Schoolcraft County Michigan Genealogy Trails
George F. Fuller Post, No. 257

G.A.R./Spanish American War Veterans Plot
Lakeview Cemetery, Manistique Michigan
L. Peterson Collection
The George F. Fuller Post, No. 257
Manistique, Michigan
The Fuller Grand Army of the Republic Post was organized in Schoolcraft County on June 16th, 1884.  This fraternity was open to honorably discharged veterans who had served in the Union Army during the American Civil War (1861-1865).  The G.A.R. post in Manistique was named after George F. Fuller.  Mr. Fuller served with the 45th Pennsylvania Infantry and was enlisted into Co. E as a Private on November 13, 1864.  He was discharged on July 17, 1865 at Alexandria, Virginia.  Mr. Fuller moved to Michigan with his family after the war and eventually settled in Schoolcraft County.  He died in 1875.   At the time of the organization of the Fuller GAR post, Mr. Fuller was the only soldier buried in the Lakeview Cemetery.


The George F. Fuller Grave in Lakeview Cemetery, Manistique.
L. Peterson Collection


Charter Members of the Fuller GAR Post
Organized June 16, 1884
Information Obtained from the Michigan State Archives, Lansing MI.
 Contrbuted and transcribed by Larry Peterson
1.  George K. Newcombe - 9th Michigan Infantry and 7th Michigan Cavalry
2.  Jerome Bowen - 11th Michigan Infantry, Co. B
3.  Henri Brassel - 6th Ohio Artillery, Co. C
4.  John McCanna - 107th New York Infantry, Co. C
5.  George D. Tucker - 9th Michigan Infantry, Co. E
6.  William H. Wood - 4th Michigan Infantry, Co. G.
7.  Alvin H. Wood - 1st Michigan Cavalry, Co. G.
8.  Albert Hayes - 3rd Michigan Infantry, Co. I
9.  William Rolls - 1st Michigan Engineers and Mechanics, Co. I
10.  Portus H. Brown - 5th New Hampshire Infantry, Co. I
11.  Herman Borer - 7th Minnesota Infantry, Co. K
12.  George W. Rice - 14th U. S. Infantry, Co. C
Non-Charter Members (Year Joined Post)
13.  Patrick Curran - 9th New York Cavalry, Co. K (1884)
14.  James Norton - 1st Michigan Sharpshooters, Co. F (1884)
15.  Samuel W. Brown - 107th New York Infantry, Co. C (1885)
16.  Wright E. Clarke - 5th Ohio Infantry Volunteers, Co. I and 14th New York Infantry, Co. B (1885)
17.  W. H. Black - United States Marine Corps, 17th U. S. Infantry, Co. E (1885)
18.  Lewis Remo - 5th New Hampshire Infantry, Co. E (1885)
19.  John S. Riggs - 2nd Michigan Cavalry, Co. H (1885)
20.  John D. Kepler - 7th Illinois Infantry, Co. F and 8th Illinois Infantry, Co. E (1885)
21.  Amos L. Hill - 46th Pennsylvania Infantry, Co. H (1886)
22.  Richard Bochard - 5th Michigan Infantry, Co. G (1886)
23.  Alva C. Kepler - 19th Indiana Infantry, Co.C (1886)
24.  William M. E. Wood - 29th Indiana Infantry, Co. F and 12th Indiana Cavalry Co. H (1886)
25.  Oscar M. Drake - 10th New York Cavalry, Co. B (1888)
26.  Enoch Cross - 1st Michigan Cavalry, Co. I (1891)
27.  D. P. Kimbell - 27th Michigan Infantry, Co. D
28.  John Gayar - 12th Maine Infantry, Co. K (1892)
29.  Thomas Helmka - 3rd Michigan Infantry, Co. H (1892)
30.  John Phenes - 153rd New York Infantry, Co. E (1892)
31.  Amos E. Coon - 50th Ohio Infantry, Co. E. (1892)
32.  James Byers - 13th Michigan Infantry, Co. I (1892)
33.  Theodore Gray - 1st New Jersey Cavalry, Co. I (1892)
34.  Charles Girvin - 12th Michigan Infantry (1892)
35.  David Hursh - 86th New York Infantry, Co. K (1892)
36.  Henry Messer - 40th Kentucky Mt. Infantry, Co. C. (1892)
37.  James M. Vastbinder - 1st Pennsylvania Rifles, Co. A (1892)
38.  David Blair - 6th Michigan Cavalry, Co. C (1892)
39.  Samuel Johnson - 153rd Illinois Infantry, Co. E (1892)
40.  Frank Crittenton - 10th Michigan Infantry, Co. C
41.  William E. Smith
42.  Eli W. Brown - 3rd Michigan Infantry, Co. E and 5th Michigan Infantry, Co. E
43.  A. C. Carpenter - 16th Michigan Infantry, Co. D
44.  John Henry -  1st Vermont Cavalry, Co. C.
45.  Abner Taylor -
Note:  Not all of Schoolcraft County's Civil War Veterans belonged to the Fuller Post.  There are also some gaps in the muster rolls of the Fuller Post at the Michigan State Archives.  It is likely that names of other Civil War veterans who were members of the Fuller G.A.R. Post have been omitted due to the records having been lost.  The 1890 United States Census contains a  more complete list of Schoolcraft County's Civil War Veterans.  Please follow the link below.
1890 Schoolcraft County Veterans Census