Sanilac County, Michigan

Washington Township

Washington Township was organized from Sanilac in 1855. John Jones, on section 12, was the first settler. He came to his present home so log ago that he has forgotten the date; but says that he was one of the first, if not the first, white man in the county, having hunted and trapped through Sanilac County before Michigan was a State. Mr. Jones relates many tales of adventure that are interesting to hear, but are of slight use to the historian. Jonathan Lee and George Mitchell came into the township in 1850, the former settling on section 13, and the latter on 25.

Owing to the heavy timber, the settlement was slow, but when the trees were removed, the land was found to be valuable and was rapidly taken.

The first school was taught by Miss Harriet Maybee in a log school-house on section 13, probably in 1852. The district then belonged to Sanilac Township, and was District No. 6 of that township. About two years later a frame school-house was built on section 14, and this was also the first frame building in the township.

The first saw-mill was built by George Pack, in 1857, on section 4. A grist-mill was also built in connection with the saw-mill.

The first church in this township was built on section 10, in 1879, by the Methodists, and the organization was effected about the same time as that of the township. In 1858 a United Brethren church was built, on section 14.

Silas Hall was the first Postmaster, receiving his appointment in 1855, and from time time carried all the mail around in his hat. In 1861 Daniel Berney became Postmaster, and after two or three years, the office was moved into Bridgehampton Township. George Pack was appointed a Postmaster for the southern part of the township in 1860, but upon his death four years later, it was moved to what is now Anderson Station. This is a village on the Port Huron & Northwestern Railroad, where there are a saw-mill, a hotel and three or four stores, but is of small commercial importance, since the country around it is not sufficiently cleared for agricultural purposes.

The following have been Supervisors of Washington Township:

1855-68 - John Jones
1869-71 - Alonzon Downing
1872-73 - J. Cleland
1874-75 - William F. Chipman
1876-77 - John Cleland
1878-79 - James Anderson
1880-     - John Cleland
1881-82 - W. F. Chipman

The township is bounded on the north by Bridgehampton, on the east by Sanilac, south By Buel, and west by Watertown; and its number is range 15 east, town 11 north.

Portrait & Biographical Sanilac MI 1884