Wayne County Michigan

City of Trenton

Trenton, MI 1911 - Contributed by Paul Petosky

This village is located on fractional townships 18 and 19 of Town 4, South of Range 11 East. It is on the line of the Canada Southern Branch of the M. C. R. R.. and is located on the highest ground along the Detroit. It was first laid out by A. C. Truax in 1834, and was then called Truaxton, and subsequently Truago In 1850 a new plat of the same site was recorded under the name of Trenton. It was incorporated by Act of February 10, 1855, but exactly two years after, on February 10, 1857. the Act was repealed. It was again incorporated on April 22. 1875. The bounds of the village under the last Act arc as follows: Commencing at the extreme north end of Slocum's Island on the Detroit river, and running west to the line of the Detroit, Toledo & Canada Southern Railroads; thence northerly along the east line of said railroads to the center of George Street as extended, and thence east along the center of George Street to the Detroit river.

By Act of 1875 the first election was to be held at the school-house on the second Monday of March, 1876, and John Clee, Wm. J. Duddleson and John Simmons were appointed to act as inspectors of election, which was duly held. 190 votes polled, and the following officers elected: President, Win. J. Duddleson; Trustees for one year, Frank Burk, Moses Perry. E. Cady; Trustees for two years. Wm. Yakelcy, James Baker. R. T. Burrin ; Clerk, Arthur W. Turner: Treasurer. Win. Sanders, Jr.; Assessor, Gilbert A. Judkins; Street Commissioner, Wm. Rankin; Constable. Abiathar Jones.

The first meeting of the village board was held March 23, 1876. In June it was ordered to have a survey and map of the village made by Col. H. A. Wood. Wm. J. Duddleson, Wm. Yakeley and E. Cady were appointed a committee on public buildings and grounds.

The officers since 1876 have been as follows: 1877. President, Wm. J. Duddleson; Trustees. Clarence H. Willard. E.Cady. Daniel Haight; Clerk. George W. Houscn; Treasurer, Wm. Sanders, Jr.; Street Commissioner. Michael Martin; Assessor. Gilbert A. Judkins; Constable, Alex. Lebeau,Sr.

1878. President, Win. J. Duddleson; Trustees, Theophilus Godbout, Lorcn Campbell, Wm. Yakeley; Clerk, Kiehard A. Foy; Treasurer, Win. Sanders. Jr.; Assessor, Addison David; Street Commissioner. Michael Martin; Constable, George Small.

1879. President. Wm. J, Duddleson; Trustees, George Morrow, E. Cady. Joseph Vco ; Clerk, Peter Hausman; Treasurer, Wm. Sanders, Jr.; Assessor, David Iteiilley; Constable, GilbertJ. Potter; Street Commissioner, Emory Potter.

1880. President, Wm. Park ; Trustees, Wm. J. Duddleson, Mark W. Jaquith, James Chase, Cady Neff; Clerk, Richard A. Foy; Treasurer, George W. Cook; Assessor. Arthur W. Turner; Street Commissioner, Emory Potter; Constable, D. D. Bentley.

1881. President, John Ctee; Clerk, R. A. Foy; Trustees, J. C. Willis. J. S. Smith, Cady Neff; Treasurer, George W. Crook; Assessor, Daniel D. Bentley; Street Commissioner, Michael F. Martin; Constable, Edward Perring.

1882. President, Wm. J. Duddleson; Clerk, Richard A. Foy; Treasurer, George W. Crook; Trustees. Wm. Sanders, Jr., E. Cady. Charles H. Sanders ; Street Commissioner. Michael F. Martin ; Constable. B. Moore.

1883. President, James Chase; Clerk, Richard A. Foy; Trustees, Nathan Net!, Wm Yakeley, John C. Nellis. Mark W. Jaquith ; Treasurer. George W. Crook ; Street Commissioner, Daniel D. Bentley; Assessor. Alexander Nicholson ; Constable. William Moore.

1884. President, Wm. Sanders Jr.; Clerk. Richard A. Foy; Treasurer, Alfred Bailey; Trustees, Maynard S. Lowe, John Anglim. John Schcnck; Assessor, John Simmons. Jr.; Street Commissioner, Wm. J. Duddleson; Constable,Levi Vogt.

1885. President. Wm. Sanders. Jr.; Clerk, Richard A. Foy ; Treasurer. Alfred Bailey; Trustees, Jacob Reiger, Wm. Kamlcin Nicholas Maus; Assessor, Wm. Yakeley; Street Commissioner, Wm. J. Duddleson; Constable. Levi Vogt.

