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Apr 5: Update Index

Alcona Co
May 27: Newspaper articles: Community news, Court News, Crime News

Alger Co
May 27: Newspaper Articles: Community news (2), Miscellaneous news; Obituaries:
Ella Cox Whitmore, Thomas Hanna, Clifford L. Peters

Allegan Co
May 27: Obits and Death Notices:
Mrs. George Burkhead, Fidus Fish, Elmer Grigsby, Kirk D. Cornell

Alpena Co - Host Jessica Lentine
May 27:  Newspaper Article - Alpena Pioneer changes hand; Obituaries -
Rev. Thomas Middlemas, Onetta Eaton, Joseph P. Healey
Sep 9: Jessica Lentine is now hosting Alpena webpage.
Sep 9: News-Gossip Items -
1871; News-Community Items - 1871; Obituaries -  Carr and Seaman;
Sep 11: Death Records
- 43 records for 1897
Sep 13: 1860 Census
Sep 14: Mortality Schedules
- 1860, 1870 and 1880
Sep 15: Death Records -
1868 and 1869

Antrim Co
May 27: Obituaries -
Maude Brackett, Harley B. Smith, Eunice L Winters.

Arenac Co
May 28: News Articles - New Egg Incubator, Pioneer Picnic, New County tax; Death Notice
- Harvey Chamberlain

Baraga Co
May 28 - Obituaries -
Joseph Theobald, Luther W. Giddings, Henry, Steinback; News Article - Woman Loses in  Race for House

Barry Co
May 28 - Obituaries -
John W. Allison, Amelia T. Bronson, Richard E. Hastings, Stella Harry, Rosa Huff
Oct 02 - News article
 - George Vanderpool Murder trial articles

Bay Co - Host Brenda Weisner
Aug 29 -
1870 Mortality Schedule for Township of Hamption

Benzie Co
May 29: Obituaries -
Kenneth C. Demerly, Leona M. O'Donnell, Cartiss S. Sollenberger, Dorris J. Rogers, Sydney C. Hazel
Oct 02: 1 Community News article

Berrien Co
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Sep 8:
1871 County Directory
Sep 11: News Articles - Community News
Oct 16: Biography - William H. Enos

Branch Co
May 29: 
Obituaries - Maude A. Snyder, Jennie E. Kemery, Minnie L. Behoke, Loren Curtis, Effie Barringer, Lilla M. Deabler, Roy F. Culver, Charles Lloyd, Almon Streeter
Oct 02: 1 Obituary; 1 News article

Calhoun Co
Jan. 1: Crime News - Conductor Scott found Not Guilty
May 29: News Article - Train Accident Verdict; Obituaries - James Goodall, Lola Rowles, Campbell infant.
Oct 02: 2 Obituaries

Cass Co
Jan. 1: Obituary - John Atkinson
May 29: News Articles - Auto Accident, Tractor Flips;  Obituaries - Emma Cox, Matilda Southworth, Gladys Schaner

Charlovoix Co

Cheboygan Co

Chippewa Co
Jan. 1: News Article -
Severest Northwest Gale of Season

Clare Co
Oct 15: News Article -  Crime story

Clinton Co
Oct 02: I Community News article

Crawford Co

Delta Co
Jan. 1: News Article - 5 Men Drown

Dickinson Co

Eaton Co
Mar 12: 1916 Directory - Submitted by GenealogyTrails transcription team.

Emmet Co
Jan. 1: Obituary - Rev. J. C. Bayliss

Genesee Co
Jun 17: News Article - Man charged with Bigamy

Gladwin Co

Gogebic Co
Mar 13: Newspaper articles added; 1914 Liquor Taxes

Grand Traverse Co Host-Alanna Fitzgerald
Mar 27: Obituaries -  L surnames, mostly with the surname Lardie

Gratiot Co Host-Jamie Freed
Jan. 15: Elm Hall News, Alma News & Fulton News pages updated.
Feb. 4: Newspaper articles were updated
May 26: News Articles for Alma and Ithaca
Sep 26: New Articles for Ithaca, Arcada, Alma and St. Louis

Hillsdale Co

Houghton Co
Jan. 1: Crime News - Murder & Suicide of Couple
Aug. 27: Obituary -  Capt. T. Willis

Huron Co
Jan. 1: News Article - Couple Commits Suicide
Aug. 1: All pages have been updated and are Mobile Friendly.
Sep 11: Community News -
nature at large

