethro S. and Miss Sarah Beal, m. in Troy, Sept. 29, 1852, by Rev. S. Cornelius. 10-14-52

Hirst, Edward S., of Clarkston and Miss Cordelia S. Stewart, m. in Clarkston, Oct. 11, 1852 by Rev. T. H. Facer. 11-18-52

Ford, Harvey, of Davis, Genesee Co., and Miss Martha M. Colvin of Southfield, m. in Royal Oak, Nov. 17, 1852 by Rev. I. Ward. 11-25-52

Young, Christopher C. of Troy and Miss Ellen E. McCoy of Warren, m. in Royal Oak, Nov. 18, 1852, by Rev. I. Ward. 11-25-52

Turnbull, Mrs. John (Mary Ann) d. in Rochester, Nov. 27, 1852, at the residence of her father, Dr. J. D. Hough, ae 21y. 12-9-52

Scott, John d. in Farmington, Jan. 13, 1853 in the 67th year of his age. Born in England, came to America in 1830. 2-24-53

Angevine, Moses, d. in Royal Oak at the residence of his son-in-law, Mr. A. Hinman, Jan. 18, 1853, in the 80th year of his age. He was formerly from Poultney, Vt., then more recently from Mendon, Monroe Co., N.Y. He was father of O.L. and H. Angevine of Rochester, N.Y. 2-3-53

Doty, Charlotte Janette, d. in White Lake, Feb. 6, 1853, eldest dau. of Tobias and Sophia Doty, ae 17y 4m and 14d. 2-24-53

Stanton, Mrs. Lodowick (Electa) d. in Southfield, Feb. 12, 1853 ae 58y. 5-26-53

Gillett, Peter, of Warren, and Mrs. Julia West of Royal Oak, m. in Royal Oak, March 6, 1853 by Rev. James Ward. 3-10-53

Thomas, Henry, d. in Rose, March 14, 1853, in the 70th year of his age. United with Baptist Church in Middletown, Conn. 4-14-53

Mobley, George, and Miss Catherine Black, both of Greenfield, m. in Royal Oak, March 23, 1853, by Rev. James Ward. 3-31-53

Curtiss, Artemas, of Mt. Vernon, Mich., and Miss Martha M. Northrup of Detroit, m. in Pontiac, March 26, 1853. 5-5-53

Parks, Allen, M. d. in Troy, April 5, 1853, ae 44 years. 5-5-53

Calkins, A. d. in White Lake, April 16, 1853 in the 68th year of his age. 4-28-53

Cogsdill, Duane, and Miss Mary C. Tibbits, both of Farmington, m. in Farmington, April 24, 1853, by Rev. J. Atwood. 5-12-53

Lockwood, J. W. and Miss Lucretia Corwin, both of Highland, m. in Highland, May 7, 1853, by Elder H. Stowits. 5-19-53

Hamilton, Oliver, and Miss Elizabeth Ecker, both of Royal Oak, m. in Royal Oak, May 9, 1853, by Rev. James Ward. 6-2-53

Rampton, Mrs. Caroline, d. in Troy, May 13, 1853 in the 24th year of her age. Born in Hampshire Co., Eng. 6-9-53

Durham, Eber, of Livonia, and Miss Amy Andrews of Farmington, m. in Farmington, July 6, 1853, by J. B. Grovier. 7-14-53

Morrison, Caldwell, b. in Pontiac, July 9, 1828, d. in Wilson, Niagara Co., N.Y., March 4, 1853, at the home of his brother J. H. Morrison, ae 24y 7m 25d. 3-17-53

Marcy, Alanson, of Hadley, and Miss Mary Ann Upton of Groveland, m. in Groveland, Sept. 21, 1853 by Rev. S. T. Grow. 10-13-53

Jackson, Isaac W., of Groveland and Miss Sarah M. Huestead of Holly, m. in Holly, Sept. 25, 1853 by Rev. S. T. Grow. 10-13-53

