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H. W. Clark
Source: Memorial Record of the Northern Peninsula of Michigan; Chicago;  Lewis Publishing Company, 1895, p. 169 - 170
H. W. CLARKE.—Standing at the head of the executive corps of a prosperous and solid monetary institution, the Manistique Bank, and recognized as a careful financier and a young man of marked  business  capacity, Mr. Clarke is certainly deserving of mention in this work, which has to do with the tracing of the life histories of those individuals who are prominently identified with the interests of the Upper Peninsula of the Wolverine
Mr. Clarke is a Canadian by birth, having been born at Woodstock, Ontario, May 22, 1871, the son of Thomas and Fannie (Williams) Clarke, both of whom were of English lineage. The father was a prominent and honored business man of Woodstock, where he was for many years engaged in the milling industry, and where he died, in the year 1875.  The mother is still living and maintains her home at Sault de Sainte Marie, Michigan, whither she removed in 1880.  She became the mother of two children: H. W., the subject of this review; and Arthur, who is employed on the "Soo" line.
H. W. Clarke received his preliminary educational discipline in the public schools, and graduated at the high school of Sault de Sainte Marie in 1887.  He devoted some little time to the study of law and then became an employ of the "Soo" National Bank, and for two years afterward was Deputy City Treasurer.  In the spring of 1891 our subject came to Manistique, where he entered upon duty as assistant cashier of the Manistique Bank, a position which he retained until January, 1894, when he was advanced to the still more responsible and exacting incumbency which he now holds. He is recognized as an exceptionally alert and progressive young business man, and no other evidence in this regard is needed than that set forth by his rapid advancement.
The marriage of Mr. Clarke to Miss Evelyn Corquodale was celebrated, at Toronto, Canada, on the 2d of January, 1895. It will certainly be apropos to append in this connection a brief record touching the history of the Manistique Bank. The institution was incorporated in 1889, with the following officers: W. H. Hill, president:  J. D. Mersereau, vice-president; and F. W. McKinney, cashier,—the capital stock being $50,000. The present officers are: W. H. Hill, president; M. H. Quick, vice-president; H. W. Clarke, cashier: and F. H. Orcutt, assistant cashier. The directorate comprises Messrs. W. H. Hill, M. H. Quick, Abijah Weston, George H. Orr and C. P. Hill.  The bank has done an excellent business and within five years has accumulated a surplus of $22,000.