State News
2/8/2014-- Bios: Wm. Woodbridge / Epaphroditus Ransom / Charles Croswell / Josiah Begole
9/25/2014 -- Completely Transcribed by Debi Hanes - History of the Upper Peninsula The Western Historical Co 1883
12/26/2014 -- News: Indian Treaty -- from Brenda Wiesner

Alcona Co
5/7/2014--Harrisville Main St / Kiki Cuyler / W.T. Curtis from Paul Petosky
8/13/2014-- Postcards from Paul Petosky: Lincoln
General History of Alcona Co

Alger Co
5/7/2014-- Postcards from Paul: Munising/Grand Marais/Shingleton
8/13/2014-- Munising Birds Eye 1940 - from Paul Petosky
Bios: Chamberlain, Collins, Conry

Allegan Co
3/17/2014: Postcards: Gilbert Larson Store - contributed by Paul Petosky
6/22/2014: Postcards from Paul - Plainwell and Ganges
8/13/2014: Postcards from Paul: Pullman, Saugatuck, Plainwell
History of Allegan County Bldgs & Poor Farms
9/25/2014: Postcards from Paul Petosky: Fennville, Watson,
Bios: Page, Miner, Case, Reynolds, Gorton, Ayres

Alpena Co
5/7/2014: Alpena - French Church,, Country Club, Island Mill Lumber
6/22/2014: Postcards from Paul - Ossineke Texico Station
9/25/2014: Postcards from Paul: Alpena Presque Isle

Antrim Co
5/28/2014: Postcards from Paul: Alden, Central Lake, Alba, Kewadin
6/22/2014: Bellair postcards from Paul Petosky
8/13/2014Postcards from Paul: Alden, Elk Rapids, Mancelona
BIOS: Andress, Nickerson, Kemp, Zipp, Dewey
12/26/2014: Antrim, Alba, Jordan, Central Lake, Torch Lake - Postcards from Patrick McCleary
History of Central Lake

Arenac Co
2/8/2014: Postcards from Paul Petosky: Standish / AuGres
History of Arenac
6/22/2014: Postcards from Paul - Twining Depot, Standish
History of Arenac
BIOS: Hoobler and Campbell
12/26/2014: Standish Postcards from Paul Petosky

Baraga Co
5/7/2014: Lanse Muzzys from Paul Petosky
11/17/2014: POSTCARDS from Paul Petosky: L'Anse, Skanee
BIOS: Martin, Sicotte, Lyons

Barry Co
5/7/2014: Postcards from Paul: Hastings PO / Woodland PostMark/ Nashville Puntam Pk
9/25/2014: Marriages: Cowles and Wheelock from Jan Stypula
Postcards from Paul Petosky: Coats Grove, Hasings
Bios: George Hastings
11/17/2014: POSTCARDS from Paul: Nashville, Hickory
HISTORY of Barry Twp. with photos

Bay Co
2014 -- Bay County has been updated --- the listing is on the index page..
10/7/2014 -- Steven Belchak Obit from Maurene Miller
History of Bay County book now complete!
Whyte, Ouillette, and Richter Obits from Maurene Miller
West Bay City 1890 Vet Census from Char Slater
Monitor 1890 Vet Census from Barb Yeagley
Photo of St Paulis School from Paul Petosky

Benzie Co
5/28/2014: Postcards from Paul: Frankfort, Lake Ann, Elberta
6/22/2014: Postcards from Paul - Benden, Franklin
8/13/2014; Postcards from Paul: Beulah, Lake Ann, Frankfort
11/17/2014: POSTCARDS from Paul: Beulah, Frankfort, Honor

Berrien Co Host-Karen Syed
5/7/2014: Bio: Henry J. Moyer
Postcards: Benton Harbor / St. Joseph/ Coloma/ Niles/Union Depot/Eau Claire School House / Riverside PO/ New Buffalo / Three Oaks for Paul
6/22/2014: Postcards from Paul - Lakeside
9/18/2014: Additional Births
9/25/2014:New Host for Berrien Co: The page has been redone - Deaths, Births, Marriages. Benton Harbor, Berrien Springs, Bridgman, Coloma, Derby and Equ Claire have been redone.
10/3/2014: Cities:
Benton Harbor -- Berrien Sps - Bridgman - Coloma
Addition of dates and sources. All changes/additions highlighted in different color.
St. Joseph Herald 27 Jul 1878
1. Hart-Crowder Marriage announcement
2. Angeline Brant Death Notice
3. Freddie Graham - Child drowning article
10/20/2014: Cities:
Eau Claire:
New Buffalo:
10/28/2014: Death Additions: Abraham, Adams, Antio, Arant, Arney, Aspengren, Atkinson, Baar, Bort, Brennan, Burtzloff, Butzbach
Births: Adams, Antio, Arant, Arney, Aspengren, Atkinson
11/11/2014: OBIT: - Cora Gehlert - 1953
12/31/2014: Deaths: Arant, Bridgeford, Cribbs, Green, Krause, Krieger, Peters, Schaus, Wefer

