Schoolcraft County
Manistique, Michigan
1897 Business Directory
Cedar Street looking north circa 1910 - Photo contributed by Paul Petosky
Source:  Michigan State Gazetter and Business Directory 1897 by R. L. Polk & Co., Detroit, Michigan- pp. 1156-1162.
    Population, 3000.  The judicial seat of Schoolcraft county is located on the Manistique river and Lake Michigan and on the Minneapolis, St. Paul and Sault  Ste. Marie Railway.  Its chief industries are lumber, iron and lime controlled by the following wealthy corporations:  The Chicago Lumbering Co. of Michigan, the Weston Lumber Company, White Marble Lime Company and Hall & Buell lumber manufacturers.  The latter firm has its plant 3 miles distant at the suburbs of South Manistique.  Another important industry is the fishing business.  Manistique is one of the oldest towns in the Upper Peninsula.  By the completion of the Minneapolis, St. Paul and Sault Ste. Marie Railroad upon which line Manistique is the most important point between Minneapolis and Sault Ste. Marie, a new impetus was given to the town and it has more than doubled its population since the completion of that railroad, and is bound to ultimately become one of the largest lumbering cities in the State of Michigan.  During the navigation season, regular steamers ply between this place and Chicago and several lines of steamers make Manistique their terminal point.  The village is distant from Chicago 295 miles and from St. Ignace 90 miles by water.  The place is also achieving quite a reputation as a summer resort.  The beautiful scenery hereabouts, healthy climate and great amounts of game bring hundreds of tourists and sportsmen here every season.  Besides its lumbering mills, Manistique has an iron furnace, planing mill, machine shop, first class hotels, 4 newspapers-- Pioneer, Democrat, Tribune, Harold (Swedish)--2 banks, churches, excellent public schools and 2 large and commodious school buildings.  Stage daily to South Manistique and Thompson; fare 25 and 50 cents respectively.  Exp., Western.  Tel., Soo Line.  Foreign and domestic money order office.  A. S. Putnam, Postmaster.
Source:  Michigan State Gazetter and Business Directory 1897 by R. L. Polk & Co., Detroit, Michigan- pp. 1156-1162.
Business Directory
 Albrecht, William  Manager Soo Line Tel. Co.
 American House  Propr. August C. Miller
 Anderson, Andrew  Sewing Machines
 Anderson & Company
 Hans N. Anderson & Carl Gunnerson,
  furniture and undertakers
 Arrowood, Wm. S.  Grocer
 Ashford, Edmund  County Clerk and Register of Deeds
 Bailey, Eli  Justice
 Ballard, Miss Alice L.  Music teacher
 Barnes, Rodney L.  Hotel Barnes, Propr.
 Bestman, Abraham  Saloon
 Blumrosen, Moses &
 Blumrosen, Bernard
 Blumrosen Bros, dry goods and clothing.
 Blumrosen, Moses &
 Mersereau, C.M.
 Blumrosen & Mersereau, Schoolcraft County Bank proprs.
 Boomer, Charles &
 Ryan, Edward
 Boomer and Ryan, Wines, Liquors and Cigars &
 Billiards and Pool hall
 Booth A. Packing Co.,  J. W. Gilligan, Manager, wholesale fish
 Bouchor and Cunningham  Joseph Bouchor & Nicholas Cunningham, blacksmiths
 Bowen, Omer C.  Physician
 Broden, Rev. J. A.  Swedish Lutheran Church
 Bundy, Marcus H.  Barber
 Burdick, Adelbert E.  Physician
 Casper, Morris L. &
 Casper, Coleman
 Casper Bros. general store
 Chantler, George  Drugs and jewelry
 Chappel, Vernon P.  County Treasurer
 Chartier, Edmund  Barber
 Chartrand, Cyril  Grocer
 Chicago Lumbering Co. of Michigan
 (Capitol $300,000, Surplus $900,000)
 Weston, Abijah - President
 Quick, Martin Henderson - Vice President
 Mersereau, J. D. - Secretary and Treasurer
 Hill, W. H.  - Supt.
 Lumber manufacturers, general merchandise, hardware
 and furniture.
  Clarke, H. W.  Cashier, The Manistique Bank
 Costello, John  Grocer
 Currie, Duncan G.  Jeweler
 Davison, Alexander  Constable
 Dezeng, Frederick A.  Manager harness store, Chicago Lumbering Company
 Dube, Peter C.  Physician
 Dunton, Cary W.
