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VICKERY, Stephen
Representative from Kalamazoo county in 1888-43-4-5-8, was born in the state of New York, removed to Ohio at the age of sixteen, taught school in that state several terms, then became a teacher at Monroe, Mich. He removed to Prairie Ronde in 1829, was the first county clerk and treasurer of Kalamazoo county 1834-6, and was register of deeds 1836-8. A prominent Whig, and once the candidate of that party for governor. He was a practical surveyor and laid out the village of Schoolcraft, where he died Dec. 12,1857. A man of remarkable memory, strong in his convictions, and positive in character.
Source:Memorial Record of the Northern Peninsula of Michigan; Chicago;  Lewis Publishing Company, 1895, p. 160 - 161