Douglass, Isaac of Romeo and Miss Elizabeth Clark of Troy, m. in Troy, Oct. 2, 1853, by Rev. S. Cornelius. 10-13-53

Lightbody, Gordon of Pontiac, and Miss Julia A. Martin of Troy, m. in Troy on Nov. 10, 1853, by Rev. S. Cornelius. 11-16-53

Foster, Mrs. Horatio (Sophia) d. in Clarkston, Nov. 14, 1853, dau. of John Sabine of Detroit, ae 31y. 12-1-53

Carpenter, Mrs. E. (Alsha Platt) d. in Highland, Nov. 28, 1853, ae 51y. She was the dau. of Deacon Obadiah Platt of Staten, Oneida Co., N.Y. Came to Dexter, Washtenaw Co., about 20 years ago. Has also resided in several other places in Mich. 2-2-54

Waterbury, Richard, of Highland and Elizabeth Eldred of Royal Oak, m. in Royal Oak, Dec. 27, 1853 by Rev. James Ward. 1-5-54

Wood, Marietta E., d. in Clarkston at the home of her father, March 20, 1854, ae 21y. She had come recently from Eaton, Madison Co., N.Y. 5-4-54

Foster, Horatio, d. in Clarkston, March 27, 1854 ae 65y. Baptised and united with the Church in Utica, N.Y. Came to Michigan in 1837. 5-4-54

Paddock, Hiram of Pontiac and Miss Cornelia Davis, dau. of Dea. Abner Davis of Pontiac, m. June 8, 1854, by Rev. C. R. Pattison. 6-15-54

Gardner, Mrs. Solomon, d. in Oxford, July 5, 1854. She came from New York State to Michigan. 8-17-54

Clark, Rev. Aaron E., and Miss Eliza G. Shaver of Waterford, m. July 31, 1854, by Rev. C. R. Pattison. 8-17-54

Clark, Mrs. Lucy d. in Oakland, Aug. 7, 1854 ae 57 or 67(?) years. 9-14-54

Skinner, Emmet R. and Lucinda, dau. of Edward Martin both of Flint, m. in Troy, Sept. 22, 1854, by Rev. S. Goodman. 9-28-54

Tyler, Isaac E. of Orange Ionia Co., and Miss Sarah B. Fields of Commerce, Oakland Co., m. Sept. 30, 1854 by Rev. C. Rice. 12-7-54

Hinman, Charles H. d. in Royal Oak, Oct. 11, 1854, only son of Alexander C. and Esther Hinman, ae 10y and 4m. 1-18-55

Hinman, Alexander C. d. in Royal Oak, Oct. 13, 1854, ae 34y. Formerly of Mendon, Monroe Co., N.Y. He leaves a wife and an only daughter. 1-18-55

Voorhis, Nathaniel and Miss Jane A. Mathews, both of Troy Corners m. Oct. 16, 1854, by Rev. John Ross. 5-3-55

Morse, James C. d. in Novi, Nov. 29, 1854, son of John and Sarah Morse, ae 24y and 6m. 1-11-55

Brown, Perrin of Van Buren, and Miss Sibel A. Herriman of Groveland, m. in Groveland, Jan. 21, 1855 by Rev. S. T. grow. 2-22-55

Thompson, Timothy P. of Grand Blanc, and Miss Ellen Brokenshaw of Groveland, m. in Springfield, Feb. 20, 1855 by Rev. A. Potter 4-19-55

Reynolds, Jermoe L. and Miss Lydia M. Millard, both of Lyons, m. March 15, 1855 by Rev. A. Cornell, at East Plain, Lyon twp. 4-5-55

Tucker, Morris of Farmington and Miss Sarah C., dau. of Rev. George Bridge, of Howell, m. in Farmington, March 20, 1855, by Rev. Mr. Haze. 3-29-55