 Attorney and Counsellor at Law &
 Collection Agent
 Dupont, John  Saloon
 Eagle Livery and Sale Stables, The  Propr. Harry Tucker
 Ekburg, Charles  Shoemaker
 Ekstrom, Andrew P.  Sheriff and boat builder
 Ekstrom, Gustavus  Painter
 Falk and Anderson  John A. Falk and Johannes Anderson,  grocers
 Foley, E. P.  Propr. The Ossawinamakee
 Fuller, Guy S  Mason
 Fydell, Austin  Notions
 Gayar, George  Manager, Manistique Telephone Exchange
 Gorsche, George &
 Gorsche, Joseph
 Gorsche Bros. Saloon
 Greenwood, A. C.  Florist
 Guinan, Daniel T. &
 McLeod, Angus
 Guinan & McLeod, Proprs. Star Opera House
 Hackebrach, John E.  Barber
 Heffron, Dennis  Saloon
 Hiawatha Hotel  G. W. Scott, Propr.
 Hill, Amos L.  Justice
 Hill, Charles P.  Manager, Chicago Lumbering Co.'s general store
 Hill, William H.
 President, The Manistique Bank
 Supt. Chicago Lumbering Company
 Supervisor, Manistique Township
 Hixson, Virgil I.  Lawyer
 Holbien, George F.  Vice-President and manager, The Tribune Publishing Co.
 Hotel Barnes  Rodney I. Barnes, Propr.
 House, A. A.  Painter
 Huebner, Edward  Tailor
 Jachor, Frank  Village Marshal
 Johnson, Louis A.  Barber
 Kerfauver, Will F.
 Manager, furniture store, Chicago Lumbering Company of
 Keystone House  J. Oscar Ohlson, Propr.
 Kilbourn, Edward  Restaurant
 Klagstad, Cornelius &
 Olsen, August
 Klagstad C. & Co., grocers
 Knudsen, Robert  Watchmaker
 LaBelle, Joseph  Barber
 Lamarb, David  Drayage
 Larson, John  Contractor
 Le Duc, William A.  Cigar manufacturer
 Lockwood, Trot  Photographer
 Loranger, Walter  Circuit court commissioner
 Lowis, John B.  Hardware
 Lowis, Mrs. Alice M. &
 Mills, Mrs. Lottie S.
 Lowis & Mills, millinery
 McCullough, Peter  Agent, Minneapolis, St. Paul and Sault Ste. Marie Ry.
 McKesson, Robert C.  Dentist and Township Clerk
 McKinney, William A.  Real Estate
 McNamara, Patrick  Propr. The St. James Hotel
 Maclaurin, Archie
 Dealer in Men's Furnishings, Notions, Indian Relics,
 Curiosities, etc.
 Maclaurin, George  Shoes
 McNaughton, James H.  Editor and Publisher, Manistique Courier
 Malmgren, Carl V.  Physician
 Manistique Bank, The
 (Capitol $50,000, Surplus $22,000)
 Wm. H. Hill, President
 M.H. Quick, Vice President
 H. W. Clarke, Cashier
 H. Oreutt, Assistant Cashier
 Manistique Cornet Band  Louis Neumeier, leader
 Manistique Courier, The  James H. MacNaughton, Editor and Publisher
 Manistique Harold (Swedish Weekly)  Miss Nettie Steffensen, Propr.
 Manistique Hospital  Dr. Frank Rainie, Propr.
 Manistique Livery and Feed Stables  Frank Vassau, Propr.
 Manistique Telephone Exchange  Chicago Lumbering Co., Owners
 Martin, William L &
 Silliman, Edward H.,
 Martin & Silliman, Lumber inspectors
 Mersereau, Charles B.  Judge of Probate
 Mersereau, John D.
 Secretary and Treasurer, The Chicago Lumbering Co. of
 Michigan and The Weston Lumber Co.  Abstracts of Title and
 Real Estate.
 Middlebrook, William L.  General store
 Miller, August C.  Propr. American House
 Mosher, John  Contractor
 Multhaupt, Norbert  Shoemaker
 National Loan and Investment Company,
 of Detroit, Mich. makes Real Estate loans
 at low rates, and issues Prepaid Dividend
 bearing stock at 6 percent per annum,
 semi-annually with accumulated profits at
 maturity.  This stock can be surrendered
 and principal and 6 percent withdrawn at
 any time.
