Schoolcraft County
Manistique, Michigan
Lake Superior Iron and Chemical Company
Photo of the Chemical Plant (circa 1912) - Photo contributed by Paul Petosky
     Abijah Weston founded the Manistique Iron Company in 1887, and in 1890, he built the Weston Furnace Company.  Wood was loaded into kilns to produce charcoal, which was then used to smelt iron ore pellets into pig iron.  The tar from the smoke was refined to produce several products including wood alcohol, acetate and acetone.   These two industrial companies were located on the north end of North Cedar Street.  They were eventually purchased by the Burell Chemical Company and given a new name, the Lake Superior Iron and Chemical Company.  The Lake Superior Iron and Chemical Company was sold in 1915 and became the Charcoal Iron Company of America.  This company employed from 800 to 1000 men.  The company went out of business in 1925.