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University of Michigan

Class of 1858

The Class of  '58 numbered 48 upon graduation. The following is a brief summary of all of the students. Twenty five of the students  received a law degree, five were teachers ,three were editors. two were doctors, five were businessmen, four were clergyman, two civil engineers, a farmer and a Colonel.
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The Lawyers

Luther Beckwith George Montgomery Danforth
Hamilton J. Dennis John Quincy Adams Fritchey
Thomas Gore Gavin John Graves
Wesley A Green Liberty Emery Holden
Ruel Milton Johnson Adoniran Judson  Loomis
Charles Rollin Miller Joel Moody
Robert Starr  Moore Judd Mix Mott
Christopher Mykrantz Lyster Miller O'Brien
Browse Trist Prentis Oscar Fitzallen Price
William Emory Quinby Samuel Ezra Smith
John Tenbrook Snoddy Ozora P.Stearns
Bradley M. Thompson George W. Wall
Henry Allen Buck**              *Lawyer who died in the Civil War never used his degree

The Teachers

Horace Halbert John Wesley Horner
Lewis McLouth Adam K Spence
William Schuyler Woodruff Otis M McOmber   College President

The Editors

George Morell Chester Myron Emory. N. Howell
William Emory Quinby

Physicians and Surgeons

Henry Francis Lehunte Lyster George Philander Sweet


Frank Askew Edward Bruce Chandler
Abraham Neff Charles Stewart Patterson
Joseph E Prutzman

Civil Engineers

George A Mark Alexander Richard


Heman Belding Burgess Daniel Kloss
Henry A Humphrey Frank Worthington Stark
David Buel Webster                                Farmer



At the Fiftieth anniversary of the class of '58, the President, L. E. Holden, moved that the Secretary, L. M. O'Brien, collect the material for a history of the class. This was unanimously approved. Thereupon Mr. Holden offered to publish the history, which offer was gratefully accepted by the class.

The work of collection and compilation was undertaken in the winter of 1908-9 and has been prosecuted up to the time of publication.

Owing to the many years since the class graduated; the lack of data respecting several of its members; and the meager record relating to some of the class reunions, of which no complete record was found beyond a few newspaper clippings and notices, difficulty was encountered in the collection of material for this volume.

This was, however, greatly lightened by the valuable records collected by E. Bruce Chandler, the zealous and enthusiastic Secretary of the class up to the time of his death in 1904, and which were turned over to the compiler by his son, George M. Chandler, of Chicago.