Branch Co
5/7/2014: Postcards from Paul: Sherwood / Quincy/ Coldwater/California Cemetery
6/22/2014: Postcards from Paul - Union City, Coldwater
8/13/2014 NEWS: 1909 from Barb Ziegenmeyer
Death of Asa Rose - from Sandi King

Calhoun Co
5/7/2014 - James Hartt Pioneer Family - from Carole King
Obits: Satwell from Jim Dezotell
6/22/2014 - Postcards from Paul Petosky - Albion Stone Mill and Albion Starr Commonwealth
8/13/2014: Postcards from Paul: Albion, Battle Creek,
Bio: Kellogg, Younglove, Rice
History Haskell Home Orphanage
History of Clarence Twp.
9/25/2014: Marriages: Bailey & Godfrey from Jan Stypula
Postcards from Paul: Marshall, H.A. Clute, Hadden Restrauant
Lee Township History

Cass Co
6/22/2014: Postcards from Paul - Jones, Wakelee
Bios: Smith, Jenkins, Silver, Garvey, Ridfield, Schermerhorn, Gard, Glenn, Dickson, O'Dell, Hitchcock, Jones, Sherwood, Powell, Clisbee, Meachem, Robertson, Smith, Shanahan, Beeson
8/13/2014/ News & Obits 1909
Bios: Ledyard, Sessions, Ford, Johnson, Burk, Thorpe, Strong, Struble, Shepard, Babacock, Packard, Sweetland, Wells, Sutton, Collidge, Garwood
Postcards from Paul: Cassopolis
History -- Religious and Educational Rev. Price and Miller
11/17/2014: POSTCARDS from Paul: Cassopolis, Vandalia, Marcellus, Penn
BIO: Henry Thompson, Shaw, Aldrich
OBITS: Shellenberger - from Barb Ziegenmeyer
Howard Twp. History

Charlovoix Co
5/28/2014-- WW I Leslie T. Shapton - contributed by Rose Stout
Postcards from Paul: Charlevoix, St. James, Walloon
8/13/2014 -- Postcards from Paul: Boyne Falls, Walloon Lake, Hotel Mizer
History of Charlevoix County
9/25/2014: Postcards form Paul: Boyne, Boyne Falls, East Jordan
50th Anniv. Hardy - Contributed by Elaine O'Neill
East Jordan - Postcards from Patrick McCleary
Several Obits from Patrick McCleary -- see the index

Cheboygan Co
5/7/2014: Postcards from Paul: Wolverine/ New Cheboygan Hotel/ Tower Depot/ Topinabee/
6/22/2014: Postcards from Paul - Tower, Cheboygan, Indian River
8/13/2014: Postcards from Paul: Coast Guard, Teysens, Aloha Bathing, Cheboygan Coast Guard
12/26/2014: Mackinaw City, Mullet Lake, Topinabee, Indian River - postcards from Paul

Chippewa Co Host-Christine Walters
5/7/2014-- Postcards from Paul Petosky: Hulbert / Saulte Ste Marie Soo School -- Contributed by Lynn walters
8/4/2014-- The Soo Family - Kelipher By Chrystal Williams with a photo
Pioneer Family: Keliher
Obit: Margurette Dorey Gardner
Postcards from Paul Petosky: Trout Lake, Brimley, Pickford, Neebish
News: Joe Tobias Shot - James Sutton & Allen Scribner and an Indian
11/17/2014: POSTCARDS from Paul Petosky: Munuscong, Raber Mud Lake, Rudyard
BIOS: Webster, Graham, Harrison,

Clare Co
5/28/2014: Postcards from Paul: Harrison
9/25/2014: Postcards from Paul: Lake Forest, Temple, Harrison

Clinton Co
5/7/2014: St. Johns Depot and Postoffice from Paul Petosky
5/28/2014: OBITS: Daniel Howe
8/13/2014:Postcards from Paul: Elsie,
History of Duplain Twp.
Bios: Chase, Tillotson, Doty, Leach, Ranney, Cobb

