Schoolcraft County
Manistique Schools
History and Photos
Manistique High School in the early 1910s - Photo contributed by Paul Petosky
    Manistique's Central School was erected in 1881.  A total of 76 students attended classes during its first year of operation.  The first high school operated from the same location beginning in 1892. The high school's first graduation class in 1894 consisted of only two students, Oren Quick and George Tucker.
Manistique High School (1940s) - Photo Contributed by Paul Petosky
   Manistique's second high school was located on the same block as the old Central School.  It was erected in 1918 and served Manistique area students through 1975 when construction was completed on the current high school.
Manistique's Lakeside School circa 1909 - Photo contributed by Paul Petosky
  The original Lakeside School was erected in 1903 on the east side of the Manistique River with classes from kindergarden through the sixth grade.