Ingham Co - Host- Nancy Bliven
Jan. 1: Obituary - Mrs. N. J. Roe
Feb 2: Biographies - Burchard, Burr, Butler, Case, Chapman, Corbin, Chatterton, Goucher, Hosmer, Ephram Longyear, John Longyear, Parsons, Peck, Pinckney, Shank, Thompson, Upton, Wells; History of Ingham County - Lists of County Officers, 1838 to 1880
Mar 28: Obituaries - Index update; J. Vincent, C. Vincent.  News Article: Lansing Man on Titanic
May 10: Townships - Delhi township overview. Cemeteries: St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery added. Cities: Fitchburg overview, Holt overview added.  New Articles: new index page, Wilkinson death article, Wilkinson-Goldberg engagement, Wilkinson-Rudolf rehearsal dinner. Obituaries:  I. Devaney, D. E. Siefert, D. C. Siefert, L. H. Siefert, R. L. Siefert, L. E. Wilkinson
Jul. 25: Updated - township histories for Dehli, Alaiedon, Onondaga and Stockbridge townships.  Added Churches, Schools, Village of Onondaga and Village of "Kinnyville"

Sep 25: News Article
Oct 02: 5 Misc. News articles

Ionia Co
Jan. 1: Obituary - Almira E. Face
Oct 02: 1 Crime news story

Iosco Co
Aug. 10: All Pages have been updated and are Mobile Friendly. Updates to the web page include: Biographies - broken link fixed, added biographies; Births - added links; Cemeteries - added links; News Articles - added index, added several articles; Obituaries - added index, added several new obituaries.
Sep 25: Newspaper Article - death news

Iron Co

Isabella Co - Host - Nancy Bliven
Feb. 11: Biographies
- James Allen, John Baker, Loren Burnham, D. B. Dibble, George McDonald, David Morse, John Rendell, William Whitehead
Apr. 8: Newspaper Gleanings - Community; Obituaries -
Burkholder, Eberhart, Johns, MacDonald, Malish, Pung, Ryder
May 11: Biographies -
 C. Bogan, E. Wheaton, E. E. Willie, W. Wing. Cemeteries: Calvary Cemetery added, Taylor Cemetery added.  Townships: Rolland overview, Vernon overview.

Jackson Co Host-Jan Stypula
Sep 30: Newspaper Article -
attempted suicide; farm news

Kalamazoo Co
Jan. 1: Obituary - Mrs. M.E. Johnson; Mrs. Renee
Aug. 27: Obituary -
Rev. S. Fowler

Kalkaska Co

Kent Co
Mar. 15:
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Sep 25: News article -
Community News
Oct 15: News article -
Calamity - Fire; Crime - Ruffian shot

Keweenaw Co

Lake Co

Lapeer Co
Oct 02: News story - Barn struck by lightning

Leelanau Co

Lenawee Co
Jun 17: News Article - Man commits Criminal Assault
Aug. 27: News Article - Britton is "Dry" again.
Oct 02: 1 News article

Livingston Co - Host - Nancy Bliven
Jan. 1: News Gleenings -
Drowned while Skating
Mar 25: Obituaries -  M. Allbright, G. Allbright, G. Allshouse, B. Arrand, M. Beemer., L. Bidwell, H. Branch, H. Ewing, R. Ewing, W. Geyer, D. Grover, G. Harns, G. Heiden, M. Miller Putnam, A. Sweeten Reade.  Cemeteries - ConwayAntrim, Greenwood and Sanford Cemeteries updated.
May 14: Biographies -
 index updated. Cities - Brighton, Howell, Fowlerville, Plainville, Williamston, Unadilla. Townships -  Genoa history
Jul. 25: Updated - township histories for Conway, Cohoctah, Deerfield, Geona and Green Oak Townships, added Schools and Churches
Sep. 10: Updated -
INDEX page format, Cem page format, Added News stories on Death Announcements, Party News, Marriage Announcements; added 85 Obituaries.
Oct 02: One Community news article
Oct 15: One Crime news article

Luce Co

Mackinac Co

Macomb Co
Jan. 1: New Articles (New Topic) - Lloyd Prevos Guilty of Murder
May 18: News Articles - Death of Rebecca Heils
Oct 02: 1 court/crime news article

Manistee Co
Sep 25: Web site is now Mobile-Friendly; all text has been re-transcribed
Oct 02: One Crime News story
Oct 15: Two Crime News stories