Crawford Co
1/5/2014: Postcards from Paul Petosky: Grayling, Lovells
6/22/2014: Postcards from Paul - Grayling and Frederic Gen. Store, Frederic Lerins Store
8/13/2014: Postcards from Paul: Grayling Shoppenagons Opening 1916
12/26/2014: Grayling Postcards from Paul

Delta Co
3/17/2014: Postcards: Elcanaba, Gladstone, Kipling, St. Martin Island - contributed by Paul
5/28/2014: Postcards from Paul Petosky: Escanaba, Fayette, Rapid River
11/17/2014: POSTCARDS from Paul: Nahma, Wells, Escanaba

Dickinson Co Host-Mark Seeberg
3/12/2014--Obits: Edwin Branstrom, Maude Clapper, George Clapper
4 photographs and postcards contributed by Paul Petosy, UP historian, added--
6/14/2014- 8 news articles added to site --
Obit added--Stanley F. Jezierski - contributed by Paul Petosky
7/27/2014--6 historical photographs contributed by Paul Petosky added
8/17/2014 -- 6 historic news articles added to site, 2 regarding local soldiers during Korean Conflict
Obits --Alfred Nordstrom, Beverly Popia, Gregory Holman, Fritz Carlson, Peter Vallortigara
12/16/2014 -- 6 historical news articles added

Eaton Co
1/5/2014: Postcards from Paul: Chester Post Office
Obits: Simmons, Swan
News & Gossip
6/22/2014: Vermontville - Postcard from Paul
8/13/2014: Postcards from Paul: Bellevue, Eaton Rapids
Bio: Church and Corwin
9/25/2014: Postcards: Grand Ledge Bridge - Charlotte Maple Hill Cemetery
11/17/2014:MARRIAGES -- From Karen Syed
POSTCARDS: Woodbury Depot from Paul

Emmet Co
2/8/2014: Postcards from Paul Petosky: Petoskey // Harbor Springs // Alanson // Oden // Bay View
5/28/2014: Postcards from Paul: Petoskey, Bay View
6/22/2014: Harbor Springs -- Postcard from Paul Petosky
9/25/2014: Postcards: Goodhart Church

Genesee Co
1/5/2014: Postcards from Paul Petosky: Atlas 1909 / Davison/ Flint Bryant Hotel
Bio of Andrew J. Ward
Obits: Lagatha Pearce
5/28/2014: Postcards from Paul Petosky: Mt. Morris, Flint, Fenton, Davison
6/22/2014: Grand Blanc School, Otisville Town Hall - Postcard from Paul
9/25/2014: Postcards from Paul: Dufield Depot, Atlas School, Clio City, Fenton,
Bios: Baker Jr. Pixley
12/26/2014; Fenton, Montrose, Flint - postcards from Paul
BIOS: Clarence Tinker

Gladwin Co
5/31/2014: Postcards from Paul: Gladwin
8/13/2014: From Paul Petosky: Robert N. Lowdham Cemetery Celebration Beaverton

Gogebic Co
3/17/2014: Postcards: Marenisco, Ironwood - contributed by Paul
5/28/2014: Postcards from Paul: Bessemer, Watersmeet, Wakefield
8/13/2014: Postcards from Paul: Watersmet
History of Gogebic
Bios: Nyberg
Schools in Gogebic
11/17/2014: POSTCARDS from Paul: Bessemer, Watersmeet
HISTORY of Gogebic Co
BIOS: Ormes and Eddy

Grand Traverse
2/8/2014: Bios: Moon and Heuman
Postcards from Paul Petosky: Traverse City Birds Eye View // Fire Dept.
6/22/2014: Postcards from Paul - Traverse Residence, Interlochen,
8/13/2014: Postcards from Paul: Marine, Pt. Huron, Pt. Crescent, Yale, Miller, Anchorville
Casco Twp. History
11/17/2014: POSTCARDS from Paul Petosky: Traverse City, Fife Lake

Gratiot Co
5/7/2014: Postcards from Paul: Ithaca/ Pine River/ North Star/ Alma/Middleton/Bannister
5/28/2014: Postcards: St. Louis Mill / Middleton Hotel
6/22/2014: Breckenridge Farmers Elevator - from Paul
8/13/2014:Postcards from Paul: Ashley, Alma,
11/17/2014:POSTCARDS from Paul: Alma - Strand Theatre

Hillsdale Co
5/7/2014: Allen Depot/ Montgomery Depot/ Hillsdale Courthouse / High School
6/22/2014: Ossco 1910 - Postcard from Paul Petosky
8/13/2014: Postcards from Paul: Camden
History of Camden
Bio: A.J. Wigent
Marriages: Young & Cornwall from Jan Stypula
Postcards from Paul Petosky: Alamo Engine, Jerry Sarlis Restaurant, Asa G. Edwards
Biographies: Edwards and Jones
12/26/2014: Somerset, Waldron, Frontier, Camden - postcards from Paul
History of Somerset
BIOS: McDougal, Andrus, Brezee and others