1886. President, Wm. Sanders. Jr.; Clerk. Maynard S. Lane; Treasurer George W. Crook; Trustees, Loran Campbell, Wm. T. Yakeley, A. E. Jenke ; Assessor, Charles B. Stokes ; Street Commissioner. John Anglim ; Constable, Levi Vogt.

1887. President. Wm. Sanders, Jr.; Clerk. Maynard S. Lane; Treasurer, George W.Crook; Trustees. Jacob Reiger, Frank Burke, Ira Vtckcry; Assessor, David D. Bentley; Street Commissioner, David L. Fuller ; Constable. Levi Vogt.

1888. President, Wm. Sanders, Jr.; Clerk, John C. Armstrong; Treasurer. Hiram Holden; Trustees, Joseph Lura, Maurice Lake, Wm. Kamlein, John A. McKimmie; Assessors. Nathan Neff: Street Commissioner, John Anglim; Constable, Levi Vogt.

1889. President, William Sanders. Jr.; Clerk., Seward R. Thornton; Treasurer, George W. Crook; Trustees. Jacob Reiger. Loran Campbell, Ira Vickery; Assessor. Nathan Neff; Street Commissioner. John Anglim ; Constable. John McCourt.

1890. President, Wm. Sanders. Jr.; Clerk, W. F. Sanders: Treasurer G.W.Crook; Trustees. N. A. Maus, J. Baker, Amos Abbott; Assessor, A. R. Kemp; Street Commissioner, John Anglim; Constable, John McCourt

The assessed valuation of property as reported to the Common Council on June 6, 1S88, was real. $151,915; personal, $29,150; total. $181,065. A tax of one-fourth of one per cent, was levied for the year, and during the month of June the village purchased Lot 36, Block Q, on the corner of Washington Avenue and Maple Street for the sum of $500 with a view of erecting a building for the use of the village.

There are two public school buildings valued at $2,000. with a seating capacity for 350 scholars. Three teachers are employed, and the average daily attendance of scholars in 1888 was 168. The number of children of school age was 445. "The School Visitor." published in the interest of the schools, has been published since October. 1886. It is issued monthly at thirty-five cents a year, and is a readable little sheet.

The Trenton Lodge of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. No. 33. was organized December 24, 1847, and Trenton Lodge. No. 8. of the Free and Accepted Masons, in 1855. The population in 1880 was 1,103.

This village has been one of the most important ship-building points on the Detroit River, and many vessels that have gone into marine history as models of their kind were constructed here. Among the leading ship-yards between 1866 and 1874 was the establishment of Captain A. A. Turner. He built some thirty-five or forty vessels, ranging in value from $25,000 to $60,000 each. Eighteen of these were steam vessels, among which was the ill-fated "Amazon." at that time one of the largest and staunchest crafts on the lakes. The " Chief Justice Waite," the " Morning Star," the " A. A. Turner " were also built in his yards. At one time he employed 350 men. and had as many as five vessels on the stocks at onetime. These were the palmy days of Trenton, over a million and a half dollars worth of vessels being built within eight years. The panic of 1873 brought disaster to the business. The ship-yard of John Craig was removed from Gibraltar to Trenton in 1863. where it has since been maintained.

The Trenton Mills were built in 1848 by Abbott & David on Section 18. near the present north limits of the village, and after passing through the hands of Judkin & David, and Slocuni & Truax, was purchased by John Clee in 1866, and in 1879 moved to their present location in the west end of the village near the depots. The mill formerly had four run of stone, but it was converted into an all-roller process mill in 1885, with a capacity of 125 or more barrels It is both a merchant and custom mill.

St, Thomas's Protestant Episcopal Church
Was organized December 10, 1842. Major Truax donated the lot and a church building, to which has since been added a lot for a parsonage, donated on April 18, 1876, by Charles K, Truax, the total valuation of which is $2,000. The church was erected in the summer of 1843. and the pews were hrst rented on September to 1043. As near as can be ascertained. Rev. Charles Fox served as missionary rector from September, 1843, and was regularly called June, 1845, continuing in charge until 1853. when he was succeeded by Rev R. Bury. From 1857 to June 23,1867, Rev. Milton H. Ward was in charge and from June 30, 1867, to March 2, 1868, Rev. Josiah Phelps. Rev. S. Williams served from June 28, 1868, to June 27, 1869; Rev. Levi Corson from October 10, 1869 to July 10, 1870: Rev. H. Banwell, from October 25, 1870, to December 27, 1874; Rev. G. W. Bloodgood from May 2, 1875, to 1887, and Rev. Wm. Charles from 1887 to . The present membership of the church is about thirty-five. The clergyman in charge also conducts services at the churches on Grosse Isle and at Wyandotte.

