Wayne County Michigan


Samuel Zug, a penniless bookkeeper from Pennsylvania, came here in 1836, and earned his fortune making furniture; in 1839 he turned to real estate, bought 325 acres of marsh at the mouth of the Rouge River for a mansion; about then someone else cut the canal that made his property an island; the swamp was too much for him, so he moved out, selling it for $300,000 as an industrial dumping ground; it was cleared for the Detroit International Fair and Exhibition in 1889; it is now steel mill property; Sam, who became Wayne County auditor, died in 1896. (Information from "Michigan Place Names" By Walter Roming 1986

Zug Island is a heavily industrialized island in the city of River Rouge near the southern city limits of Detroit in the U.S. state of Michigan. It is located where the mouth of the Rouge River spills into the Detroit River. Zug Island is not a natural island in the river; it was formed when a shipping canal was dug along the southwestern side of the island, allowing ships to bypass several hundred yards of twisting waterway near the mouth of the natural course of the lowest portions of the River Rouge. (Information from Wikipedia)