Layton, Mrs. Chesly (Elizabeth) d. in Byron, Ap. 22, 1850, in the 20th year of her age. 6-6-50

Conrad, Caleb and Miss Lucinda Conrad of Vernon, m. Oct. 20, 1850, by Rev. William Pack. 5-29-51

Lowell, William, d. in Shiawassee, Nov. 13, 1850 ae 71y. 11-28-50

Cotes, William W., of Ionia Co., and Miss Ann Rathburn of Burns, m. on Jan. 8, 1851 by Rev. William Pack. 5-29-51

Merrill, Theodore and Miss Sarah Ann Melvin both of Shiawassee, m. on Jan. 30, 1851, by Rev. Wm. Pack. 5-29-51

Macomber, Joseph, and Miss Eva Angeline Phelps, both of Perry, m. on April 23, 1851, by Rev. Wm. Pack. 5-29-51

Smith, Nelson A., and Miss Jane Eliza Barnum, both of Burns, m. May 14, 1851 by Rev. Wm. Pack. 5-29-51

Holcomb, Archibald, d. in Sciota, Feb. 2, 1852, ae 34y. 4-29-52

Colby, Rev. Thomas, d. in Perry, in the 61st year of his age at different times a resident of New York and Michigan. 12-15-53

Packard, Israel, of Salem and Miss Rebecca Claucherty of Burns, m. Oct. 4, 1854, by Rev. Wm. Pack. 1-11-55

Carr, Samuel of Antrim and Miss Louisa Whitford of Perry, m. Jan. 1, 1855 by Rev. Wm. Pack. 1-11-55

Pack, Mrs. Wm. (Margaret Jane) d. in Burns, March 30, 1855. 4-19-55

Young, David, and Mrs. Margaret Pratt, both of Vernon, m. in Vernon, May 9, 1855 by Rev. Wm. Pack. 5-24-55

Colby, George M. and Miss Rachel Vanriper, both of Woodhull, m. July 31, 1855, by Rev. B. Walker. 8-23-55

Young, Mrs. ------ (Margaret Pratt) d. in Vernon, May 10, 1856, ae 20y. Married May 9, 1855. 11-13-56

Wiltse, Edwin R., d. in Burns, Feb. 15(?), 1857, son of Henry and Mary Ann Wiltse, ae 15y 9m and 8d. 5-7-57

Harrington, Chester, of Vernon, and Miss Abigail Smith of Detroit, m. in Vernon, Jan. 28, 1858, by Rev. James Irvine. 2-4-58

Arthur, Waring, and Miss Rosannah Huff, both of Vernon, m. in Shiawassee, Ap. 23, 1858, by Rev. James Surine. 6-24-58

Goodspeed, Charles and Miss Helen L. Adams, both of Fremont, m. in Fremont, May 24, 1858, by Rev. James Surine. 6-24-58

Case, Chauncy, and Mrs. Mary M. Turner, both of Antrim, m in Antrim, June 13, 1858. 6-24-58

Collins, Lorenzo, d. in Antrim, ae 27y. 6-24-58

Hill, Jacob, and Miss Fanny Dickinson, both of Antrim, Shiawassee Co., Mich., m. at the home of John Carlton, in Antrim, Nov. 28, 1858 by Rev. James Surine. 12-9-58

Britten, R. R., of Novi, and Miss E. Rogers, of Burns, Shiawassee Co., m. in Burns, Dec. 28, 1858 by J. Gorham. 1-13-58

How, Squire Robert, d. in Antrim, June 2, 1859 youngest son of Joseph E. and Sarah Jane How, ae 3y 11m and 14d. 8-11-59

Gambell, Mrs. J. (Sarah) d. in Corrunna, Aug. 14, 1859, ae 68. She was born in Newfane, Windham Co., Vt. She came to Michigan with her husband in 1833. 12-1-59

Stout, Jane, d. in New Haven, Nov. 6, 1859, dau. of Spencer W. and Amey Stout, ae 15y. 11-17-59.

Source: Michigan vital records from the Michigan Christian herald: 1850-[1859]. Detroit, Mich.; unknown, 1900, pages 72-73 - submitted by Peggy Thompson)

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