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John Costello
Source: Memorial Record of the Northern Peninsula of Michigan; Chicago;  Lewis Publishing Company, 1895, p. 168- 169
JOHN COSTELLO.—One of the progressive merchants of Manistique, Schoolcraft county, Michigan, and one who has held distinctive public preferments in a local way, the subject of this sketch well merits recognition in this connection.
Mr. Costello was born on Prince Edward island, Ontario, Canada, March 7, 1846, being the youngest of the eight children of John and Catharine (Ready) Costello, both of whom were natives of the Emerald Isle, whence they emigrated, in an early day to America and took up their abode on Prince Edward island, where the father was engaged in agricultural pursuits.  Here his wife died and he subsequently removed to St. John, New Brunswick, where he passed the remainder of his life.
John Costello was reared to maturity on the paternal farmstead on Prince Edward island, where he remained until he had attained his majority, his educational privileges being necessarily somewhat meagre in scope.  From the island he went to St. John, where he remained a few years, after which he came to Wisconsin, where he was variously employed, not flinching from any sort of work which would render him the return of an honest dollar for his effort. In 1870 he came to Schoolcraft county, Michigan, and for a few years was engaged at furnace work and such other occupation as he couid secure.
In the fall of 1872 Mr. Costello was elected Sheriff of the county and held this office six years by consecutive elections and two years served in the appointment of Under Sheriff. The strongest evidence of his official ability and his personal popularity is that shown forth by his long retention in the important and exacting incumbency.
In 1882 still further official recognition came to him in his election to the offices of County Clerk and Register of Deeds, in which he served without intermission until January, 1893.    From the above it will be readily seen that he has been in public office during the greater portion of the time that he has been a resident of Schoolcraft county.  He was also Town Clerk during the fiscal year of 1878. He has thus been conspicuously identified with the best interests of the county as an upright public official, and it is scarcely necessary to say that he has won to himself a host of friends.
In addition to his official career our subject has been identified with the mercantile business of Manistique since the spring of 1887, when the firm of Lyons, Costello & Company was organized and opened a grocery in the city.  This association continued until September 1, 1889, when Mr. Costello purchased the interests of his partners, since which time he has conducted the business as an individual enterprise, the same being one of the leading establishments of the city. Mr. Costello has been ever solicitous of the progress and substantial upbuilding of Manistique, and he is financially interested in one of the finest brick business blocks in the place.
The marriage of Mr. Costello was celebrated in the year 1873, when he was united to Miss Elizabeth Donovan, a native of Ireland. The issue of this union has been seven children, one of whom, Katie, is deceased. The others are:  Mary, Ellen, Maggie, John, Emily and Norene. The family are devoted members of the Catholic