Schoolcraft County
Manistique, Michigan
Manistique Pulp & Paper Mill
Early Photo of the Manistique Pulp and Paper Co. Mill - Photo contributed by Paul Petosky
Manistique Pulp and Paper Company
Source:  Manistique Centennial Book, 1960
    "W. J. Murphy, publisher and owner of the Minneapolis Tribune, organized the Manistique Pulp and Paper C[ompany] in 1916 and construction of the new mill was started that fall.  First work was at the upper dam, opposite the abandoned Charcoal Iron plant.  Canal walls and the pulp mill were then started, with all three projects underway at the same time.  Murphy died early in 1919, before the pulp mill was completed.  After some delay due to his death, construction of the paper machine building, finishing room and power plant was undertaken in the fall of 1919 and was completed the next spring.  The production start in 1920 was delayed when an earth dike on the west bank of the Manistique River gave way, flooding parts of the city to second story depth and sending cascades of water through the mill buildings.  First paper rolled off the fordrinier in May, 1920.  The mill was operated by the Minneapolis newspaper until 1943, when it was sold to Mead Corp.  Mead spent large sums for new equipment and buildings to convert the plant from newsprint to groundwood manufacture.  On Jan. 1, 1952 the mill was sold to the Kearney interests in New Jersey, to supply publication paper for South American mills.  On Jan. 1, 1960, the mills were acquired by Field Enterprises Inc., of Chicago, publishers of Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Daily News and other publications, thus retruning it to assured market status in the industry.  The mill's annual production is 30,000 tons, chiefly newsprint.  The mill employs 150 persons, with Frank S. Hoholik as general manager and executive vice president and Wilber C. Munnecke of Chicago as president.  Its pulpwood is purchased in the local area and thus the firm provides additional employment in woods operations."    
History of the Company
1.  In 1914, W. J. Murphy of Minneapolis completed a feasibility study and plans were set in motion to build a newsprint papermill in Manistique.
2.  Manufacture of newsprint began in May of 1920.
3.  The mill was sold to Mead Corporation in 1940.
4.   In 1951, the mill was sold again, this time to the Trenton Times of New Jersey.
5.   In 1959 the papermill was purchased by Field Enterprises, whose owner, Marshall Field IV, planned to use the mill to supply newsprint to the Chicago Sun-Times and the Chicago Daily News.  The transition to use of recycled paper began that same year.
6.  The transition to 100 percent recycled paper for newsprint production was completed in 1984.  Wood processing operations were discontinued.
7.  In 1991, the company was acquired by Kruger, a large Canadian conglomerate.