Houghton Co
3/17/2014: Postcards: Calumet, Hubbell, Lake Linden - contributed by Paul
Obits: Benjamin Judkins - transcribed by Kim Mohler
6/22/2014: Postcards from Paul - Winona, South Range and Hubbell
8/2-13/2014:OBIT - Dorothy V. Gougeon from Marla Zwakman
9/25/2014: History of Houghton Co - Contributed by Debi Hanes
Postcards from Paul: Hancock, Calumet, Lake Linden, Painesdale, Hubbell
Calumet and Kenton - postcards from Paul

Huron Co
3/17/2014: Postcards: Harbor Beach, Caseville, Bad Axe, Paw Paw - Contributed by Paul Petosky
Huron Co - Honor Roll WW 2 -- Contributed by Peggy Thompson
5/28/2014: Postcards from Paul: Bad Axe, Port Austin, Harbor Beach, Pointe Aux Barques
8/13/2014: Postcards from Paul: Pointe Aux Barques Hotel, Bad Axe, Huron Jail
History of Verona Twp.
History of Life Saving Service
9/24/2014: Postcards from Paul: Bad Axe, Sebewaing, Ubly
History of Sebewaing Twp.

Ingham Co
5/7/2014: Post Cards from Paul Petosky: Lansing, New Tussing Bldg. Wm. Fritz Home / City Hall
5/28/2014: Postcards from Paul: Lansing Ballard Residence
8/13/2014: Osborn Inauguration from Paul Petosky
Michigan Avenue 1904 from Paul
Bios: Winchell, Crossman, Jones, Smith, Atwood, Kilbourne, Huntington, Walker, Mathews

Ionia Co
5/7/2014: Hart Headstones Sorona Cemetery from Carol King
Belding City Hall - Postcard from Paul
6/22/2014: Postcards from Paul: Lake Odessa, Portland
BIO: Chauncy J. Rumsey
9/25/2014:Divorces' Foster - Whitaker - contributed by Gary Foster
Postcards from Paul: Saranac Bridge
Ionia Twp. History
12/26/2014 - Pewamo, Portland, Belding Postcards from Paul
History of Easton Twp.

Iosco Co
5/7/2014: Postcards from Paul: Long Lake/ Oscoda/Alabaster/East Tawas
5/28/2014: MILITARY: Andrew Peter Klinger - contributed by Rose Stout
6/22/2014: Postcard - Oscoda Welcome Hotel from Paul
11/17/2014:POSTCARDS from Paul: Whittemore, Etawas, Oscoda

Iron Co
11/11/2014: OBIT: Mrs. Gust Lither
Iron River - Carnival Week
5/28/2014: Postcards from Paul Petosky: Crystal Falls, Iron River
6/22/2014: Postcards from Paul: Crystal Falls
Postcards from Paul Petosky: Amasa, Crystal Falls, Iron River, Palatka
Bio: Laing and Thompson
9/25/2014: Postcards from Paul: Iron River

Isabella Co
6/22/2014: Postcards from Paul - Weidman Depot
12/14/2013--Postcards from Paul Petosky: Blanchard, Sheppard, Mt. Pleasant, Mt. Pleasant
11/17/2014: BIOS: Morrison - from Mary Kay Krogman

Jackson Co Host-Jan Stypula
6/1/2014: Added death announcements for Mrs. A. Bernhardy and John Lincoln.
Added another page of deaths to Woodland Cemetery, transcribed by Andaleen Whitney.
Added death info on Willard W. Briggs from Rose Stout
Names of deceased resting in the First Presbyterian Church courtyard.
More marriage announcements
Postcards from Paul Petosky: Springport, Summit Depot, Grass Lake Baptist, Waterloo, Greenwood Cemetery
12/30/2014 - New obits and pictures have been added.

