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Hotel DeBurt & Bank, Capac, MI (1907) - Contributed by Paul Petosky


In the general history the story of tho first hotels at Port Huron is told. The principal hotel of the city is the Huron House - It was built in 1871 - 72 by a local company. The following are the names of the subscribers to the stock of the Hotel Company with the amounts subscribed: N. P., J. H & E. White (lots), $10,000; Howard & Son. $5,000; John Johnston & Co., $5,000; D. B. Harrington, $5,000; John Miller, $3,000; F. L. Wells, 33,000; William Stewart, $3,000; J. P. Sanborn, $1,000; William Wastell, $1,000; Hull & Boyce, $1,000; M. Walker, $1,000; E. Fitzgerald, $1,000; L. N. & R, A. Minnie, $1,000.

The changes which have marked the management of this house since it was first opened would make a chapter of themselves. It was well conducted under Mr. Whitney, now of the Pacific Hotel, but for some time its management was so poor, that the whole State had to listen to the complaints of discontented spirits. In the summer of 1882, the hotel was re-opened, and gives evidence of good management.

The Pacific Hotel is conducted by Mr. Whitney. Its location on the northeast corner of Butler street and Huron avenue renders it a most convenient hostelry. The house is heated by steam, and very well ordered throughout.

The Larned House is one of the old hotels of the city. The Thompson House, on Military street, is another of tho old hostelries. The Albion House, a new hotel at the foot of Butler street, and a number of smaller houses contribute to render the city complete in its hotel accommodations.

Port Huron, MI (Harrington Hotel) (1912) - Contributed by Paul Petosky

Oakland Hotel in St. Clair Springs, MI - Contributed by Paul Petosky>