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Marriage Notices

In the town of Wright, on the 20th inst., by Rev. F. Doane, of Chester, Mr. Asaph L. Buck and Miss Alice E. Knapp, both of Wright, Ottawa County. (Poem not transcribed)[Grand Haven News, April 27, 1859. transcribed by BW]*


On Tuesday, the 14th inst., at the Presbyterian Church, Grand Haven, by Rev. Wm. M. Ferry, Galen Eastman, Esq., of Eastmanville, to Mary L., the youngest daughter of Rev. Wm. Ferry, of Grand Haven. The above ceremony was performed with much solemnity in the presence of a large and deeply interested congregation. No event in our village has of late transpired, so well calculated to awaken the best feelings and the deepest sympathies of our citizens. Not only was the first and most influential family about to part with a young and accomplished member, but the village, with its first born, and much cherished daughter. It was an occasion  in which the citizens generally were very properly and appropriately invited to participate. But although a public ceremony, the entire absence of display and the simple and unostentatious character of the proceedings, exhibited excellent taste, especially in the present times of commercial depression. The high character and general esteem with which both parties are held by the community, were evinced by the interest manifested on the occasion. Rev. Dr. Eddy and Rev. L.M. S. Smith assisted in the ceremony[Ottawa Clarion] [Grand Haven News, Dec. 22, 1858. Transcribed by BW]

In this village, on the 27th ult., Andrew Roth and Martha Siems by Timothy Fletcher, Esq. [Grand Haven News, Jan. 5, 1859. Transcribed by BW]

On the 10th inst., at the residence of Benjamin Smith, at Ottawa Center, by Rev. J. Anderson, Mr. Oliver A. Whitney, and Miss Julia A. Conder. [ Grand Haven News, March 16, 1859. Transcribed by BW]


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