Kalamazoo Co
2/8/2014: BIOS: WW 1 Honor Roll Bios -- Contributed by Barbara Connor
5/28/2014: Postcards from Paul: Galesburg, Kalamazoo, Gull Lake, Fulton
6/22/2014: BIOS: Stocken, Stuart,
Kalamazoo County History by George Torry
Postcards - Schoolcraft
8/13/2014: Postcards from Paul: Fulton Looking South, Augusta Trolley
MILITARY: WW I Bios -- Part 9
12/26/2014 - Kalamazoo, Climax, Fulton - Postcards from Paul
WW I -- Bios

Kalkaska Co
5/7/2014--Postcards: South Boardman/Kalkaska Courthouse/ Berkshire Grocery from Paul Petosky
9/25/2014: Postcards from Paul: Kalkaska High Basketball

Kent Co - Host Karen Syed
5/7/2014: Samuel Munroe Hartt - From Carol King
Postcards from Paul: Lowell Trains Opera House
History of Local Lowell
5/28/2014: WWI Lester M. Perrin - contributed by Rose Stout
9/25/2014: Postcards from Paul: Ada, Grand Rapids, Lowell,
Bios: Samuel Jenks, Charles W. Jenks
10/20/2014: Births:
11/28/2014: Deaths, Marriages, Births, Divorces -- Updated
Business Mfg: Steelcase
12/20/2014: Births updated -- See the Birth Index

Keweenaw Co
2/8/2014: Postcards from Paul: Glacia Dome / Isle Royale / Johns / Eagle Harbor / Copper Harbot / Clifton Cliff
5/28/2014: Postcards: Eagle Harber, Mohawk, Copper Harbor
6/22/2014: Postcards from Paul - Copper Harbor, Eagle Harbor,, Isle Royale
9/25/2014: Eagle Harbor Postcards from Paul Petosky
11/17/2014: POSTCARDS from Paul: Copper Harbor, Isle Royale, Belle Harbor, Eagle Harbor, Rock Harbor, Clifton

Lapeer Co
5/7/2014: Postcards from Paul: Almont/ North Branch/ Dryden/ Otter Lake/ Hadley / Imlay
5/28/2014: MILITARY; WW I - Dayton H. Robinson Contributed by Rose Stout
8/13/2014; Postcards from Paul: Clifford, Lapeer
Burlington Twp. History
Clifford Township History
12/26/2014: Imlay, Almont, North Branch Postcards from Paul
City of Arcada -- history

Leelanau Co
2/18/2014: Postcards from Paul: Suttons Bay, North Manitou Life Station, Glen Arbor Steamship
History of Leelanau
6/22/2014: Postcards from Paul: Suttons Bay, Leland, Northport
12/26/2014: Leland and Empire - Postcards from Paul

Lenawee Co
3/17/2014: Postcards: Tecumseh and Morenci contributed by Paul
5/28/2014:Postcards from Paul: Adrian, Blissfield, Deerfield,Clayton
Photo and Information of Will Carlton
8/13/2014: Postcards from Paul: Adrian, Lenawee, Tipton
Obits: Stormes
Bios: Van Vleet, Matton, Osgood,
9/25/2014: Postcards from Paul: Blissfield, Hudson, Morenci
Bios: Wm., Charles, Alfred Wood
11/17/2014: OBITS: Contributed by Debi Hanes: Dowling, Shaneour, Mueller, Brockway, Rice, Gussenbauer, Cooper, Murtz, Greiner, Schnerlie, Whiteside, Weaver, Bowen, Bee
CEMENT CITY - Postcard Depot
ADRIAN - Chamber of Commerce Postcard
NEWS Article - Accident - contributed by Debi Hanes
MENOMINEE CO Menominee County Michigan Genealogy & History
POSTCARDS from Paul Petosky: Daggett, Carney, Spaulding, Menominee Livingston Co
1/5/2014: Postcards from Paul: Powell, Pinckney
Pinckney Cem - Updated
5/28/2014: Postcards: Hamburg, Brighton
6/22/2014: Marriage from Sandie Schwarz - Moon to Newt
Pioneeer Family -- Moon Family from Sandie
BIOS: Ball, Coleman, Rounsville, Holbert, Stow, Bush, Frisbee, Dinturff and others

Luce Co
10/19/2014: Postcards from Paul: Newberry, Soo Junction, McMillan
5/28/2014: Postcards: Newberry Ave / Newberry Roberts Svc.
Newberry - Postcard from Paul

Mackinac Host-Christine Walters 5/7/2014
5/7/2014 -- History of Mackinac Co
Postcards from Paul Petosky: Walkers point / Curtis / St. Ignace/ Mackinac Island/ Maran
8/4/2014 -- Newton Twp - History
Postcards from Paul Petosky: Pointe Aux, St. Ignace, Les Cheneaux, Gros Cap, Gould City, Cedarville, Baptism of Isaac Corp
11/17/2014: POSTCARDS from Paul Petosky: Islington, Les Cheneaux, Cedarville, Gould, Curtis, Coryell, Bois Black Island

