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Otsego County, MI

Town of Elmira


The first marriage to take place in Otsego county occurred April 18, 1875. The contracting parties were Miss Alindia W. Martin of Elmira township, and Samuel H. Livingston of Livingston township. They were married in Gaylord by Rev. John N. Wilson. The groom was born in Scotland and was twenty-nine years of age, and the bride was a native of Michigan, and was seventeen years of age.

The first birth to be recorded in the county was that of Miss Vieva S. Parmater, daughter of Dr. N. L. and Violetta Parmater who was born October 14, 1874 in Livingston township.

The first mill built in the county was erected at Berryville, by J. U. Merry, in 1879, and the first threshing machine brought into the county, in 1878, was owned by E.C. Bussett of Elmira township. The first mowing machine was owned by T. C. Worden, C. F. Davis and H. H. Gilson in 1886, and the first self-binder used in the county was owned by A. Kelso of Elmira township, in 1889.

The Agricultural Society of Otsego County was organized in 1881 and its first fair was held in the open air on Courthouse square in Gaylord, in the autumn of that year. The first officers were: President. J. P. Demarest; vice president, C. C. Mitchell; secretary, A. J. Taylor: treasurer, Chas. S. Fuller. There were, all told, one hundred and eighteen entries and $48 paid out in premiums.
A History of Northern Michigan and its people Perry F. Powers & Harry Gordner Cutler 1912

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