Oceana County



Cemetery List contributed by Tina Easley

Cemetery Location County Township

Abson Cemetery 
Assumption/Saint Mary's Catholic Section 21, Winston Road and 88th Avenue, Rothbury. Oceana Grant

Benona Township/Saint Stephen's Lutheran Section 16, Johnson Road, Shelby. Oceana Benona
Benona Township Gardner Section 21, Johnson Road, Shelby. Oceana Benona
Bird/Carpenter Section 18, 166th Avenue and Tyler Road, Walkerville. Oceana Leavitt

Christ the King Catholic Section 26, Loop Road and 198th Avenue, Hesperia. Oceana Newfield
Colfax Twp. Cemetery 
Cranston Cemetery 

Eagle(s) Section 10, Arthur Road, New Era. Oceana Grant
Elbridge Township Section 21, 136th and Polk. Oceana Elbridge
Evergreen/Stony Lake Section 32, 28th Avenue, Shelby. Oceana Benona

Ferry/South Ferry Section 29, 128th Avenue and Hays Road, Ferry. Oceana Ferry
First Shelby Section 8, Sixth Street, Shelby. Site no longer exists. Oceana Shelby
Flower Creek Cemetery 

Gale Section 5, Buchanan Road, Hesperia. Oceana Newfield
Genereau/Methodist Indian Section 7, Tyler Road. Oceana Elbridge
Goodrich Section 30, 168th Avenue, Walkerville. Oceana Leavitt
Greenwood Section 21, Winston Road Hesperia. Oceana Greenwood

 Hart Cemetery 

Indian Section 34, 136th Avenue. Oceana Crystal
Indian Section 10, Harrison Road. Oceana Elbridge
Indian Section 11, 144th Avenue. Oceana Elbridge

Lever/Pioneer Section 5, Lever Road, Hart. Oceana Hart
Little Point Sable Section unknown, Little Point Sable. Remains only. Oceana Benona

Mears Section 23, Fox Road, Mears. Oceana Golden
Mennonite Section 15, 96th Avenue, Shelby. Oceana Shelby
Mount Calvary Section 27, 88th Avenue, Hart. Oceana Weare
Mount Hope Cemetery 
Mount Malissa/Mount Ulyssia Section 16, Hammet Road, Hart. Oceana Crystal

New Era Section 34, 88th Avenue, New Era. Oceana Shelby
North Ferry/Rathborne Section 2, Buchanan Road, Ferry. Oceana Ferry
North Hart Cemetery
North Weare Section 8, Hogan Road, Pentwater. Oceana Weare

Oak Grove Section 29, Webster Road, Rothbury. Oceana Grant
Oceana Center Section 1, 112th Avenue, Shelby. Oceana Shelby
Otto Section 3, Garfield Road, Ferry. Oceana Otto

Randall Cemetery Section 14, 104th Avenue, Hart. Oceana Hart
Raul Section 2, 144th Avenue. Site obliterated. Oceana Ferry

Peace Lutheran Section 13, 56th Avenue. Oceana Claybanks
Pentwater Township Cemetery
Pine Grove Cemetery

Round Lake Section 14, Deer Road, Mears. Oceana Golden

Smith Corners/South Weare Section 28, Oceana Drive, Hart. Oceana Weare
South Hart Cemetery
St John’s Catholic Section 14, 50th Avenue. Oceana Claybanks
St Joseph’s Catholic Section 11, 144th Avenue. Oceana Elbridge

Trinity Lutheran Section 2, Garfield Road. Oceana Claybanks

Unknown Section 10, Pierce Road. Site no longer exists. Oceana Newfield

Walkerville/Fairlawn Section 5, Harrison Road and 168th Asenue, Walkerville. Oceana Leavitt
West Hesperia Cemetery

Woodward Section 7, Cleveland and 168th Street, Hesperia. Oceana Greenwood