Ontonagon Co Michigan

Agate Section 21, S. Agate, Trout Creek. Interior
Barclay Section 12, Sand Lake Road, Paulding. Haight
Bruce Crossing Section 26, Cemetery and Manty Roads, Bruce Crossing. Stannard
Evergreen Section 32, Ontonagon-Greenland Road, Ontonagon. Ontonagon
Ewen Section 23, M-28, Ewen. McMillan
Finnish Evangelical Lutheran/Green Section 12, Tolfree Road, Green. Carp Lake
Forest Lawn Section 29, M-64, Bergland Bergland
Greenland/Maple Grove Section 26, Greenland. Greenland
Holy Family Cemetery Section 36, Rockland Road/US-45, Ontonagon. Ontonagon
Interior Section 29, Interior Road/Forest Highway 172. Interior
Irish Hollow Section 15, US-45, Rockland. Rockland
Lakeview Section 32, M-64 and M-28, Bergland Bergland
Maple Grove Section 16, US-45, Bruce Crossing. Haight
Mausoleums Exceptionale Section unknown, 1 mile east of Bruce Crossing. Stannard
Methodist Rose Section 15, Rockland. Rockland
Methodist Section 35, Greenland. Greenland
Norwich Section 12, Norwich Road, Matchwood. On U.S. Forest land. Matchwood
Old Indian Burial Grounds Section 17, northwest corner. Rockland
Paynesville Section 25, Manty and Paynesville Roads, Paynesville. Stannard
Riverside Cemetery
Rousseau Section 29, Pori Road, Mass. Bohemia
Trout Creek Section 12, off County Line Road east of Trout Creek, Trout Creek. Interior
Woodlawn Section 16, Cemetery Road, Rockland Rockland