Michigan Genealogy Trails

Oscoda County, Michigan


Cemetery Location Township
Amish/Weaver Section 26, west of Weaver Road
Big Creek Cemetery
Elmer Township #1/Muskrat Lake Section 8, off Helmer Lake Road, Mio.
Elmer Township #2/Kittle Section 26, Kittle Road/County Road 614, Mio.
Fairview Cemetery Sec. 14 Abbe Rd/M-33 North of Miller Rd.
Hughes Graves Sec 32, Hughes Lake Road 3/4 mile east of Mapes Rd.
Indian Graves Sec 25, Deeter Road/County Road 489, Luzerne. Big Creek
Kittle Cemetery
Lincoln B. Watson Grave Section 34, hiking trail north of Mack Lake,
Long Lake Sec 10, south of Mack Lake, Warbler Rd and Curtisville Rd
Luzerne Section 26, Park Road/M-72, Luzerne. Big Creek
McCollum Lake/Mooney Sec 36, west of fishing site of McCollum Lake Rd
McKinley Sec 15, George Rd north of McKinley Rd/County Rd 600, McKinley.
Mentor Township / Mio Sec 18, S. River Rd/County Rd 622
Mount Pindus Section 22, Mount Pindus Road north of Valley Road, Mio.
Rich Section 27, Rich Road south of Valley Road, Mio. Big Creek
Union Corners Sec 28, Union Corners Rd south of Valley Rd/County Rd 488,
Unknown Section 15, off Barakel Trail, overlooking Shear Lake. Comins

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