Hicks, Albertus and Miss Mary Wolf both of Pontiac , m. in Clarkston, March 29, 1855 by Rev. A. Potter. 4-19-55

Bellows, C. FitzRoy, of Climax and Miss Julia E. Walter of Independence, m. in Clarkston, Ap. 12, 1855, by Rev. A. Potter. 5-3-55

Floate, Walter, and Mrs. Sarah Holmer, both of Utica, m. in Troy, Ap. 13, 1855 by Rev. John Ross. 5-3-55

Foster, Mrs. H. (Ann), d. at her daughter's residence, near Clarkston, June 9, 1855, ae 68y. She was a native of England. About 1830, she and her husband came to U.S. and settled in Utica, N.Y. In 1837, they came to Mich. 6-21-55

Pearsall, Michael, d. in Oakland Co., at the residence of his son, ae 82y. Born in Duchess Co., N.Y. in 1773, m. a sister of Eld. David Irish and settled in Cayuga Co., N.Y. Had 5 sons and 5 daughters. Settled in Troy, Mich. In 1828. Long obituary. 7-5-55

Houck, F. d. in Addison, July 4, 1855. He was a surveyor and became ill as a result of his work on the government surveys upon the Upper Peninsula. 7-26-55

Dell, Martin, and Mary Leach, both of Troy, m. in Troy, July 21, 1855 by Rev. John Ross 8-2-55

Blenkison, Robert of the N.Y. Free Academy, and Miss Louise, youngest dau. of Rev. R. H. Benedict, m. July 24, 1855 in Oakland Co. by Z. Colman. 8-16-55

Tibbetts, George, d. in Southfield, ae 53y. He came to this region in 1824. 9-13-55

Grant, Mrs. Charles (Betsey) d. in Farmington, ae 70y. She was a native of Conn., but lived later in Ontario Co., N.Y. where she m. Charles Grant in E. Bloomfield, Aug. 4, 1807. Came to Michigan in 1830. 9-27-55

Daniels, Alanson, and Miss Elizabeth C. Daniels, both of Troy, m. Sept. 12, 1855 by Rev. John Ross. 10-18-55

Thomas, John, and Miss Mary Ann Cook, m. in Oakland, Oct. 3, 1855, by Rev. Z. Colman. 11-15-55

Packard, Jasper, of Plymouth, Ind., and Miss Harriet S. Tibbetts of Southfield, m. in Southfield, Oct. 4, 1855 by Rev. M. H. Perrine. 10-11-55

Ernsberger, Daniel, and Maria Butler, m. in Rochester, Oct. 17, 1855 by Rev. Z. Colman. 11-15-55

Babinau, C. A. and Miss Rhoda Harris, m. in Rochester, Oct. 29, 1855 by Rev. Z. Colman. 11-15-55

Dunn, Henry and Miss Maria O. Shower, all of Waterford, m. in Waterford, Nov. 14, 1855, by Rev. O. E. Clark. 11-22-55

Arms, Mrs. William A. (Elsina Miranda) d. in Milford(?) Dec. 3, 1855. She was born in Homer, Courtland Co., N.Y. on Nov. 10, 1827. Removed to Michigan in 1836. Married at Milford, Aug. 22, 1844. She leaves a husband and 4 children. 12-27-55

Morse, Mrs. John W. (Eliza Rollin) d. in Walled Lake, Sept. 2, 1855, dau. of Rev. Rollin. Born in Tonawanda, Nov. 22, 1831. In 1851, she removed to Walled Lake. Married in jan. 1852 to Mr. Morse. 1-3-56

Weeks, Mrs. Platt (Julia A.) d. in Farmington, Dec. 17, 1855, ae 33y. 1-3-56

Newell, Lewis M. and Miss Rosaltha O. Leland, dau. of G. S. Leland, m. in Rose, Jan. 1, 1856, by Eld. H. Stowits. 1-17-56

