Sanilac County

Greenleaf Township

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Greenleaf Twp. was organized in 1864, from Austin. Thomas G. Thompson was the first Supervisor, serving one year. Wm. Pollard then held the office for two years, Robert Cleland three years, Wm. Walker four years, when Christopher Murphy was elected (1876) and holds the office at the present time.

The first permanent settler was Stephen Greenman, who came into the township and settled on section 26, in 1858. Alexander Nicol followed in 1859, locating on section 25. About the same time Daniel Merchant, Wm. Curwell and Thomas Nicol came in, and shortly after came the Wilsons, the Gordons, the Murphys and many others, taking up most of the land in the southern part of the township.

The first school-house was built on section 31, probably in the summer of 1865. Mrs. Wm. Meredith taught the first school there, the following winter, for $14 per month. This was then considered a good salary, and made a heavy tax on the property then, which was at a low value in the woods. The first saw-mill was built on section 35. in 1879, by Hugh Jordan. This is the only mill in the township.

A store was erected by Benjamin Mankin in 1871, after the fire, on section 31, but was short-lived. The goods were those sent to Mankin by the relief committee for the benefit of the fire sufferers, but instead of distributing them to the proper persons he sold them at enormously high prices, and then fled the country. Another store was started on section 6, in 1878, by George Dan, who kept it for two years and then sold to James McNeil.

The postoffice was started at Wickware in 1882, when Albert Wickware was appointed Postmaster. A blacksmith shop was started in 1881, on section 22, by George Cutting, who was the first blacksmith in the township, but closed in September, 1884. Another was started at Wickware in the spring of 1883.

The first and only church was built in 1883— Presbyterian church, on section 26. Mr. Greenman donated the lots.

Stephen Grcennian was married to Miss Mary Jordan in 1858, one year after coming, which was the first wedding.

The first funeral was preached by Rev. Wm. Pollard, over the bodies of three of Mr. Alex. Nicols children, who died in 1876, of diphtheria. They were buried in the center of the farm, back from what is the main road on section 25, the present location of the cemetery, which is about an acre in extent, and was donated for the purpose by Mr. Nicol in 1875.

A State ditch eight feet wide, commencing on section 32 and running north to section 28, into the low grounds and on to Cass River, is in progress of excavation.

The township has made rapid strides in clearing since the '81 fire—more than all time before.

The township is the northeast town of the county and is numbered 14 north, range 12 east. On its north is Huron County, west is Tuscola County, east is Austin Township, and south is Evergreen

Portraits and Biographical Sanilac MI 1894 Pg 498