Newspaper Items

April 18, 1904 - Monday - Evening News (Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan) Page: 1
Alpenna Mich. - Nelson's meat market. Lum's grocery and Gilchrist's office were broken in one night last week. The burglar got money in each place, the largest sum at Nelson's. Gilchrist's safe was damaged with a crowbar. Tony Duley, who has a police record, was arrested and a quantity of Canadian silver was found on him which was identified by Nelson. James Bell, living at Blaney's boarding house, was relieved of a roll of money by a roommate who dlsappeared. This makes six robberies here in a week.

June 2, 1904 - Thursday - Evening News (Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan) Page: 5
Manistique - Sheriff Moody has received the following telegram from Blaney. "A man found dead in the woods. Come at once. Bring coroner."
Accordingly Sheriff Moody and Coroner Kefauver took the eleven o'clock train. The body was found by a boy 16 years of age, Olive Baudin, who was out with a gun hunting rabbits.
The offensive odor caused the boy to stop when he discovered the body, which had been laying there since January.
The inquest was held and the body was identified as Paul Bruske of Sault Ste. Marie. A teamster, by the name of Burns, was the last man who saw Paul Bruske.
Burns says he was with Bruske driving a team near the railroad, when Bruske gave him the reins and went off into the woods, but did not come back and this was the last seen of him. The body was so badly decomposed that identification is difficult, but from all that could be gathered it seems evident that it is Paul Bruske.
(Turns out his name is "BROCHA")

June 4, 1904 - Saturday- Evening News (Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan) Page: 5
Paul Brocha, who was found dead in the woods near Blaney, was twenty-eight years of age. The body will be buried this Saturday afternoon at the Soo, where his people live. The father cf the deseased and a son, Joseph Brocha. came to Manistique and took charge of the body at Gunnerson and Kefarious.
The father states that at the time the young man was last seen he was in the woods for the Ross Lumbering Company and his camp of which he was foreman, was only seven miles from the Blaney camps where his son was working, and it was less than two miles between where the father was located and the place where the body was found. It seems unaccountable to Mr. Brocha that, he did not hear of the disappearance of the young man. The reasons assigned for the apparent indifference of the boys at the Blaney camp was that it was reported that he was at home in the Soo. It is such a common thing for woodsmens to change about from camp to camp that Paul's disappearance was accounted for in the usual way.

June 10, 1904 - Friday - Evening News (Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan) Page: 5
Ernest Ponches, arrested Wednesday by Sheriff Moodey, did not have his hearing before Justice Simmons on Thursday as planned, the date having been postponed one week.
Ponches is a barber at Blaney and was arrested for obtaining money on false pretenses. Desiring to go into the saloon business he borrowed a sum with which to pay his license, but used it for other purposes. Complaint was made by the Manistique Brewing Company.

July 31, 1915 - Saturday - Evening News (Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan) Page: 5
Six of the ten Austrians, who are being held at the county jail in connection with the robbery ofJoseph Clement, at Blaney, were released yesterday after a hearing before Judge McKinney. The other four men will be kept here until a further investigation.

August 6, 1921 - Saturday- Evening News (Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan) Page: 7
Uno Haggbloom came down from Blaney Thursday for the purpose of getting medical treatment for a badly injured hand and arm. Mr. Haggbloom was working in the road construction near Blaney and was helping to get a truck started, when it unexpectedly started and caught his arm under the truck which was loaded with gravel. His arm was badly crushed and lacerated but no bones were broken.