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From the Hillsdale Standard, Hillsdale MI 2 March 1869

There is talk of consolidating East and South Saginaw City into one

The earnings of the Michigan Central RR in January were $378, 781.

Grand Rapids erected buildings of the value of $685,000 last year.

The $50,000 additional endowment for Kalamazoo College has been secured.

Mackinaw Straits are frozen for the first time this winter.

A government detective made a heavy seizure of smuggled goods Tuesday last at Detroit.

In January 8,255 acres of Government land were sold at the East Saginaw office.

The proposed railroad tunnel under the Detroit river at Detroit is pronounced "feasible".

The new Methodist Church at Coldwater is of brick, 50 x 94 feet with a spire of 150 ft. high and cost $50,000.

There are 21 young mens Christian Associations in Michigan with aggregate membership of 2,291.

The Detroit Glass Works were burned on the 20th inst. Loss about $20,000. Over 1000 men were thrown out of employment.

The people on the line of the proposed Detroit & Hillsdale Railroad in Lenawee county are actively convassing for subscriptions and promising liberally.

The Manistee times states that 8 men have been killed in the lumber camps and choppings north of that place during the present winter.

Macomb County has 113 school buildings of which 94 are wood, 14 brick, two stone, and three log. The Bible is read as a daily exercise in 52 schools.

The last lecture of the course before the Young Mens Christian, was given on Tuesday evening by D. Bethune Duffield on "John Calvin and True Protestanism."

The safe of the Huron Wollen Mfg. Co. at Ypsilanti was robbed of notes to the amount of $1,200 mostly payable to the order of said company and are useless to anyone else.

A man named John Winchell of Matterson Twp. went to Coldwater on the 1st, got drunk, fell out of his wagon on his way home, managed to crawl back into his wagon again, and when the team reached home he was found dead.

The museum of the Michigan State University has lately been presented with some fine specimens of tropical birds from Guatamala by a naturalist in Toronto. A valuable piece of petrified has been received from Texas, the gift of Mr. Brewster.

In the Judicial Convention of the 8th Judicial Circuit comprising of counties of Ionia, Clinton, Kent, Montcalm and Barry, Hon. Louis Lovell of Ionia was re-nominated on the first ballet - no opposition.

The dry goods store of Mr. David Byers at Middleburry Station was destroyed by fire on Friday the 12th. It was doubtless the work of an incendiary, as previous threats had been made to set it on fire. Mr. Byers was east at the time buying a new stock of goods. Loss $2,000.

There is quite a strife in relation to the Republican nominee for Circuit Judge in the 6th Circuit. The bar of Oakland County favors Charles Draper, a Pontiac man, while the present incumbunt, Judge Dewey, also a Pontiac man is endorsed by the bar of St. Clair County. In either case Oakland County wins.

During the night of the 17th the Dexter Mills owned by Mssr. Everats & Co. was broken into, the safe opened by means of chisels and bars and $58 in cash taken. Snow having fallen during the evening, the burglers were readily traced from the mills down the railroad to Ann Arbor and it is now reported the guilty parties have been captured at that city.

Lewis Comps of Smithfield, Wayne County, a boy of about 15 years of age was severely injured by a powder explosion. He was making holes in the ground and burning powder in them when by some means a quantity of loose powder in his vest pocket ignited and exploded, burning him severely on the lower region of his body and blistering him from his knees to his throat. There are serious doubts of his recovery.

The boilers of Bennett's sawmill, in the town of Forest in Genesee County exploded on Saturday the 13th killing the engineer named Mulligan and making an entire wreck of the mill. The explosion was caused by carlessness by allowing the water to get too low in the boiler. The mill was split into two parts and that part nearest the engine room was torn apart.

A farmer by the name of A.O. Alexander, living three miles from Saranac was run over by the cars and instantly killed at Lowell on the 12th. It seems he was engaged in hauling wood. He was waiting at the crossing for the train to pass and as soon as the cars started ahead he attempted to cross the track behind them. But instead of the train going ahead, the train backed up and before he could get out of the way the train struck his wagon throwing him under the load of wood.

We learn from the Ovid Register that a boy, two years old, living in Fairfield had an enconter with a bear last week and succeeded in killing it without any injury to himself. This bear was within a few day "as young as ever it was" and while spread out on the floor trying to grow Mr. George H. Weaterbees son who is a little top heavy, as toddlers are as they learn to walk found it necessary to sit down to keep from falling and came to anchor on Bruin with fatal results.

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