Two views of Manistique's first Catholic church.  The photo on the left was contributed by Marilyn Fischer and the the photo on the right (circa 1920s) was contributed by Paul Petosky.
St. Francis De Sales Catholic Church - Photo Contributed by Paul Petosky
The first Catholic Church building in Manistique was erected in 1884.  Father Theodore Aloyusius Majerus was appointed as the first pastor.  Other Priests serving the Manistique congregation in the 1880's included E. P. Bordas and Joseph Haas.  A fire on April 29, 1953 in the basement of the church rendered it unsafe for further religious services to be held in the building. The present church building was erected the following year and was dedicated on June 15, 1954.

Manistique, MI (Baptist Church) (1940) - Photo Contributed by Paul Petosky


First Baptist Church and Parsonage Circa 1914 - Photo Contributed by Paul Petosky

Source:  Schoolcraft County Pioneer - October 20, 1883
The New Church
Dedication to Take Place November 4
    Every reader of this paper by this time is aware that the people here have been engaged this summer in creating a suitable building in which to hold religious services.  Early last spring our Baptist friends adopted plans, and began work in earnest.  They decided not to build a very large house; but one they could complete.  How well they have carried out thier plans we can but refer the reader to the handsome edifice that now stands on Walnut Street fronting what is to be the court house square, between Maple and Lake Streets.  The building rests upon a good stone wall and is finished up outside and is so that is by far the handsomest building of its kind in the upper peninsula.  The inside is about completed or will be when the painters get through with their work and the carpets are put down.  The ventilation is perfect and the light all that can be desired.  The audience room will comfortably seat 250 to 300 persons.  Beside there is a large lecture room which by the aid of [a] door suspended on pulleys, can in a moment be thrown open to admit of seating more in time of public service.  The official members of that society have decided to have the house publicly dedicated on Sunday, the 4th day of November.  There will be three services on that occasion:  at the regular hour in the morning, in the afternoon and again in the evening.  Invitations have been sent to a number of ministers of that denomination to be present on that occasion and the responses received so far justifies us in saying that Rev. J.W. Ford, of Bay City; Rev. F.M. Shanafelt of East Saginaw, and Rev. Mr. Clark , of Cheboygan will be here.  A general invitation is extended to all neighboring ministers and members of that church to attend on that occasion.  The brethern here will make arrangements to entertain all who come from a distance.  They earnestly invite all of the citizens of this village and surrounding county to attend, and witness the ceremonies on that occasion.  Next week we shall refer to the subject again; but in the meantime make your arrangements to be present on the 4th of next month, and inspect the work done under the auspices of this society.  It is a building such as every citizen has just cause to feel proud of.
Source:  Schoolcraft County Pioneer - November 3, 1883
First Church to be Dedicated
    Sunday, November 4th will be a historic day for Manistique:  the first church building in the village is to dedicated.  The Rev.'s Shanafelt of East Saginaw, and Clark, of Cheboygan, arrived Thursday night to attend the dedication services.  The Rev. Mr. Clark will preach at the schoolhouse this (Friday) evening.  Let all attend.


Early Methodist Church buildings in Manistique - Photos contributed by Paul Petosky
    Methodist church services were first conducted in Manistique in the early 1870's by Rev. J.D. Paul.  The first appointed Methodist pastor in Manistique was H.W. Thompson.  He began his tenure as pastor on November 6, 1881.  Thompson preached on a circuit and held services in Manistique every other Sunday.  Prior to having a building of their own, Methodist services were held in a local school or at the Union Hall.  The first Methodist church building was erected in 1887 and is pictured on the left.


Presbyterian Church, Manistique, circa 1922 - Contributed by Paul Petosky

     The Presbyterian Church in Manistique was organized in 1887.  The church building was erected and dedicated in 1888.  The members donated money to cover the cost of construction, with the balance being paid by the Chicago Lumbering Company.  Several of the company board members were Presbyterian.  Andrew McLean served as the first Pastor of the church in Manistique.


Swedish Luthern Church Circa 1914.  Photo contributed by Paul Petosky

     The Swedish Lutheran Church in Manistique (which later became the Zion Lutheran Church) dates back to 1885.  The original church structure was destroyed by fire in 1905.  A. E. Hiller served as Pastor of the Swedish Lutheran Church in the 1880's.
    Manistique also had a Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church with B. J. Larson serving as Postor in the 1880's.  A painting by local artist August Klagstad entitled "Jesus in the Garden" which previously hung in the Norwegian Luthern Church now is on display in the entrance hall of the Zion Lutheran Church in Manistique. Klagstad grew up in Manistique and went on to become a noted and successful artist.


Bethel Baptist Church, Manistique, circa 1913 - Contributed by Paul Petosky


Bethel Baptist Church Circa 1950s - Contributed by Paul Petosky


Manistique, MI (Methodist Episcopal Church & Parsonage) (1930s) (Schoolcraft County)
Contributed by Paul Petosky