Sanilac County Michigan

Cemetery  Location  Township

Argyle Township Section 22, Ubly Road/M-19.   Argyle

Bardwell Section 27, off Gardner Line Road, west of Vincent Road.   Worth

Carmen/United Christian Church Section 13, Babcock Road, 
   south of Burns Line Road, Lexington.   Worth
Castor/Papst Section 6, on shore, north of Mortimer Line. Worth
Cemetery of 7 Sorrows/Immaculate Conception Catholic Section 28,
    off Galbraith Line and Jordan Roads, Melvin  Speaker
Cherry Creek/Rasbery/Rosbury Section 5, Church Road 
  south of Downington Road, Deckerville Bridgehampton
Christian Memorial Cultural Center Section 3, 255 W. Sheridan Line, Peck.   Speaker
Croswell Cemetery 

Delaware/Snay Section 27, Snay Road, west of Maple Grove Road.  Delaware
Diamond/Stevens Section 6, off LakeshoreRoad/M-25, Lexington. Site no longer exists.   Worth
Downing Section 36, Range Line Road, north of Downington Road, Deckerville.  Wheatland

East Marion Baptist Church Section 25, Shabonna Road, west of Goetz Road, Deckerville.  Marion
Elk Township Cemetery
 Section 35, M-19/M-90, north of Sheridan Line, Peck.   Elk
Evergreen Township Section 16, Severence Road west of Decker Road.   Evergreen

Farnsworth Grave Section 27, Stringer Road.  Wheatland
Forestville/German Burial Ground Section 17, Lakeshore Road/US-25
    and Patz Road, south of Forestville. Delaware
Forester Township Section 3, Lakeshore Road/US-25, north of Forester.   Forester
Fremont Township Section 7, Bricker Road, north of Burns Line, Peck.  Fremont

Germania Section 11, Miller Road, east of Wood Road.   Marlette
Greenwood Cemetery

Hager Section 16, off Butler Road, south of Reynolds Road.   Marlette
Hillside/Sutherland/Wheatland Section 12, Wheatland Road.   Argyle
Hoppenworth/Pine Hill Section 26, Lakeshore Road/US-25 and Applegate Road. Sanilac
Hubbell Section 8, Washington Road. Site obliterated.  Sanilac
Huckins Section 34, off M-90 on private property, east of Wildcat Road. S Lexington
Hyslop Section 11, Raines Road, east of Isles Road, Sandusky.   Elmer

Johnson Section 12, Arnold Road, south of Mushroom Road.  La Motte
Juhl Section 28, Juhl Road, south of French Line Road.  Elmer

Kelley Section 32, Lakeshore Road/US-25 and Kelley Road. Site no longer exists.  Delaware
Kerr Section 12, off Sullivan Road, south of Aitken Road .  Marlette

Lakeview/Mortimer Line/United Christian Church Section 11, Mortimer Line Road, 
  west of Babcock Road, Lexington. Worth
Lee Section 13, Loree Road, south of Washington Road.   Washington
Lexington Village Section 25, Denison Road northwest edge of the village of   Lexington
Lexington Village/Old Lexington/Union Section 36, Union Street, in  Lexington
Linwood Section 14, Bay City-Forestville Road at Schock Road.   Delaware
Locke Section 33, off Fisher Road, west of Wildcat Road, Jeddo.   Worth
Long Cemetery   
Lutheran Section 22, off Ubly Road/M-19.   Argyle

Marlette Cemetery Sec 5, Cemetery Rd, west of Vay Dyke Rd/M-53
McLeish Section 21, Decker Road, south of Walker Road.    Marlette
Melvin Section 20, Washington Street, in Melvin.  Speaker
Mills Section 10, Maple Grove Road south of Mills Road.  Sanilac Marion
Minden City Section 2, Bay City-Forestville and Parisville Roads, west of Minden Road.  Minden
Moore Townwhip Moore Township—Section 31, Moore Road, east of Arnold Road.  Moore
Mosher/Moshier Section 18, Van Dyke Road/M-53, north of Snover Road.   La Motte
Mount Hope/Saint Mary's Catholic Section 32, Black River Road, 
  south of Croswell Cemetery. Lexington
Mount Hope Section 34, Mello Street, south of Peck Road.   Elk
Mount Pleasant Section 21, Ubley Road/M-19, north of Cumber Road, Ubly.  Austin
Mount Zion/Old Greenwood Cemetery

Nicol Family/Nicol Union Section 25, off Cumber Road, east of Germania Road. S  Greenleaf

Old Ridge Section 32, Ridge Road, 1/2 mile south of Applegate  Sanilac
Omard Section 35, Peck Road, east of Shepherd Road, Brown City.   Flynn

Palms/Saint Patrick's Section 24, Ridley Road, east of Minden Road, Palms.  Minden
Port Sanilac Section 34, Whitney Drive and Huron Street, Port Sanilac. S Sanilac

Ridge Section 21, Ridge Road, north of French Line Road. Sanilac Sanilac
Rusnell Farm Section 18, off Stone Road, west of Ruth Road  Marion

Saint Denis' Section 24, Harrington Road, west of Lakeshore Road/M-25. Lexington
Saint Elizabeth's Section 5, Cemetery Road,  Marlette
Saint John's Lutheran Section 22, Greening Road, north of French Line Road.  Sanilac
Saint John's Catholic Section 7, Bay City-Forestville Road,
   west of Big Gulley Road, Forestville.  Delaware
Saint John's Lutheran/West Delaware Section 17, Burgess Road, north of Wetzel Road.  Delaware
Saint Joseph's & Saint Ignatius' Section 27, Freidbeerger and Cass City Roads, Ubly.   Austin
Saint Joseph's Saint Joseph’s—Section 8, M-19, south of Wedge Road, 
   Sandusky. On north edge of Greenwood Cemetery.   Watertown
Saint Mary's Saint Mary’s—Section 15, Phipps Road, off Washington Road.   Washington
Saint Mary's Catholic Section 5, M-46, east of State Road.  Sanilac
Saint Mary's Section 7, Cade Road, north of Brown City.   Maple Valley
Sly/Worth Township Section 17, end of Gardner Line at Black River Worth
Speaker Township Section 14, off M-19, south of Burns Line Road.  Speaker
Steckley/Steckly Section 29, Applegate Road, east of Ruth Road.  Washington

Trinity Lutheran Section 18, Goetz Road, south of Bay City-Forestville Road.  Delaware
Tucker Section 20, off Snover and Ruth Roads.  Bridgehampton
Valley Center Section 26, Salisbury Road, east of Shepherd Road.  Maple Valley

Washington Township Cemetery
Wixson Section 3, Sheridan Line Road, east of Wildcat Road, Croswell. Worth
Wright Section 19, Ruth Road south of Stone Road.  Marion

Zion Cemetery