Macomb Co
5/28/2014: Postcards from Paul Petosky: Lenox, Shelley, Mt Clemens, Richmond
8/13/2014: Postcards from Paul: Richmond, Erastus Day
History of Richmond Twp.
9/25/2014: Postcards from Paul: Romeo,, Armada, Mt. Clemens
Bios: Corey, Crandall, Crawford, Dryer, Farrar, Freeman, French, Halsey, Hazelton, Leonard, Lovejoy, Parker, Smith, Stephens

Manistee Co
6/22/2014: Postcards from Paul - Onekema, Norwalk and Manistee Champion Colts
9/25/2014: Postcards from Paul Petosky: River St., Public Library, Onekama Camp

Marquette Co
1/5/2014: Postcards from Paul: Hotel Superior, Michigamme, Cedarville, Champion, Negaunee, Ishpeming, Gwinn
2/8/2014: Post Cards from Paul: Negaunee // Beacon // Gwinn //
5/28/2014: Postcards from Paul: Hotel Marquette, Gwinn, St.Peters Cath., Negaunee, Hotel Northland, Witch Lake Depot
8/13/2014: Postcards from Paul: Republic Train Wreck, Ishpeming Old Ish
City of Marquette History
City of Ishpeming History
Ishpeming Banks
Bios: Tripp and Newelt
9/25/2014: Postcards: Negaunee, KI Sawyer AFB , Marquette
History of Marquette Co -- Contributed by Debi Hanes
MASON Co - Mason County Michigan History & Genealogy
Bios: Wm. Tifft - from Jim Dezotell

Mason Co
2/8/2014: Obits: S.A. Tift - Contributed by Jim Dezotell
Bios: Herbert Johnson - Contributed by Jim Dezotell
6/22/2014: Postcards from Paul - Ludington
12/26/2014: Scottville, Freesoil - Postcards from Paul
History of Free Soil

Mescota Co
6/22/2014: Postcards from Paul - Rodney and Milbrook
9/25/2014: Postcards from Paul:
Bios: James, Wilson and Charles Darrah

Menominee Co
1/5/2014: Postcards from Paul: Hermansville, Menominee, Powers, Cedar River, Daggett
6/22/2014: Postcards from Paul - Ingalls 1908
12/26/2014: Nadeau, Powers, Menominee and Stephenson -- Postcards from Paul

Midland Co
5/28/2014: Postcards from Paul: Coleman

Missaukee Co
3/17/2014: Postcard: Falmouth Bank Contributed by Paul Petosky
5/28/2014: Postcards from Paul: Pioneer Postmark
8/13/2014: Postcards from Paul: Jennings
Some History -- from Newspapers
Jennings MI - Postcards from Paul

Monroe Co
3/17/2014: Postcards: Carleton, Dundee and Cone - Contributed by Paul Petosky
5/28/2014: Postcards from Paul: Petersburg, Ida, Dundee
8/13/2014: Postcards from Paul: Azalia
Dundee Twp.
Stephen Thurston Hardy

Montcalm Co
3/17/2014: Postcards; Carson City, Six Lakes, Coral, Sheridan, Edmore - contributed by Paul
5/28/2014: Postcards from Paul: Butternut, Crystal Rainbow Roller
6/22/2014: BIOS: Backum, Warren, Miller, Moore, Follett, fargo, Young and many others
Postcard of Sheridan Depot from Paul
8/13/2014: Postcards from Paul: Carson City, Coral, McBride
Day Township history

Montmorency Co
3/17/2014 -- Postcards: Lewiston and Hillman - contributed by Paul
9/25/2014: Lewiston Drugs - Postcard from Paul Petosky

Muskegon Co
1/5/2014: Postcards from Paul: Lakewood, Montague, Muskegon
6/22/2014: Ravenna - Postcard from Paul
8/13/2014: Postcards from Paul: Lake Harbor, Muskegon Causeway
History of Norton Twp. and Lake Harbor
9/25/2014: Postcards from B.J. - Webster, Steamers Plying, Occidental Hotel Fire
History of Montague MI Twp. History
Postcards form Paul Petosky: Lakewood Club 1920
12/26/2014: North Muskegon and Whitehall - Postcards from Paul
BIOS: Staples, King, Mason, Woodbury from Sarah Montgomery

Newaygo Co
3/17/2014: Postcards: Class of 1904, White Cloud and Grant - contributed by Paul
6/22/2014: Postcards from Paul - White Cloud Courthouse

