Sanilac County, Michigan



In 1854 this township was set off from Forester, and for some time comprised Custer and Marion. It is town 12 north, range 15 east. Its neighbors are Sanilac and Forester on the east, Marion on the north, Custer on the west and Washington on the south.

Bridgehampton's first settler was Theodore Laurel, who came in the spring of 1853. The next settlers, in about the order named, were James Aldred, Orange Baker, E. M. Miller, Wm. Ellenthorp, John Graham, Joseph Stephens, Charles Wood, James Lane, John Tucker.

A barn was built by James Lane in 1858, which was the first frame building in the township. Orange Baker donated land for school purposes, on section 12 in 1855, and a school-house was built that year, which was the first.

William Galloway built the first mill in the township, on section 6, in 1863. It was a shingle mill. The first store was built in what is now Downington, in 1861. In 1881, John Pace started a store at Wilber Station, and he was also appointed Postmaster at this time.

The first Church organization was the Methodist Episcopal, who organized 1855, holding their meetings in school-houses. This was done for 20 years, or until 1875, when a movement was instituted to build a union church, to be supported by all orthodox people. The ground was donated by Mrs. Mary Moore, on section 2. The deed was made out specifying that it was a union church, but before this deed was made out specifying that it was a union church, but before this deed was recorded the Methodists secured another deed, which wasd first recorded and took precedence against the other denominations.  This is what some of them call stealing a church. Another church was built on section 14, in 1881.


Carsonville, Michigan - 1914.  Contributed by Paul Petosky

In July, 1864, the first store in Carsonville was built by Arthur Carson, and is the hotel now kept by John Connors. The next store was built in 1868, by U. Raymond & Co., who sold to Wm. Thomson in 1874. He kept it until 1882, when it was purchased by C. M. Old field and run as a branch store of general merchandise, in connection with his Port Sanilac store. In 1872, Arthur Carson built a large store and kept a large stock of general merchandise until 1882, when it was closed and is now vacant.

The Exchange Hotel was built by John Farley, in 1880, when Preston & Cummings bought it and now keep a general merchandise store. About the same time Wm. Bowin built a small store and now keeps a few notions.

The other stores are:
Dr. J. W. Smith's drug store, established in 1851
J. A. Hosmer, hardware, 1882
John Farley, general store, 1883
A large cheese-factory was built by a stock company in 1883, at a cost of $2,200; capacity fire tons daily.

The Methodists organized themselves into a class in 1874, and now, in 1884, are building a church, which is the first in the village. The school-house for the village is half a mile east.

In 1880 Wiliam Thomson built a large elevator, and Arthur Carson's elevator was erected about the same time.

William Sweet 1867
David Crorey 1868-74
James Reid 1875-77
David Crorey 1878
John H. Kinney 1879-80
James Reid 1881-82

Portrait & Biographical Sanilac, MI  1884