Schoolcraft County
Birth Announcements
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Birth Announcements - Schoolcraft County Pioneer
08/06/1884 Born on Monday last to Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Ackerman, a daughter.  Happy family that [has] a boy and a girl.  Charley is as lively as a cricket over the event.  Next!
Adkins 12/11/1885 Born on Wednesday last to Mr and Mrs. Corwin Adkins, a Son.  It is useless to tell his friends that Corwin is happy.  Congratulations old boy.
Lawson 02/09/1886 Born on Saturday last at South Manistique to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lawson, a Daughter.  Next.
Leny 12/13/1892 Born last Wednesday to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Leny, of Gulliver, a daughter.
Lyons 05/25/1886 Happiness in the house of Supervisor Lyons last week - an hier.
Manson 1/17/1893 Born on Saturday to Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Manson a boy.  Thus will the name of the Arctic explorer be perpetuated.  Congratulations.
Mattese 5/25/1886 Born on Thursday last to Mr. and Mrs. Mattese at South Manistique, a daughter.
Merwin 02/09/1886 Born Saturday morning to Mr. and Mrs. W. Merwin a 11 1/2 pound Daughter.  Congratulations Captain.
Nielson 5/20/1997 Born, Yesterday to Mr. and Mrs. Peter Nielson, a daughter.
Pero 5/31/1892 Born last evening to Mr. and Mrs. Felix Pero a daughter.
Unknown 5/31/1892 A girl born to an inmate of the poor house.  The mother arrived there last week.  Father unknown.
Witter 9/6/1892 Born on Tuesday last to Mr. and Mrs. John Witter, a daughter.