Sanilac County, Michigan


Argyle Township; Section 22, Ubly Road/M-19.  Argyle

Bardwell; Section 27, off Gardner Line Road, west of Vincent Road.  Worth

Carmen/United Christian Church; Section 13, Babcock Road, south of Burns Line Road, Lexington.   Worth
Castor/Papst; Section 6, on shore, north of Mortimer Line.  Worth
Cemetery of 7 Sorrows/Immaculate Conception Catholic; Section 28, off Galbraith Line and Jodran Roads, Melvin.   Speaker
Cherry Creek/Rasbery/Rosbury; Section 5, Church Road, south of Downington Road, Deckerville.  Bridgehampton
Christian Memorial Cultural Center; Section 3, 255 W. Sheridan Line, Peck.   Speaker

Delaware/Snay; Section 27, Snay Road, west of Maple Grove Road.   Delaware
Diamond/Stevens; Section 6, off Lakeshore Road/M-25, Lexington. (Site no longer exists)  Worth
Downing; Section 36, Range Line Road, north of Downington Road, Deckerville.   Wheatland

East Marion Baptist Church; Section 25, Shabonna Road, west of Goetz Road, Deckerville.  Marion
Evergreen Township; Section 16, Severance Road west of Decker Road.   Evergreen

Farnsworth Grave; Section 27, Stringer Road.  Wheatland
Forestville/German Burial Ground; Section 17, Lakeshore Road/US-25 and Patz Road,  South of Forestville.  Delaware
Forester Township; Section 3, Lakeshore Road/US-25, North of Forester.  Forester
Fremont Township; Section 7, Bricker Road, north of Burn Line, Peck.  Fremont

Germania; Section 11, Miller Road, east of Wood Road.  Marlette.

Hager; Section 16, off Butler Road, south of Reynolds Road.   Marlette
Hillside/Sutherland/Wheatland; Section 12, Wheatland Road.  Argyle
Hoppenworth/Pine Hill; Section 26, Lakeshore Road/US-25 and Applegate Road.  Sanilac
Hubell; Section 8, Washington Road, Site obliterated.   Sanilac
Huckins; Section 24, off M-90 on private property, east of Wildcat Road.  S. Lexington
Hyslop; Section 11, Raines Road, east of Isles Road,  Sandusky.  Elmer

Johnson; Section 12, Arnold Road, south of Mushroom Road. La Motte
Julh;  Section 28, Juhl Road, south of French Line Road.  Elmer

Kelly; Section 32, Lakeshore Road/US-25 and Kelley Road. (Site no longer exists)  Delaware
Kerr; Section 12, off Sullivan Road, south of Aitken Road.  Marlette

Lakeview/Mortimer Line/United Christian Church; Section 11, Mortimer Line Road, west of Babcock Rd,  Lexington.  Worth
Lee; Section 13, Loree Road, south of Washington Road.  Washington
Lexington Village; Section 25, Denison Road, northwest edge of the village of Lexington
Lexington Village/Old Lexington/Union; Section 36 Union Street  in Lexington
Linwood; Section 14, Bay City-Forestville Road at Schock Road.  Delaware
Locke; Section 33, off Fisher Road, west of Wildcat Road, Jeddo.  Worth
Lutheran; Section 22, off Ubly Road/M-19.  Argyle

McLeish; Section 21, Decker Road, south of Walker Road.  Marlette
Melvin; Section 20, Washington Street, in Melvin. Speaker
Mills; Section 10, Maple Grove Road south of Mills Road. Sanilac Marion
Minden City; Section 2. Bay City-Forestville and Parisville Rd, west of Minden Road.  Minden
Moore Township; Section 31, Moore Road, east of Arnold Road.  Moore
Mosher/Moshier; Section 18, Van Dyke Road/M-53, north of Snover Road.  LaMotte
Mount Hope/Saint Mary's Catholic; Section 32, Black River Road, south of Croswell Cemetery.  Lexington
Mount Hope; Section 34, Mello Street, south of Peck Road.  Elk
Mount Pleasant; Section 21, Ubley Road/M-19, north of Cumber Road,  Ubly.  Austin

Nicol Family Union; Sectin 25, off Cumber Road, east of Germania Road. S  Greenleaf

Old Ridge; Section 32, Ridge Road, 1/2 mile south of Applegate.  Sanilac
Omard; Section 35, Peck Road, east of Shepherd Road, Brown City.  Flynn

Palms/Saint Patrick's;  Section 24, Ridley Road, east of Minden Road, Palms.  Minden
Port Sanilac; Section 34, Whitney Drive and Huron Street, Port Sanilac.  S Sanilac

Ridge; Section 21, Ridge Road, north of French Line Road.  Sanilac  Sanilac
Rusnell Farm; Section 18, off Stone Road, west of Ruth Road.  Marion

Saint Denis'; Section 24, Harrington Road, west of Lakeshore Road/M-25.  Lexington
Saint Elizabeth's; Section 5, Cemetery Road.  Marlette
Saint John's Lutheran; Section 22, Greening Road, north of French Line Road.  Sanilac
Saint John's Catholic; Section 7, Bay City-Forestville Road, west of Big Gulley Road, Forestville.   Delaware
Saint John's Lutheran/West Delaware;  Section 17, Burgess Road, north of Wetzel Road.  Delaware
Saint Joseph's & Saint Ignatius';  Section 27, Freidbeerger and Cass City Roads, Ubly.  Austin
Saint Joseph's; Section 8, M-19, south of Wedge Road, Sandusky. On north edge of Greenwood Cemetery.  Watertown
Saint Mary's; Section 15, Phipps Road, off Washington Road. Washington
Saint Mary's Catholic; Section 5, M-46, east of State Road.  Sanilac
Saint Mary's; Section 7, Cade Road,  north of Brown City.  Maple Valley
Sly/Worth Township; Section 18, end of Gardner Line at Black River   Worth
Speaker Township;  Section 14, off M-19, south of Burns Line Road.  Speaker
Steckley/Steckly;  Section 29, Applegate Road, east of Ruth Road.  Washington

Trinity Lutheran; Section 18, Goetz Road, south of Bay City-Forestville Road.  Delaware
Tucker; Section 20, off Snover and Ruth Roads.  Bridgehapton

Valley Center; Section 26, Salisbury Road, east of Shepherd Road.  Maple Valley

Wixson; Section 3, Sheridan Line Road, east of Wildcat Road, Croswell.  Worth
Wright; Section 19, Ruth Road south of Stone Road.  Marion