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  Palisades Park, Michigan
Post Office

History of Palisades Park Post Office

Palisades Park, MI (Post Office - Ballou Inn) - Contributed by Paul Petosky

 Located on the shores of Lake Michigan in Van Buren County, Covert Township, this settlement was first called Paulville, it was renamed around 1906 by Arthur C. Quick, a naturalist, who made it a wild flower sanctuary; later, as a summer resort. Today it is a private club.

The Palisades Park Post Office was a summer only operation, established on July 12, 1910, with Grace A.  Ballou as its first postmaster.

Postmasters that served at the Palisades Park Post Office are listed as follows:

Grace A. Ballou .......... July 12, 1910
Archie D. Allen .......... June 1, 1927
Calvin A Lehman .......... August 24, 1934
Georgia R. Underwood ..... August 24, 1939
Mrs. Helen P. Packard .... July 27, 1944 to June 30, 1957

On July 1, 1957, Palisades Park became a Contract Rural Station of the Covert Post Office.
On February 10, 1966 became a Contract Rural Branch of the Covert Post Office.
On July 1, 1975 became a Community Post Office of Covert.
Palisades Park Post Office discontinued operation on October 28, 1978 along with zip code 49044, mail service was continued through Covert.