Wood, Nodiah C., and Miss Phebe S. Simmons, both of Farmington, m. Jan. 1, 1856 by Rev. W. B. Grow. 1-17-56

Hutton, William and Miss Mary Higgins, m. in Rochester, Jan. 13, 1856 by Z. Colman. 1-24-56

Anscomb, Edward of Troy, and Miss Eliza Holman of Otsego, N.Y. m. in Troy, Jan. 20, 1856 by Rev. John Ross. 2-7-56

Blane, Mrs. Amron (Electa A.) d. in Royal Oak, Feb. 12, 1856 in the 38th(?) year of her age. She was a dau. of Rev. Elijah Wever. Baptized in Mendon, New York. Buried in Walled Lake. 3-6-56

Matteson, Mrs. Johnson (Eunice) d. in Waterford, Feb. 14, 1856, at the residence of her son-in-law, Richard Bronson, ae 78y. She joined the church in Shaftesbury, Vt. She was born in Manchester. Came to Michigan in 1836 with a daughter. 3-13-56

Tucker, Mrs. Morris (Sarah C.) d. in Farmington, Feb. 19, 1856, dau. of Rev. George Bridge of Howell, aged 25. Baptized in Augusta, N.Y. Joined the Baptist Church in Howell, Mich., in 1853. 4-10-56

Bliss, Orvill (?) of Oxford, and Miss Ann E. Smith, dau. of George Smith of Pontiac, m. in Pontiac, Feb. 22, 1856 by Rev. John Ross of Troy. 2-28-56

Wever, Sarah Josephine d. March 6, 1856, in Walled Lake (?) ae 2y 3m 16d. She was only child of Cyrus and Juliet Wever. 3-20-56

Reynolds, F. d. in Rochester, March 20, 1856. He was a member of the Free-Will Baptist Church of Colwell, Warren Co., N.Y., and died in Michigan while on a visit to his sister, Sister Hough. 4-17-56

Albertson, Eli and Miss S. Teter, m. in Oakland on July 4, 1856, by Eld. A. E. Mather. 7-24-56

Brand, Philip and Miss Frederica Jendrick, both of Troy, m. in Troy, July 12, 1856 by Rev. John Ross. 7-31-56

Larzelier, Alonzo of Oxford, Marquette Co., Wisc., and Miss Mary D. Harding of Troy, Mich., m. in Troy, July 21, 1856 by Rev. John Ross. 7-31-56

Eldred, Mrs. Benjamin (Nancy) d. in Royal Oak, Aug. 7, 1856, ae 63y. 9-25-56

Leland, Andrew E., d. Nov. 11, 1856, youngest son of G. S. and M. G. Leland of Rose, ae 7m and 8d. 11-27-56

Knapp, Orkney A. of White Lake and Miss Harriet M. Firman of Highland, m. Nov. 16, 1856, by Eld. H. Stowits. 11-27-56

Hosley (?), H. C. or O. of Oak Grove and Vaugn, Priscilla, of Novi, m. Dec. 4, 1856 in Novi by Rev. J. C. Boyden. 12-18-56

Corwin, Joseph, d. near Rochester, Dec. 19, 1856. Buried in Rochester. 1-8-56

Woodman, D. W. of Ionia and Miss Irena Boget, of West Novi, m. in West Novi, by Rev. J. S. Boyden. 3-12-57

Eldred, Benjamin, and Miss Sarah Farrand, both of Royal Oak, m. in Troy, Feb. 22, 1857 by Rev. J. Ross 3-12-57

Firth, Marcina, d. in Troy, Feb. 26, 1857, second son of Henry Firth, ae nearly 12y. 3-12-57

Johns, Rhoda Adell d. in Lyon, March 2, 1859, about 6 years old. She was the youngest daughter of H. B. and Rhoda Johns. 6-9-59

Huyck, William F. of Grand Rapids and Miss Maria Carpenter of Troy, m. in Troy, April 26, 1857 by Rev. A. Denison. 5-7-57

