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Erastus T. Orr &
Walter L. Orr
Source: Memorial Record of the Northern Peninsula of Michigan; Chicago;  Lewis Publishing Company, 1895, p. 162 - 163
ORR BROTHERS & COMPANY are proprietors of the leading meat market in Manistique.  The business was established in January, 1886, by a firm composed of Erastus T. and Walter L. Orr, and Edgar C. Brown.  An extensive business is conducted, they carrying on,  two markets, one on the west side of the river.  They also established a market at South Manistique and another at Thompson, Michigan, but these they have since sold out.  The firm owns and occupies a nice two-story brick building,—a double store,—each store being 25 x 70 feet.  One was erected in 1893 and the other was built in 1894. The store is supplied with all modern fixtures and every convenience and appliance known to the trade which will keep their meet in first-class condition.  A liberal patronage is enjoyed, coming to the company as a reward for fair dealing and courteous treatment.
The Orr Brothers, Erastus T. and Walter L., came to Manistique from Steuben county, New York, in 1884, and have since successfully carried on business in this place. The latter was born in 1857. They are sons of Robert Orr, who came to Manistique in May, 1891, and they were educated in the State of their nativity. They are strictly business men, devoting their entire time and energies to the enterprises with which they are connected.  Walter L. is the efficient manager of the meat market, which is under his immediate supervision, and the prosperity which attends the undertaking is due almost entirely to his efforts, his perseverance and good executive ability. Socially he is connected with the Masonic fraternity, and he and his brothers are supporters of the men and measures of the Republican party.