Marquette Co
Jun 27: News Article - Murder of Philip Kuhn

Mason Co
Mar 17: Obituaries - James H. Dean, May A (Gordon) Dean, Malcolm C. Ramsay
Jul 17: Web site is now Mobile-Friendly; All Test has been re-transcribed.  Added following: Biobraphies: E. Andersen, E. Comstock, S. Howley, J. Hock, J. Kistler, M. Barble, G. McClatchie, E. Nickerson, J. Schrumpf, H. Scott, F. Shappee, Dr. L.Southworth, C. Tripp, G. Tripp, J. Woods.  Obituaries: G. Erne, F. Guennette, Charles, Clara, Jacob and Lydia Houk; John, Larry, Mary Ann and Omar Kistler; George, Minnie and Myrtle McClatchie; Aurilla and Francis Shappee; Clinton, Ida and Isaac Wood; Charles and George Woodhead; Gladys Woods.
Oct 02:  1 Community News article

Mecosta Co
Jul 5: Web site is now Mobile-Friendly; All Text has been re-transcribed.  Added a few biographies, obituaries and township histories.

Menominee Co
Jan. 1: News Article -
Paul Kosbab killed by Falling Tree
Jun 27: Web site is now Mobile-Friendly; All Text has been re-transcribed
Sep 25: News Article - Lumber Kilns Destroyed by Fire

Midland Co
Jun 19: Web site is now Mobile-Friendly; All Text has been re-transcribed

Missaukee Co
Jun. 16: Web site is now Mobile-Friendly; All Text has been re-transcribed; Biographies -  Washington Reeder, James Cavanagh, Richard Bielby, Gillis McBain, William Morey, Arlington Le
wis, Marion Richardson; Obituaries - Jasper & Eddie Henderson, Clarence Simons, Dorothy Buggs, William Vander Wonde; News Articles - new sections created, articles added in Crimes, Government, Gossip, Marriage/Engagement announcements.

Monroe Co
May 24: Web site is now Mobile-Friendly; All Text has been re-transcribed
Aug. 27:  News articles and obituaries from Scrapbook of Emma Jenne of Dundee, Michigan

Montcalm Co
Jan. 17: Montcalm County History, Part 1- History of Montcalm County, History of Eureka Township, History of City of Greenville
Jan. 25, Montcalm County History, Parts 2, 3, 4 and 5 - History of the following townships: Belvidere, Bloomer, Bushnell, Cato, Crystal, day, Douglass, Evergreen, Fair Plains, Ferris, Home, Maple Valley, Montcalm, Pierson, Pine, Reynolds, Richland, Sidney, Winfield.  History of the following cities/villages:  
Carson, Coral, Crystal, Edmore, Howard City, Lakeview, McBride, Pierson, Sheridan, Stanton, Trufant, Vestaburg.
Jun 17: News Article
 - 3 men drown

Montmorency Co
Jun. 10: Web site is now Mobile-Friendly. All Text has been re-transcribed.

Muskegon Co Host - Courtney Birkes
Mar. 2: News Article - Accidents, [A Schooner Lost];  Fires, Wrecks, Calamities [Steamer Sinks, Street Cars Collide, Fireman Killed]
May 10: 1840 US Census for Muskegon County
Sep 14: Miscellaneous News Story

Newaygo Co
May 18: News Article - Stuart Brothers Death
Jun. 8: Index has been rebuilt, all pages have been rebuilt

Oakland Co Host - Nancy Bliven
Jan. 1: News Article -  Factory Manager Killed in Accident
Mar. 13: Biographies - A. Reynolds, N. Bigelow, J. Neal,  F.
Foster, J. Gross, D. Wright, J. Tindall
Mar. 27: Obituaries - M. Belles, S. Bower, Dr. J. Buel, R. Coppins, H. Cornett, M, Cornett, S. Dobberteen, Fisher Brothers: Frederic, Charles, William, Lawrence, Edward, Albert, Howard; T. Emond, R. Gates, J.H. P. Glynn, D. Haco, M. Iaconelli, D. Ihrke, M. Iliades, C, Ingram, J. Irving, G. Jackson, C. Jenkins, G. Jilbert
Jul. 25: Update - township history for Holly, Groveland, Brandon, Oxford, Addison and Rose Townships, added Lyon Township.  Updated Schools and Churches
Oct 02: 7 new Community News articles

Oceana Co

Ogemaw Co
Mar 13: Obituaries -
D. Slosser, F. Peck, J. Atherton, Mrs. M. Cullen, N. Cummings, J. Lobsisiger, J. Bigelow,  H. Phelps; News Articles - E. Hennessey, B. Hennessey

Ontonagon Co
Apr 16: Web site is now Mobile-Friendly; All Text has been re-transcribed

