Schoolcraft County
Gulliver, Michigan
1897 Business Directory
The Gulliver Post Office (1920s) - Photo contributed by Paul Petosky
 The Gulliver Post Office was established in December, 1889 with Alba Monroe as the postmaster.  Alba was latin for white and the railroad station was known as Whitedale.
Source:  Michigan State Gazetter and Business Directory, 1897, By R. L. Polk
Page 901
    GULLIVER - 1897
    Population, 150, On the Minneapolis, St. Paul & Sault Ste. Marie Railway, in Doyle township, Schoolcraft county, 12 miles east of Manistique, the county seat and banking point.  Exp., Western. Tel., W. U.  Everett D. Beeson, Postmaster.
1897 Business Directory
 Beeson, Everett D.  General Store and Cedar
 Brown, Portus H.  Hotel
 Busfield, I. J.   Railroad and Express Agent
 Ghent, Mrs. George  Hotel
 Gulliver Cedar Co.  Shingle Mill
 Mullen, Frank  Saloon
 Neveaux, N. L.   General Store and Charcoal Kilns
 Northern Cedar Shingle Co.  Shingle Mill
 Peninsula Cedar Co.  G. F. Ross, Manager
 Peterson, Peter  Justice
 Sorter, George W.  Justice