From the Gettysburg Compiler ( Gettysburg , Pennsylvania )
Wednesday, October 23, 1822 Page 1
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Detroit, Sept. 13, 1822
We have to congratulate our readers on the recent important measure, adopted by Governor Cass, of laying out a line of six new counties, extending from the Saginaw bay and river to the southern extremity of the territory.

By designating the permanent boundaries of counties before the tracts of country which compose them are offered for sale, the emigrant will be enabled to make, with more certainty a valuable location, and he will be more eager to seize upon certain sections which were not this measure adopted would remain untouched. It is generally certain that the prosperity of every new country increases in proportion to the rapidity of its settlements, and we know of no measure, at the present moment, which would, in a great degree, hasten the settlement of the country than the laying out of the new countries.

A letter received by Capt. J. B. Brant, from the Saut de St. Maine, dated August 17 says, “We progress rapidly in the construction of our Barracks – by the time this comes to hand, we shall have erected every building appertaining to this command, and should the weather continue as it has been for this two months past, we shall occupy our barracks by the 16th of October at farthest.”

Information from Saguina represents, the force at that place as in excellent health and spirits, and busily engaged in erecting their barracks – such, indeed, in the energywith which they proceed in the work, that it is believed they will be in good shelter before the 10th of October.

It is gratifying to reflect that the expense of erecting the barracks at the two posts alluded to, will be even less than the same species of work would have cost in any of the states – such has been the economy with which their erection has been conducted, that the government will be put to the cost of scarcely a single article except those of iron, nails and glass.

Mississippi Lead – Yesterday the schr. Tiger, Capt. Blake, arrived here from Green Bay , having on board 12,000 pounds of lead, for F. T. J. Palmer. It was transported by water the whole distance, with the exception of the short portage between the Fox and Onisconsin rivers – Gazette

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