Osceola Co
Apr 5: Web site is now Mobile-Friendly; All Text has been re-transcribed

Oscoda Co
Jan. 1: Obituary - James & Alice Burns

Otsego Co
Apr 5: Web site is now Mobile-Friendly; All Text has been re-transcribed

Ottawa Co - Host-Brenda Weisner
May 28 -
1870 Mortality Schedule for Allendale

Presque Isle Co
Jan. 1: Death Notice - Huffman Uliner

Roscommon Co
Mar 21: Index has been rebuilt, all pages have been rebuilt

Saginaw Co - Host Brenda Weisner
May 29 - Obits
for Graves, Witz, Horgan x 2, Sommerfield, Walters, Durich, Abar, Gimm, McIntyre, Kreuss, Allen, Denoma, Gardner, Woodruff, Bender x 2, Banks, Thomas from TBK
Sep 8:
Obits for Oyer x2, Abbott, Jacoby, McConnell x4 from TB; Hess Obit from JS

Sanilac Co
Mar 3: Index has been rebuilt, all pages have been rebuilt

Schoolcraft Co

Shiasassee Co Host - Nancy Bliven
Jan. 1: New Article -
Owosso Tornado, Farmer Death
Feb 23: Biographies -
 Peter S. Ackerson, John Barker, James H. Clark, Edward G. Dippy, John W. Epton, Andrew Fillinger; Riverside Cemetery added.
Jun 27: News Articles - Updated News Page format. Added articles in Calamities, Marriage/Engagement, Crime/Court;  Obituaries - Henry Galusha; Old Homes - Boyhood home of Gov. Bagley.
Jul 25: Updated township history for Antrim, Burns and Perry Townships
Aug. 27:  News articles and obituaries from Scrapbook of Emma Jenne of Dundee, Michigan
Oct 15: News article - Suicide of Mr. Converse.

St. Clair Co
Jan. 1: Obituary - Lansing Sponenburgh
Mar. 13: News Article -  Samuel H. Ward Suicide
Apr. 20: Biography - Sylvester L. Van Marter
Aug 27: Obituaries - Davis, Herron, Johnston and Rose
Oct 16: Biography - George A. Sly

St. Joseph Co
Mar. 13: Obituary -William Michael Bowser
Sep 11: Calamities News - Hail Storm in Kalamazoo
Oct 02: One calamity news article; 1 Party news article
Oct 15: Death of Horace Metcalf
Oct 16: Biography - E. W. Weinberg

Tuscola Co
Feb 26:  Area of Interest pages are now Mobile Friendly
Mar. 25: Obituary - Mrs. Nathan Townsend
Sep 25: Addition of News Articles, News- Deaths section

Van Buren Co
Jan. 1: News Article - Woman Burns own House Down
Feb. 19: Areas of Interest pages are now all Mobile Friendly; News Articles page has been created, Townships have been added to the City/Village Grid, all existing text pages have been updated/correted
Sep 25: News Article

Washtenaw Co
Jan. 17: Areas of Interest pages are now Mobile-Friendly
Mar. 13: Notable Death -
 Gen. Byron M. Cutcheon
Aug. 27: Obituary -
Seth Randall
Sep 11: News Article
- Dexter Man sells wool covered with salt.
Oct 15: News Article -
 Death of Charles Church's child; Death of John Stoll

Wayne Co 
Mar 13: Index has been rebuilt, all pages are being rebuilt
Mar 21: Biography page rebuilt; Banks & Financial page rebuilt; Business & Mfg page rebuilt; Detroit History page rebuilt; Obituary page rebuilt
Apr 20: Births page rebuilt; Deaths page rebuilt; Marriages page rebuilt;
May 17: Cities page rebuilt:
Flat Rock, Gibraltar, Highland Park, Inkster, Martinsville, Northville, Perrinsville, Pikes Peak, Plymouth, Rockwood, Schwartzburgh, Waltz, Wayne, West Sumpter city histories have ben created.
Jun 1: Detroit Mayors pages built, Biographies N & O added.
Jun 6: News Article - Gossip
Murder of New York Playboy by Detroit Dentist.
Sep 25: News Articles
- Death Announcements; Update of Obituary page.
Oct 02: Two County news articles
Oct 15: 'Supposed Suicide' news article; Pinkerton family gathering

Wexford Co
Jan 4: Web site is now Mobile-Friendly; All Text has been re-transcribed
Feb 1: Obituary -
Dr. John Deery; Marriage - Miss Irene Ransom and Mr. Loren Norman
Apr 18: City of Mesick, brief history and photo, contributed by Matt Preston.



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