Emmons, George H., of New Canadaigua, Oakland Co., and Miss Anna Delano, of Oxford, m. in Oxford, May 19, 1857 by Rev. W. H. Fuller. 6-4-57

Vradenburgh, Elon C., d. in Novi, June 28, 1857, son of Lewis and Mary Vradenburgh, ae 20y 8m and 18d. 7-23-57

Spaulding, Martin T. of Belvue, Eaton Co., and Mrs. Pamela Pursey of Farmington, m. in Farmington, July 4, 1857 by Rev. J. H. Rasco. 7-9-57

Denison, T. R. of Troy, and Miss M. J. Flint of Novi, m. in Novi, Aug. 23, 1857 by Rev. J. S. Boyden. 9-10-57

Jones, Newland C., of Oxford and Harriet Darling of Oxford, m. Sept. 6, 1857 by Rev. J. Ross. 11-5-57

Bliss, Orvil of Metamora, and Miss Phebe A. Barber of Oxford, m. in Oxford, Oct. 3, 1857, by Rev. W. H. Fuller. 11-5-57

Rundell, Levi C., of West Bloomfield, and Miss Jane Howard of Farmington, m. Oct. 6, 1857 by Elder N. Eastwood. 10-15-57

Leland, Jeremiah, d. in Rose, Oct. 10, 1857, ae 73y. 10-29-57

Robinson, C. B. of Lansing, and Miss Helen Hathron of Milford, m. in Milford, Oct. 14, 1857 by Rev. J. S. Boyden. 10-22-57

Low, Mrs. Edward (Clarissa) d. at Walled Lake, Oct. 19, 1857, ae 52y. 12-3-57

Travis, Erastus, and Miss Marian E. Hollister, both of Oxford, m. in Oxford, Oct. 31, 1857 by Rev. W. H. Fuller. 11-5-57

Millard, M. H. of Stony Creek, Oakland Co., and Mary J. Goff of Shelby, Macomb Co., m. in Troy, Nov. 1, 1857, by Rev. J. Ross. 11-5-57

Bourber, Joseph S., of Milford and Miss Sarah A. Morse of Highland, m. Nov. 4, 1857, in Highland, by Rev. C. Johnson. 12-10-57

Henderson, Philo P. and Miss Orlia P. Farrell, both of Farmington, m. Nov. 24, 1857 by Rev. N. Eastwood. 12-17-57

Knapp, Wm. E. and Miss Urvilla Vaughn, both of Novi, m. Nov. 30, 1857 by Rev. W. H. Gregory. 12-10-57

Beunett, Archelaus, and Miss Emeline Augustus Hiscock, both of Novi, m. Dec. 10, 1857 by Rev. H. Eastwood. 12-17-57

Dewey, Henry M. and Miss Hopy N. Webster, both of Troy, m. at Troy, Dec. 24, 1857. 12-31-57

McCormick, Wm. And Miss Martha Hunn, both of Hartland, Mich., m. in Novi, Jan. 20, 1858 by Rev. J. S. Boyden. 2-18-58

Humphrey, Mrs. Philemon (Susannah) d. in Royal Oak, Feb. 4, 1858 ae 51y and 4m. She had lived in Schoolcraft, Mich. 2-25-58

Knapp, Mrs. James (Rhoda) d. in Novi, Feb. 27, 1858 ae 66y. Born in Mass.; removed to Macedon, Monroe Co., N.Y. in 1802, removed in 1832 to Novi. 4-22-58

Babbitt or Barritt, Thomas J. d. in Rose, March 27, 1858, ae 2y and 5m. 4-8-58

Underwood, Jackson, and Miss Nancy M. Slyker, both of Commerce, m. in Novi, Ap. 8, 1858 by Rev. J. S. Boyden. 5-20-58

Wood, Mrs. J. (Mary A. Tenny) d. in Milford, Ap. 22, 1858, ae 36y. Born in Monroe Co., N.Y., removed to Highland, Mich., 6-3-58