Methodist Episcopal Church.

A Methodist class meeting was formed at this locality as early as 1829. and the place was visited by the ministers appointed in charge of what was called the Huron Mission. The ministers who came here during that period were: 1829, 1830, Rev. Leonard B. Gurley; 1833. Rev. W. H. Brockway; 1834-1835. Rev. A. Buckles, Rev. Elias Pattee; 1836 to 1837, Rev. W. II. Brockway. Rev. Charles Babcock; 1838. Rev. W. H. Brockway.

A church was organized in 1843.

The church lot was donated by Major Truax, and the building, which will seat 200. was first used in 1845 or 1846. When first organized there were eleven members; there are now sixty-four. The church building is valued at $2.999 and the parsonage at $1,000 The following have served as pastors: 1843. Rev. K. Pungelley; 1844, Rev. George King; 1848, Rev. R. Bird ; 1849, Rev. J. S. Smart: 1850, Rev. Alexander Campbell; 1851, Rev. S. C. Woodward; 1852-1853. Rev. Lorenzo D. Price; 1854-1855. Rev. J. F. Davidson; 1856. Rev. D. C. Jacobcs; 1857. Rev. A. J. Bigelow; 1858. Rev. D. C. Jacobes; 1859-1860, Rev. Wm Benson; 1861-1862 Rev. S. L. Ramsdell; 1863. Rev. A. Edwards. Jr.; 1864. Rev. B. S. Taylor; 1865. Rev. Jacob Horton : 1866- 1867, Rev. J. F. Dorey; 1868-1869. Rev. C. W. Austin; 1870-1871, Rev. J. Frazer: 1872, Rev. J. H. McClure; 1873-1874, Rev. J. W. Crippen; 1875-1876, Rev. James H. Kilpatrick ; 1877-1878. Rev. H. N. Brown; 1S79. Rev. A. W. Wilson; 1880-1881. Rev. J. R. Noble; 1882. Rev. R. S. Jordon; 1883, Rev. W. R. Jordon; 1884-1886, Rev. J. M. Shank ; 1887-1888 Rev. John Wesley. St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church Was organized about 1865, with some forty families. Some ten years later the congregation built a church at a cost of $2,500. The present membership is 150 families. They have never had any regular pastor, mission service being held from lime to time by pastors from Detroit. Ecorce and Wyandotte.

St. John's P. E. Church, Crosse Isle.

This society was organized on April 21, 1851. The lot was donated, and the church, costing about $1,300, was erected soon after the society was organized, it will seat 100. Rev. Charles Fox was its first rector, and was succeeded by the Rev. M. H, Ward. Rev. Moses Hunter. Rev. Rich Bury, and others, at intervals until 1873, when the Rev. Henry Banwell became rector. On October 24, 1875, the Rev. George W. .Bloodgood was appointed rector, and remained as such for over twelve years, holding his last service August 28, 1887. The present rector, the Rev. William Charles, held his first service in the parish October 16, 1887

St. James's P. E. Church. Grosse Isle.

This society was organized in 1867. The chapel was erected by Wm. S. Middle on grounds belonging to his brother. It cost about $15,000, will seat 250, and was held as private property for a number of years It was finally donated to the diocese by Mr. Biddle. There are thirty-five communicants. It is cared for bv the rector of Trenton

Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church, Grosse Isle. This society occupies a building worth $500. which was originally a dwelling, and will seat l00. It was first used about 1870 Services were conducted by priests from Wyandotte. Ypsilanti and Ecorce. There are perhaps thirty Catholic families in the parish.


This station, located on the Canada Southern Branch of the M. C. R. R.. is named after F. B. Sibley, who owns and operates an extensive limestone quarry at this point, and has dune so for many years.

SLOCUM JUNCTION. This name is given to the place where a branch of the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railroad crosses the Canada Southern Branch of the Michigan Central Railroad, and goes to Fayette. It is named after Elliott T. Slocum who inherited from his father. Giles B. Slocum. a large amount of property lying in tile vicinity of this place.