Doyle Township
Gulliver, Michigan

Gulliver School

    The Gulliver School as it appeared in the late 1950's.  The school was located on the South side of U.S. 2 in Doyle Township, directly accross from the Kelley Road.  Today it is a private residence.

Gulliver School photo circa 1910:  
Back Row (left to right):  Edith Anderson, Henry Nelson, Ellen Johnson, Nannie Walfors, Unknown, Gertude Overton, Bill Nelson, Luella Skilson (Mrs. Fred Nelson), teacher.
Second Row:  Carl Walfors, Agnes Overton, Elmer Nelson, Eldred Nelson.
Front Row:  Eva Nelson, Jenny Johnson, Gerald Watson, Pearl Nelson, Esther Johnson (Inman), Ingeborg Carlson, Elvira Peterson (Holmes), Mauritz Peterson, Arthur Carlson, Lawrence Peterson.

Gulliver School Photo circa 1914:
Back Row (left to right):  Lillian Anderson (Curran); teacher, Ingeborg Carlson, Viola Anderson, Eldred Nelson, Pearl Nelson, Esther Johnson (Inman), Dorothy Stewart, Jenny Johnson, Elvira Peterson (Holmes).
Second Row:  Oliver Johnson, Alvin Johnson, Lawrence Peterson, Mildred Johnson, Alphild Peterson (Ekblad), Esther Nelson, Julia Carlson.
Third Row (seated):  Gerald Watson, Harold Stewart, Arthur Carlson, Mauritz Peterson, Gunnar Carlson, Maynard Nelson, Issac Pawley, Edwin Peterson, Alfred Johnson, Bruce Stewart.


Gulliver School Roster - December 25, 1916
Lillian Anderson, Teacher
Edward Bjorkman,  Arvid Carlson, Eleanor Peterson, Mildred Johnson, Walter Nelson, Gunnar Carlson, Alta Doxtater, Violet Doxtater, Kenneth Pawley, Ersel Doxtater, Alphild Peterson, Alfred Johnson, Esther Nelson, Oliver Johnson, Maynard Nelson, Julia Carlson, Viola Anderson, Issac Pawley, Edwin Peterson, Alvin Johnson, Alma Doxtater, Gerald Parker, Esther Johnson, Mauritz Peterson, Alberta Doxtater, Ingeborg Carlson, Arthur Carlson, Pearl Nelson, Lawrence Peterson, Eldred Nelson.


Remembrances from
Alphild (Peterson) Ekblad - August 1981
I remember the old school so well with one teacher teaching eight grades.  Besides that she managed to get in a few extras like penmanship and art class on Friday afternoon (we usually spent this time drawing and painting).  We had to go to the courthouse in Manistique to take our 8th grade examinations.  I don't know why they did this but it was really scary for us country kids when we hardly ever go to town at that time.  I lived such a short distance from school and hardly ever missed a day.  On a really stormy day in the winter mother would pack a lunch with egg sandwich and peanut butter and jam which I thought was a real treat, so I enjoyed those days.
The teacher did janitorial chores too so she usually hired a boy living close to the school to make fire in the stove early in the morning.  She used to sweep the school herself after school.  I can remember an old stile that we used to walk over going into the school yard..  It had about 3 steps on each side of the fence as the yard was fenced in and there was quite a procession over that stile at 4 O'clock.  Everyone walked so on stromy days many youngsters stayed home as the roads were not always plowed in the winter.
I remember playing Anti'I Over that we played on the back of the school many times.


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