Woods, Mrs. J. W. (Mary A.) died in Milford, April 23, 1858, ae 36y. 6-17-58

Boyden, Rev. J. S. and Miss Amanda T. Bishop, both of Novi, m. in Novi. April 25, 1858, by Rev. A. W. Baker. 5-13-58

Cone, Mrs. Andrew (Mary E. Hibbard) d. in Milford, Ap. 28, 1858, born in Kristustown, Baltimore Co., Md., on Jan. 23, 1826. Moved to N.Y. in 1838-9; m. in 1844; moved to Michigan about 1854. She leaves a daughter. 6-3-58

Smith, B. F. d. in Farmington, May 2, 1858, son of B. P. and J. E. Smith, ae 17y. 6-3-58

Rogers, Mrs. Samuel (Jane) d. in Novi, May 21, 1858. Born in Ovid, N.Y., Sept. 13, (?), m. to Samuel Rodgers on Feb. 13, 1833. Removed to Novi in 1833. 6-17-58

Taylor, Deacon O. d. in Farmington, May 27, 1858, ae 70y. 6-17-58

Cudworth, Mrs. Rosiner, d. in Novi, ae 63y. She was born in Drighton, Mass., removed to Bristol, N.Y., then Michigan. 6-17-58

Humphrey, Melissa M. d. in Royal Oak, ae 17y and 7m. 6-3-58

Tenny, Rufus, d. in Milford, June 15, 1858 ae 65y. Born in Norwich, Conn., removed to Lebanon, N.Y., then Conn., then Monroe Co., N.Y., then Michigan. 7-22-58

Heath, Luman F. of Rose, and Miss Susan A. Haff of Highland, m. in Highland, June 29, 1858, by Eld. H. Stowitts. 8-5-58

Tenny, Rufus, d. in Milford, July 26, 1858, ae 27y. Born in Monroe Co., N.Y., moved to Highland, Mich., about 1834. His sister, Mrs. Wood and his father have recently died. 8-19-58 8-26-58

Morse, Addie T., d. in Highland, July 29, 1858, dau. of J. C. and Adaline Morse, ae 7y and 10m. 8-26-58

Rampton, Edmond, of Iowa, and Miss Mary Elliot of Troy, m. in Troy, Aug. 1, 1858, by Rev. J. Ross. 9-9-58

Jones, William B. and Miss Eveline Eager, both of Troy, m. in Royal Oak, Aug. 18, 1858 by Rev. James Ward. 9-2-58

Sly, H. P. of Plymouth and Miss S. A. Bishop of Novi, m. in Novi, Aug. 19, 1858 by Rev. J. S. Boyden. 8-26-58

Smith, Mrs. Polly d. in Novi, Sept. 6, 1858, aged 74y. She was a native of Vermont, she and her husband removed to Bristol, N.Y., 1816 and to Michigan in 1831. 9-30-58

Alderman, Newton, d. in Highland, Sept. 9, 1858, aged 9y and 11 m. He was the eldest son of Major and Eliza Ann Alderman. 9-23-58

Ladd, Mrs. Maria R. d. in Milford, Oct. 2, 1858 ae 24y (This probably should be 1859) 11-10-59

Ware, C., of Rose, and Mrs. Harriet Allen of Pontiac, m. in Pontiac, Dec. 19, 1858 by Rev. A. E. Mather. 1-13-59

Petty, George W., and Miss Ellen M. Arnold, both of Pontiac, m. in Pontiac, Dec. 22, 1858, by Rev. A. E. Mather. 1-13-59

Britten, A. W., of Novi, and Miss J. M. Potter of South Lyon, m. in South Lyon, Dec. 29, 1858 by Rev. M. Olds. 1-13-59

Babcock, George W., of Troy and Miss Catharine J. Caswell of Bloomfield, m. in Bloomfield, Dec. 30, 1858 by Rev. A. E. Mather. 1-13-59