Oakland Co
5/28/2014: Postcards from Paul: Davisburg, Lake Orion, Holly, Birmingham Theatre
6/22/2014: Postcards from Paul: Oxford Washington St.,
Bio: Woodward and Moore
8/13/2014: Postcards from Paul: Royal Oak, South Lyon, Farmington,
Lyon Twp. History
Bios: Covey, Button, Whipple, Marlott, Blackwood, Calkins, Marlatt, Vowles
11/17/2014: POSTCARDS from Paul: Pontiac, South Lyon, Milford, Lake Orion, White Lake, Rose
HISTORY of Orion Twp.
OBITS: Carl Slack and Eleanor Gust from Maurene Richard Miller

Oceana Co
6/22/2014: Postcards from Paul - Crystal Valley Methodist
Bios: Green, Houk, Ambler, Wheeler, Lewis, White, Russell, White, Montgomery and other
Ferry Twp. History
9/25/2014: BIOS: Hart, Hesperia, Pentwater

Ogemaw Co
2/8/2014: Postcards from Paul: Shady Shore / Lupton / Rose City / West Branch / Horton
History of Ogemaw Co
Bio: Daniel Markey
5/28/2014: Postcards: Selkirk Main St.
6/22/2014: Rose City Depot from Paul Petosky
12/26/2014: Lupton School - from Paul Petosky

Ontonagon Co
6/22/2014: Postcards from Paul - Ontonagon Methodist Church, Tourist Park, Fibre Co
9/25/2014: Postcards from Paul: Silver City, Ontonagon Residential
History of Ontonagon - from Debi Hanes

Osceola Co
2/8/2014: Postcards from Paul: Reed City / Evart / Tustin / Sears /
History of Osceola
6/22/2014: Postcards - Chippewa Station Depot from Paul

Oscoda Co
3/17/2014: Postcards: Mio and Commins - Contributed by Paul Petosky
6/22/2014: Postcards from Paul: Log Cabin Inn, Mio High School
History of Oscoda
12/26/2014: Mio Mi -- Postcard from Paul

Otsego Co
3/17/2014: Postcards: Gaylord and Elmira - contributed by Paul
6/22/2014: Gaylor High School - from Paul Petosky
12/26/2014: Obits from Patrick McCleary see the index

Ottawa Co
3/16/2014: Postcards of Zeeland MI from Paul Petosky
12/8/2014: 2 Postcards - Berlin & Coopersville from Paul Petosky
12/31/2014: Postcards from Paul
1890 Vet Census for Blendon Twp from trans Team
1890 Census for Polkton Twp from Trans Team
1890 Vet Census for Spring Lake Twp from Trans Team
1890 Vet Census for Robinson Twp from Trans Team
History and Compendium of Ottawa County part 1 from Ruth Wilke

Presque Co
8/10/2014: Postcards: Rogers Post Office, Metz Main St, Metz 1920, Presque Isle School, Rogers City Residence P.H. Hoeft, Onaway Public School
5/28/2014: Postcards: Onaway, Rogers City

Roscommon Co
1/5/2014: Postcards from Paul: Prudenville, Roscommon, St. Helen
5/28/2014: Postcards from Paul: Prudenville, Houghton, Houghton Lake
9/25/2014: Postcards from Paul: Roscommon Bridge, The Heights, St. Helen, Houghton Lake
Bios: Curtis
12/26/2014: Prudenville, Roscommon, St. Helen - postcards from Paul
BIOS: Smythe and Vaughn

Saginaw Co
7/1/2014 Postcards from Paul: Needler, Hemlock, Zilwaukie, Frankenbuth, Washington Ave., PikNik Drive In, G.N. Nason, A.Cantwell.
Obits added for Wood, Schultz, Hull, and Austin from Tammi B.
Crime: Orsen Taylor from Jim Dezotell
12/31/2014: Birth Notices for the years 1888, 1904, 1912, 1914, 1925-28, 1930, 1940 and more from Tamara Bussinger-Krzyaniak
Obits for DeBolt, MacDonald, Bohn, Krzyaniak, and Bond from Tamara Bussinger-Krzyaniak

Sanilac Co
1/5/2014: Postcards from Paul: Marlette, Croswell, Carsonville, Applegate, Port Sanilac
History of Watertown
Bios: McClure, Babcock
5/28/2014: Postcards from Paul: Croswell Helm Hotel
6/22/2014: Forestville Tooles Postoffice from Paul
9/25/2014: Postcards from Paul: Deckerville Hotel,

Schoolcraft Co
3/17/2014 - Obits: Shirley Walters contributed by Karen Gould Norman
Postcards: Manistque, Blaney Park contributed by Paul
6/22/2014 - Postcards from Paul: Manistique, Blaney, Seney
Bios: Knight, Mason, Kellogg, Jackson, Vickery, Lothrop, Chamberlain and others
8/13/2014: Postcards from Paul: Germfask Hotel, Manistique Hsp
11/17/2014: POSTCARDS from Paul: Seney, Manistique, Thompson, Blaney

