Schoolcraft County
Cooks, Michigan
Postal History & 1897 Business Directory
Cooks, MI (Tyelene's Log Cabins on Big Bay de Noc) (1952) - Photo Contributed by Paul Petosky
Cooks, Michigan Post Office (far right) circa 1920s - Photo Contributed by Paul Petosky
  The Cooks Post Office was opened on June 28, 1888 following the extention of the Soo Line Railroad into Schoolcraft County in 1887.  In 1893 the town had a population of 200.  Henry Delond was listed as Postmaster.  David Spielmacher was Postmaster in 1897.  By 1905 the population had risen to 300. John C. Messenger was Postmaster.  The population dropped to 80 in 1915.  George F. Carpenter was listed as Postmaster.
Source:  Michigan State Gazetter and Business Directory 1897, by R. L. Polk, Page  458
    Population, 200.   On the Minneapolis, St. Paul & Sault Ste. Marie Railway (Cook's Mill Station) in Inwood Township, Schoolcraft County, 12 miles southwest of Manistique, the county seat and banking point.  Has a Catholic church.  Stage daily to Garden, Vans Harbor and Fayette.  Tel., Postal.  Exp., Western.  David Spielmacher, Postmaster.
Cooks Michigan 1897 Business Directory
Barabeau, John Meats
Barnhart, J. L. School Teacher
Cainan, Fred Musician
Cota, Alexander Barber
Dockham, Charles Plasterer
Eagle Hotel J. P. Huebacher, Propr.
Fountain, Joseph Carpenter
Fickus, Grant Rail Road Telegraph and Express Agent
Gibbs, Joseph & Sons General Store
Gilmet, Jasper Carpenter
Gray, George Supervisor and Gardener
Gray, George W. Well borer
Huebacher, J. P. Propr. Eagle Hotel
Lemere,_______ Saloon
McCullough, Samuel Real Estate
McDonald, N. General Store and Notary
McGlue, Joseph Thresher
Messenger, J. C. Justice
O'Brien, Maurice Propr. Transient House.
Popoin, D. Saloon
Redfern, Samuel Supt. Iron Cliffs Company
Spielmacher, David
Township Clerk
Notions, Flour and Feed
Therriault, Joseph Charcoal burner
Tighe, E. A. General Store and Lumber Manufacturer
Transient House Maurice O'Brien, Propr.
Wright, Joseph Blacksmith and Pump Manufacturer
    A station on the Minneapolis, St. Paul & Sault Ste. Marie Railway, in Schoolcraft County.  The postal name is Cooks