Spellar, M. D. of New Hudson and Miss C. L. Swift, of Northville, m. in Novi. Dec. 30, 1858 by Rev. J. S. Boyden. 1-13-59

Welsh, Alice A., d. in Novi, Feb. 13, 1859, only dau. of A. J. and L. A. Welsh, ae 5y and 1 m. 3-3-59

Sprague, Dr. Caleb, d. in Farmington, Feb. 25, 1859, ae 67y. 3-17-59

Goodell, Charles E., of Novi, and Miss Caroline J. Andrews of Victor, N.Y., m. in church, March 27, 1859 by Rev. J. T. Boyden. 6-16-59

Lamb, Hiram W., and Miss Philomela Tuttle of Holly, m. in Holly, Ap. 10, 1859, by Eld. H. Stowitts. 6-30-59

Reed, Alvin H., and Miss Ann Sibley, both of Royal Oak, m. in Royal Oak, April 18, 1859 by Rev. A. Denison. 4-28-59

Cone, Riley C., and Miss Elizabeth M. Sliter, both of Troy, m. in Troy, Ap. 21, 1859, by Rev. -----Ross. 4-28-59

Van Hoesen, Mrs. Hannah (Scott) d. in Farmington, Ap. 24, 1859, at the residence of her son-in-law, H. P. Cobb, ae 76y. Born in Fairfield, Conn., Jan. 7,1 784, dau. of Gideon and Anna Scott, she removed with them to Ovid, N.Y., in 1801 where she lived until she came to Michigan in Aug. 1854 to live with her children. She was twice widowed, and had lost six of her nine children. 5-5-59.

Gully, Alexander, d. in Royal Oak, May 25, 1859, ae 22y and 21d. 6-9-59

Humphrey, Jarvis O., d. in Royal Oak, July 2, 1859, ae 24y 1m and 15d. Joined the Baptist Church in Schoolcraft. 7-28-59

White, F. G. of Lake Superior, and Miss Emma Cole, of Novi, m. in Novi, July 4, 1859, by Rev. J. S. Boyden. 9-8-59

Wilkinson, A. H. and Miss Alvira Allen, both of Novi, m. in Novi, July 4, 1859. 9-8-59

Knowles, Henry of Detroit, and Miss Mary E. Smith of Farmington, m. in Farmington, Aug. 7, 1859, by Rev. David Loomis. 9-1-59

Rossman, Hiram, and Miss Sarah Ann Porter, m. in Bloomfield, Sept. 1, 1859, by Rev. A. E. Mather. 9-15-59

Wattles, William A. d. in Troy, Sept. 10, 1859, son of Dea. Harper and Emeline Wattles, ae 11y. 10-13-59

Root, David, and Miss Betsey Cole, both of West Bloomfield, m. in Royal Oak, Sept. 11, 1859 by Rev. J. Ward. 9-29-59

Wattles, Mrs. Harper (Emeline) d. in Troy, Sept. 26, 1859, ae 46y. She was a native of Sidney, Delaware Co., N.Y. 10-13-59

Devereaus, Seymour and Miss Louisa H. Abbott, both of Commerce, m. in Novi, Nov. 10, 1859, by Rev. J. S. Boyden. 12-1-59

Predmure, B. F. and Miss Mary E. Morse, dau. of Noah Morse, m. in Highland, Nov. 29, 1859, by Rev. Charles Johnson. 12-22-59

Gerls, Eliza F., d. in Troy, Mich., at home of her brother, Thomas F., in the 29th year of her age. Born in Quebec in 1823, later removed to Campden, N.Y. where she was bap., ae 15y. 10-30-51 Omitted in 1851 Records.

Source: Michigan vital records from the Michigan Christian herald: 1850-[1859]. Detroit, Mich.; unknown, 1900, pages 55-66 - submitted by Peggy Thompson)