Shiasassee Co
5/28/2014: Postcards from Paul: Lennon Hotel, Bancroft, Owosso, Vernon
8/13/2014: Postcard from Paul - Henderson Depot
Rush Twp. History
9/25/2014: Obits: Thurber from Len Thomas
Postcards from Paul: Bancroft High School

St. Clair Co
3/17/2014: Postcards: Memphis, Capac, Goodells, Marine City
1883 Pensioners -- Transcribed by Michele Jackson
5/28/2014: Postcards from Paul: Marine City, Emmett Hotel
WWI Hort Huron Gilbert H. Isbister contributed by Rose Stout
Elward Bancroft - contributed by Jim Dezotel
6/22/2014: Postcards from Paul - St. Clair 1902, Oakland Hotel, Flats

St. Joseph Co
2/8/2014: Postcards from Paul: White Pigeon / Three Rivers / Constantine / Burr Oak /
6/22/2014: Postcards from Paul- Leonidas, Burr Oak
9/25/2014: Postcards from Paul: Three Rivers, Sturgis, Colon
History of Sherman Twp.
Bios: Cade
11/17/2014: POSTCARDS from Paul Petosky: Colon, Leonidas
NEW RESEARCHER: Pat Steinport - - Palmer Surname
BIOS: Palmer
HISTORY of Leonidas with photos

Tuscola Co
6/22/2014: Postcards from Paul - Vassar, Gagetown and Dennis Residence
Bio: Timothy Lowthian
9/25/2014: Postcards: Gagetown
Bios: Joseph, George S., Peter H. Gage
11/17/2014: POSTCARDS from Paul: Vassar and Caro

Van Buren Co
3/17/2014: Obits: Louis Vaughn - Contributed by Anna Newell
Bios: Chaffee, Stanley and Dunton
6/22/2014: Postcards from Paul - Bloomingdale, Grand Junction, Bangor. Dr. Nabb Residence
9/25/2014: Postcards from Paul : South Haven, Covert, Hartford, Paw Paw
History of Covert Twp.
Bios: Packard and Rood

Washtenaw Co
11/11/2014: Postcards from Paul Petosky: Manchester / Dexter / Ann Arbor / Milan / Chelsea / Saline / Salem / Whitmore Lake /Ypsilanti
OBIT: J. Frederick Weurth
History of Staebleer & Wuerth Business
5/28/2014: Postcards from Paul Petosky: Livingstone, Saline, Chelsea
6/22/2014: Postcards from Paul: Dexter Residence, Chelsea, Methodist Old People Home
Sylvan Township History
8/13/2014: OBIT: Charles Burris from Barb Ziegenmeyer
History of Webster Twp
9/25/2014: Marriages: Sutherland - Thompson from Jan Stypula
Postcards from Paul: Ypsilanti
Scio Twp. History
11/17/2014: Postcards from Paul Petosky: North Lake, Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti and Milan
Saline and Ann Arbor - postcards from Paul
OBITS: Burmeister
BIOS: Wines

Wayne Co Host-Christine Walters
5/7/2014-- Bios: Col. Menard - from Kim Torp
Death of Frances Clark - from Jim Dezotell
Obit of Jerry Dean from Jim Dezotell
Postcards from Paul Petosky: Springwells, Wayne, Detroit, Plymouth, New Boston, St. Aloysius Catholic / Woodward Ave / Cadillac Square with history / Willow Depot
Old Cemetery History
8/4/2014: Postcards from Paul Petosky - Plymouth, Dixon Res./ River Rouge, Stevenson,, Detroit
WW I John Pawlowski from Rose Stout
Fire - News from Nancy Pipkin // Murder of Simmons
Business -- Gray, Toynton & Fox
11/17/2014: POSTCARDS from Paul Petosky: Highland Park, Plymouth, Detroit, Rockwood, Belle Isle
MARRIAGES: Hollister & Porter from Jan Stypula
HISTORY of Nankin Twp.
BIOS: E.O. Bennett
OBITS: Gust - from Maurene Richard Miller
BUSINESS: Chalmers Motor Co

Wexford Co
5/28/2014: Postcards from Paul: Manton, Cadillac, Boon
6/22/2014: Postcards from Paul: Manton Hough Residence
9/25/2014: Postcards from Paul: Mesick, Manton, Cadillac
Business Mfg.: Cummer Mfg // Cobbs & Mitchell
Bios: Metheany

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