 C. D. Mesereau, Agent
 Neumeier, Louis  Leader, Manistique Cornet Band
 Olhson, J. Oscar  Propr. Keystone House
 Oreutt, F. H.  Assistant Cashier, The Manistique Bank
 Orr Brothers & Company  Walter L. Orr, Erastus Orr, E. C. Brown, Meats
 Orr E. N. & Company  Elmer N. Orr, Charles R. Orr, Drugs
 Orr & Doan  Fred A. Orr, Edward A. Doan, Livery
 Ossawinamakee, The  E. P. Foley, Propr.
 Pardee, George E.  Walsh & Pardee, Prosecuting Attorney
 Pattinson, Joseph  Laundry
 Peters, Frank  Counsellor-at-law
 Peterson Frank & Co.  Frank Peterson, Nels G. Johnson, Meats
 Peterson, Julius  Merchant tailor
 Phippeny, Irvin S.  Manager, Weston Lumber Co.'s general store
 Pioneer-Tribune Publishing Co.  Publishers
 Plante, Joseph  Shoemaker
 Pollock, Benjamin P.  Confectioner
 Putnam, Arthur S.  Agent Am. Ex. Co. and Postmaster
 Putnam, A. S. & Co.  Arthur S. Putnam, drugs
 Quick, Mason S. & Co.  Mason H. Quick, N. Henry Garner, Virgil I. Hixson, hardware
 Rainie, Frank  Physician
 Ramsey, William  Carpenter
 Reinwand, C. W. & Co.
 C. W. Reinwand and E. Berger, Merchant Tailors, a Fine
 Line of Domestic and Foreign Woolens.
 Raynaert, Rev. John H.  Catholic
 Rian, Andrew  Shoes
 Richardson, James  County surveyor
 Rogers, Rev. Joseph M.  Presbyterian
 Rooney, Rev. J. C.  Baptist
 Rose, Miss Alice E.  Dressmaker
 Rose Bros.  Leo Rose and Harry Rose, dry goods and clothing
 St. James Hotel  Patrick McNamara, Propr.
 Sattler, John M.  Physician
 Schneider, Matthew  Brewers agent
 Schoolcraft County Bank  Blomrosen and Mersereau, Proprs.
 Schuster, Louis  Meats
 Scott, George W.  Propr. Hiawatha Hotel
 Shanks, Rev. John M.  Methodist
 Sheperd, Nute  Confectioner
 Sheppard, Alpheus  Baker
 Smith, Daniel K.  Civil engineer
 Soper, Ira  Grocer
 Star Opera House  Guinan & McLeod, managers
 Steffenson, Miss Nettie  Propr. Manistique Harold
 Strucle, George  Drayage
 Thompson, Charles  Saloon
 Thompson, Daniel W.  Justice of the Peace
 Thompson, Emil  Meats
 Tonnesen, Rev. Theodore J. E.  Norwegian Lutheran
 Tonnessen, Olaf J.  Watches, Clocks and Jewelry, Plated Ware and Optical Goods
 Tribune Publishing Co., The
 Capitol $5000.00
 J. H. McCallum, President
 George E. Holbein, Vice-President and Manager
 Will B. Thomas, Secretary
 W. C. Cogswell, Treasurer
 Publishers Pioneer Tribune
 Tucker, Harry  Propr. The Eagle Livery and Feed Stables
 Vassau, Frank  Propr.  Manistique Livery and Sale Stables
 Vincent, Anton  Saloon
 Walsh & Pardee
 Neil R. Walsh, George E. Pardee
 Attorneys and Counsellors-at-Law
 Weber, William J.  Watchmaker
 Weston [Furnace] Company
 Capitol $325,000
 J. D. Mersereau, President
 Martin H. Quick, Vice-President
 W. H. Hill, Treasurer
 Harry Divall, Secretary
 Lake Superior Charcoal Pig Iron Manufacturers
 Weston Lumber Company
 Capitol, $1,000,000.00
 Surplus $500,000.00
 Abijah Weston, President
 George Orr, Vice President
 M. H. Quick, Supt.
 J. D. Mersereau, Secretary and Treasurer
 Lumber Manufacturers and General Store
 Weston Manufacturing Company
 (Weston Lumber Co.)
 Hiram Quick, R. B. Waddell
 Planing Mill, Sash and Doors
 White Marble Lime Company
 Capitol $25,000.00
 George Nicholson, Jr., President
 W. H. Hill, Vice-President
 J. D. Mersereau, Secretary and Treasurer
 Lime Manufacturers, Masons' and Builders' supplies
 Winkel, August  Grocer
 Winkelman, H. & Company  Hettie and Samuel [Moses] Winkelman, Dry goods
 Youngberg, Rev. C. J.  Swedish Baptist
 Zimmerman, Peter  Cigar Manufacturer