-A-  ALDRICH, Joseph 11 Jul 1896 One of the early settlers of Burns, died J of heart disease. Source: Saginaw News (Monday, 20 Jul 1896)*
-B-  BLACK, William 22y 14 Jul 1896 Of Morrice, died suddenly of inflammation of the bowels. Source: Saginaw News (Monday, 20 Jul 1896)*
-C-  CAMPBELL, Raymond 2y 10 Jul 1896 Child of Mr. and Mrs. H. C Campbell, of Kalamazoo, died at the reason of L. Doyle, in Bennington, where they were visiting. Source: Saginaw News (Monday, 20 Jul 1896)*
  CAMP, Child 3y 10 Jul 1896 Source: Saginaw News (Monday, 20 Jul 1896)*
  COLBY, J.H. 80y Feb 1902 A pioneer of Shiawassee county, died in Owosso last evening. Source: Grand Rapids Press (Saturday, 22 Feb. 1902)*
  COLBY, Rev. Thomas 61y 15 Dec 1853 at different times a resident to New York and Michigan^
  COLLINS, Lorenzo 27y 24 Jun 1858 in Antrim^
-D-  DOD-BOEREM, Eleanor Sep 1895 Died at Owosso Monday. She had resided there 40 years. Source: Jackson Citizen Patriot (Friday, 6 Sept. 1895)*
  DAILEY, Malcolm D. 74y 12 Jul 1896 An old resident of West Haven. Source: Saginaw News (Monday, 20 July 1896)*
-G-  GAMBELL, Mrs. Sarah 68y 14 Aug 1859 in Corunna. She was born in Newfane, Windham Co., Vt. She came to Michigan with her husband in 1833^
  GATES, Frank B.   24 Oct 1895 Source: Jackson Citizen (Tuesday, 29 Oct 1895)*
-H- HOLCOMB, Archibald 34y 02 Feb 1852 in Sciota^
  HOW, Squire Robert 3y 11m 14d 2 Jun 1859 youngest son of Joseph E. and Sarah Jane How^
  HUFF, Albert Jan 1920 A resident of Byron township, near Byron Center, for more than 50 years, died Monday. He moved than 50 years, died Monday. He moved there in 1868. He is survived by three sons. Source: Jackson Citizen Patriot (27 Jan 1920) *
-I-  ISABELL, Alice 22y 13 Jul 1896 Died at her home in Owosso, July 13, of consumption, aged 22 years. Source: Saginaw News (Monday, 20 July 1896)*
-L-  LAYTON, Mrs. Elizabeth 20y 22 Apr 1850 in Byron^
  LOWELL, William 71y 13 Nov. 1850 in Shiawassee^
-M-  MILLARD, Charles 76y 17 Jan 1902 Died yesterday. He was a pioneer of Shiawassee county. Source: Saginaw News (Saturday, 18 Jan 1902)*
-P-  PACK, Margaret Jane 30 Mar 1855 in Burns^
-S-  STEWART, Mrs 36y 16 Jul 1896 Mrs. Stewart, of Corunna, widow of the late Frank Stewart, died last Thursday morning, aged 36 years, after a lingering illness of consumption. Source Saginaw News (Monday, 20 Jul 1896)*
  STOUT, Jane 15y 6 Nov 1859 dau. of Spencer W. and Amey Stout^
-V-  VUSLER, Mrs. John 07 Jul 1896 Source: Saginaw News (Monday, 20 Jul 1896)*
-W-  WELPRECHT, Mrs. Frederick 07 Jul 1896 Source: Saginaw News (Monday, 20 Jul 1896)*
  WILTSE, Edwin R. 15y 15 Feb 1857 son of Henry and Mary Ann Wiltse, ae 15y 9m and 8d^
-Y-  YOUNG, Margaret Pratt 20y 10 May 1856 in Vernon, Married May 9, 1855^

* transcribed by Marla Zwakman
^ submitted by Peggy Thompson from Michigan Christian Herald (1850-[1859]) Detroit Mich., 1900, pages 72-73

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