Osceola County Michigan
Genealogy and History


Cemetery Location County Township

Ashton (New and Old);  Section 9 and 19, Mackinaw Trail, Ashton, Lincoln Township
Augustana Lutheran Church/Tustin; Section 25, E. Church Street, Tustin, Burdell Township

Bennett/South Evart/Stryker; Section 28, S. Evart Road, Evart, Evart Township
Bitner/Bittner; Section 14, 3 Mile Road, Richmond Township
Bethel; Section 18, three miles east of Ashton and 1 and 1/2 mile south on 180th Ave., Cedar Township
Burdell Twp Cemetery

Cherry Valley; Section 26, three-quarters mile south of Avondale on 70th Ave.

Forest Hill Cemetery

German/North Evart Evangelical United Brethren; Section 21, 95th Av. Osceola Township
Greenwood; Section 21, 40th Ave.,  Marion Township

Hersey Township; Section 13, 3 Mile Road, Richmond Township
Highland; Section 18, two miles east of Dighton and 2 1/2 miles north on 110th Ave. Highland Township
Hillsdale/Hillside; Section 9, 25 Mile Road, Highland Township
Holy Cross Catholic/Sacred Heart; Section 8, South River Road, Evart Township

LeRoy Township; Section 21, 210th Ave. and 15 Mile Rd. LeRoy Township
Lincoln Township/Wilson; Section 30, 230th Ave. Reed City, Lincoln Township
Lux Cemetery

Maple Hill; Section 6, north of LeRoy on 180th Ave. Rose Lake Township
Maple Valley; Section 6, two miles east of Dighton, 1 1/2 mile south on 110th Ave. Hartwick Township
Mennonite; Section 21, 210th Ave, only one readable tombstone in 1985. Richmond Township
Methodist Episcopal Church; Section 27, 14 Mile Rd. Middle Branch Township
Middle Branch Township; Section 27, 14 Mile Road, Middle Branch Township
Mount Olivet Cemetery

Oakdale; Section 20, Two Mile Road. Hersey Township
Orient; Section 4, 40th Ave. Sears. Orient Township
Osceola County Poor Farm; Section 28, 40th Ave. Sylvan Township

Park Lake; Section 7, 3 miles west on Marion, 2 1/2 miles north on 60th Ave and 1/4 mile east on Baugham Rd. Marion Township
Proctor Family; Section 13, 125th Ave. Hersey Township

Rosedale Memorial Cemetery
Rose Lake Township; Section 16, east of LeRoy on 16th Mile Rd. Rose Lake Township

Sherman Township; Section 15, 21 Mile Road. Sherman Township
St. Paul's Lutheran; Section 3, 21 Mile Road, Tustin. Sherman Township
St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran; Section 20, 2 Mile Road. Richmond Township
Storey/Watson Road; Section 13, two and 1/2 miles east of Marion and 1 mile north on 5th Ave. Marion Township
Sylvan Twp. Cemetery

Trinity Lutheran; Section 21, three miles north of Reed City on Mackinaw Trail. Lincoln Township

Unknown; Section 23, Avondale Road. Hartwick Township
Unknown; Section 9, Sixty Six Road/M-66 Middle Branch Township

Woodland Cemetery


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