Van Buren Co MI



Almena Section 27, County Road 375  Almena
Anderson Cemetery
Arlington Hill Cemetery
Arlington/Hoppin Section 5, 28th Avenue, Bangor.   Arlington
Austin Section 23, 3650th Street, Paw Paw.   Waverly

Bangs Cemetery
Berlamont/Thompson Section 1, off 46th Street Columbia
Breedsville Cemetery

Chamberlain/Chamberlin Section 8, M-40 and 78th Avenue.  Porter
Chambers Section 8, Phoenix Road/County Road 388, Bangor Geneva
Christy Lake/Prospect Lake Section 26, southeast of Lawrence
   on Territorial Road 1/2 mile south of 64th St., Lawrence
Clapp Section 12, Hazen Street Paw Paw
Colburn Section 28, 42nd Avenue, Bangor.   Arlington
Corey Hill/Covey Hill/Free Will Baptist Section 6, 28th Avenue. Almena
Covert Section 14, off M-140,  Covert
Cuddeback/Lyle/Three Mile Section 28, 41 1/2 Street  Paw Paw

Earl Section 9, 6th Avenue, Kendall.  Pine Grove
Emmanuel Home Section 34, M-140,   Covert
Evergreen Cemetery

First Hebrew Congregational/Hebrew Section 2, Bailey Avenue,  South Haven
Fish Section 21, 38th Avenue, Covert.   Covert

Glendale Section 17, County Road 665, Glendale.  Waverly
Grand Junction Cemetery
Grand Junction Catholic/Sacred Heart Catholic Sec 9, 54th St/County Rd 215 Columbia

Hamilton Township Section 16, Territorial Road/County Road 352.  Hamilton
Harrison Section 20, Prairie Ronde Street,  Decatur
Hartford Pioneer Section 16, Red Arrow Highway.  Hartford
Harwick Sections 10 and 15, 28th Street/County Road 657.   Antwerp
Hicks Section 25, 48th Street, Lawrence.   Arlington
Hill/Lawrence Hill Section 8, one mile west of Lawrence on Red Arrow Hwy. Lawrence

Keeler Section 22, 64th Street/County Road 687  Keeler
Kendall Section 26, 16th Avenue/County Road 388, Kendall.  Pine Grove
Kern Cemetery

Lacota Section 2, off 61st Street and Base Line Road, Lacota.  Geneva
Lakewise Cemetery
Lakeview Cem.
Lawrence Pioneer/Lawrence Village Sec. 9, north of St. Joseph St.
   between 2nd & 3rd Sts. in Lawrence

Maple Grove Section 2, Red Arrow Highway. Antwerp
Maple Hill Cemetery
Monk Section 34, 62nd Street/County Road 687, Bangor. Geneva

Oak Grove Section 28, 29th Street in Lawton.  Antwerp
Old Town/Pioneer Section 12, Drew Street Paw Paw

Pecktown Section 6, 46th Street.   Bloomingdale
Pine Grove Cemetery
Prospect Hill Cemetery

Robinson Section 25, 20th Aveneue and 34th Street/M-40.   Bloomingdale
Robinson Spring Grove‚€”Section 17, off Kalamazoo Street,  Bloomingdale
Rush Lake Catholic Section 5, Rush Lake Road. Hartford

Saint Mary's Saint Mary‚€™s‚€”Section 13, S. LaGrave Street, in  Paw Paw
Smiley/Southard Section 25, 44th Avenue and County Road 681,   Bangor

Taylor Cemetery
Thomas Section 17, 66th Street,  Bangor
Tucker Section 15, County Road 388.  Bloomingdale

Unknown Section 13, 47th Street. Site no longer exists. Columbia
Unknown Section 1, off County Road 665.  Decatur
Unknown Section 11, 62nd Street. Site no longer exists.  Keeler

Van Aiken/Auken Sec 27 and 34, off County Rd 687, Hartford. Bangor
Van Hise Sec 24, 84th Ave., Decatur. Bodies removed to Harrison Cem.. Decatur

Wildey Section 9, 42nd Street and County Road 374,   Paw Paw