Osceola County Michigan History & Genealogy

Osceola County

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Cemetery Location County Township

Ashton (New and Old) Sections 9 and 10, Mackinaw Trail, Ashton. Osceola Lincoln
Augustana Lutheran Church/Tustin Section 25, E. Church Street, Tustin. Osceola Burdell

Bennet/South Evart/Stryker Section 28, S. Evart Road, Evart. Osceola Evart
Bitner/Bittner Section 14, 3 Mile Road. Osceola Richmond
Bethel Section 18, three miles east of Ashton and 1 and one-half mile 
   south on 180th Avenue. Osceola Cedar
Burdell Twp. Cemetery 

Cherry Valley Section 26, three-quarters mile south of Avondale on 70th Avenue. Osceola

Forest Hill Cemetery 

German/North Evart Evangelical United Bretheran Section 21, 95th Avenue. Osceola Osceola
Greenwood Section 21, 40th Ave. Osceola Marion

Hersey Township Section 13, 3 Mile Road Osceola Richmond
Highland Section 18, two miles east of Dighton and two and 
   one-half miles north on 110th Avenue. Osceola Highland
Hillsdale/Hillside Section 9, 25 Mile Road. Osceola Highland
Holy Cross Catholic/Sacred Heart Section 8, South River Road. Osceola Evart

LeRoy Township LeRoy Township—Section 21, 210th Avenue and 15 Mile Road. Osceola LeRoy
Lincoln Township/Wilson Section 30, 230th Avenue, Reed City. Osceola Lincoln
Lux Cemetery

Maple Hill Section 6, north of LeRoy on 180th Avenue. Osceola Rose Lake
Maple Valley Section 6, two miles east of Dighton, one and one-half 
   miles south on 110th Avenue. Osceola Hartwick
Mennonite Section 21, 210th Avenue; only one readable tombstone in 1985. Osceola Richmond
Methodist Episcopal Church Section 27, 14 Mile Road. Osceola Middle Branch
Middle Branch Township Section 27, 14 Mile Road. Osceola Middle Branch
Mount Olivet Cemetery

Oakdale Section 20, Two Mile Road. Osceola Hersey
Orient Section 4, 40th Avenue, Sears. Osceola Orient
Osceola County Poor Farm Section 28, 40th Avenue. Osceola Sylvan

Park Lake Section 7, three miles west on Marion, two and one-half miles north on 
    60th Avenue and one-quarter mile east on Baugham Road, Marion. Osceola Marion
Proctor Family Section 13, 125th Avenue. Osceola Hersey
Rosedale Memorial Cemetery
Rose Lake Township Section 16, east of LeRoy on 16 Mile Road. Osceola Rose Lake

Sherman Township Section 15, 21 Mile Road. Osceola Sherman
St Paul's Lutheran Saint Paul’s Lutheran—Section 3, 21 Mile Road, Tustin. Osceola Sherman
St Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Section 20, 2 Mile Road. Osceola Richmond
Storey/Watson Road Section 13, two and one-half miles east of Marion 
   and one mile north on 5th Avenue. Osceola Marion
Sylvan Twp. Cemetery Sec 8, 45th Ave. Osceola Sylvan

Trinity Lutheran Section 21, three miles north of Reed City on Mackinaw Trail. 
     Osceola Lincoln

Unknown Section 23, Avondale Road. Osceola Hartwick
Unknown Section 9, Sixty-Six Road/M-66. Osceola Middle Branch

Woodland Cemetery