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Minnesota 2nd Regiment
Casualty Reports

Lists of Killed & Wounded

Source: The Story of a Regiment; Service of the 2nd Regiment Minnesota Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War (1861 - 1865)
by Judson W. Bishop (1890) transcribed by Mary Saggio & Sandi King

Atlanta Campaign

Name Rank Co. Date Nature of Wound
John C. Jones 2d Lieut. B June 18, 1864 Killed.
Peter G. Wheeler Sergt. Maj. N. C. S. June 22, 1864 Killed.
Spencer Lavicount Private F June 22, 1864 Killed.
Nicholas Roppert Corporal G June 18, 1864 Killed.
Charles F. Meyer Captain G May 14, 1864 Wounded.
Samuel A. Field Private D June 1, 1864 Wounded.
Joseph Orcutt Corporal C June 5, 1864 W'd and c'd
David J. Bumgarner Private A June 14, 1864 Wounded.
Roswell Ingalls Private K June 18, 1864 Wounded.
Nelson Shelafoo Private H June 18, 1864 Wounded.
Isaac Sherman Private H June 18, 1864 Wounded.
Geo. Hetherington Private H June 18, 1864 Wounded.
Henry Clinton Private I June 18, 1864 Wounded.
Ira Holliday Private I June 18, 1864 Wounded.
Francis Waldron Private B June 18, 1864 Wounded.
James Whiting Private B June 18, 1864 Wounded.
Squire Hoff Private F June 18, 1864 Wounded.
Wm. Bingham Private C June 18, 1864 Wounded.
Martin V. Barber Private K June 19, 1864 Mortally.
Geo. Rutherford Sergt. F June 19, 1864 Wounded.
Thomas Rutherford Sergt. D June 20, 1864 Wounded.
Nicholas Sons Corporal E June 20, 1864 Wounded.
Geo. Ainsworth Sergt. F June 22, 1864 Wounded.
Wm. Madden Corporal F June 22, 1864 Wounded.
James Thornton Private F June 22, 1864 Wounded.
Frank Harris Private F June 22, 1864 Wounded.
Chas. F. Heyward Private F June 22, 1864 Wounded.
John E. Colburn Private A June 22, 1864 Wounded.
Lewis Horst Private E June 26, 1864 Wounded.
Thaddeus O'Kibben Private E May 20, 1864 Wounded.
Joseph Burger Private H July 9, 1864 Wounded.
Charles Jung Private G Sept. 1, Wounded (Jonesboro)
George Adams Private C Sept. 1, Wounded (Jonesboro)
W. J. Johnson Private C Sept. 1, Wounded (Jonesboro)

Battle of Chicamauga

Name Rank Co. Nature of Wound
John B. Davis Major Flesh wound, temple.
Peter G. Wheeler Sergt. Maj. Flesh wound, chin.
Abram Kalder Sergt. A Slight, in arm.
Thos. Fitch Corpl. A Severely, in nose and arm.
M. D. E. Runals Private A Severely, in left lung.
Ozias M. Work Private A Severely, in body and leg.
Eben E. Corliss Private A Slight, in head.
Chas. A. Edwards Private A Slight, in hand.
Manley S. Harris Private A Slight, in hand.
D. M. Morse Private A Severely, in face and arm.
Chas. A. Rouse Private A Severely, in head.
Fred H. Russell Private A Severely, in arm.
Robt. Smalley Private A Severely, in body.
Abram Harkins Captain B Comp. fracture, right arm.
M. V. Dietre Corpl. B Severely, in leg.
A. V. Doty Private B Fracture, left leg.
John L. Kenney Private B Severely, in leg.
Granville Farrier Private B Severely, in leg.
Wm. Swan Private B Severely, in arm.
Manning Bailey Private B Slight, in hand.
E. V. Comstock Private B Slight, in hand.
F. Kelsey Private B Slight, in shoulder.
Chas. Lane Private B Slight, in shoulder.
C. J. Lange Private B Slight, in head.
J. C. Kitchell Private B Slight, in arm.
David Bush Private B Slight, in shoulder.
H. G. Smith Private B Slight, in head.
M. Thoeny 2nd Lieut. C Slight, in wrist.
Wm. Mills 1st Lieut. C Slight, in arm.
M. L. Devereaux Sergt. C Slight, in shoulder.
J. J. Casseday Corpl. C Slight, in hip.
A. Hochstetter Corpl. C Slight, in head.
P. Grunenwald Corpl. C Slight, in left side.
C. Matti Corpl. C Severely, in leg.
M. Rowhan Corpl. C Slight, in foot.
T. D. Oreutt Corpl. C Slight, in leg.
G. H. Ames Private C Slight, in leg.
J. B. Gere Private C Mortal, in both knees.
John Fern Private C Slight, in arm.
C. Alden Private C Slight, in leg.
D. C. Morgn Private C Slight, in leg.
A. R. Hall Sergt. D Severely, in breast.
S. B. Holship Sergt. D Slight, in head.
E. B. Nettleton Corpl. D Slight, in arm.
G. M. Gilchrist Private D Severely, in body.
W. H. Wiley Private D Severely, in head.
G. W. Fowler Private D Severely, in hand.
John Spring Private D Severely, in hip.
Felix Carriveau Private D Severely, in hands.
Henry Vessey Private D Severely, in leg.
Chas. Clewett Private D Severely, in arm.
Ben Sylvester 1st Sergt. E Severely, in left arm.
A. A. Stone Sergt. E Severely, in leg and hip.
Solon Cheadle Corpl. E Slightly, in foot.
Nicholas Sons Corpl. E Slightly, in leg.
Eli Huggins Corpl. E Severely, in wrist.
I. W. French Private E Severely, in shoulder.
James Flora Private E Severely, in side.
James Spencer Private E Severely, in both legs.
Lewis Swenson Private E Slightly, in shoulder.
James Smith Private E Slightly, in arm.
Joseph Smith Private E Slightly, in side.
Peter M. Fretcuff Private E Severely, in hand.
Samuel Bowler Private E Severely, in leg.
W. L. Jones Private E Severely, in shoulder.
Edwin Knudson Private E Slightly, in head.
Benj. Warrant Private E Severely, in hips.
G. W. Wallace 1st Sergt. F Severely, in right shoulder.
Paul Caviezell Sergt. F Slightly, in thigh.
Henry Oaks Private F Severely, in head.
Thos. A. Tiernan Private F Severely, in foot.
Jas. M. Thornton Private F Severely, in foot.
Joseph Bird Private F Slightly, in thigh.
Michael McCarthy Private F Slightly, in leg.
H. V. Rumohr 1st Sergt. G Severely, in nose.
J. A. Smith Corpl. G Severely, in arm.
Henry Bush Corpl. G Slightly, in
Peter Douthiel Private G Severely, in shoulder.
Peter Freyman Private G Severely, in head.
Chas. Janke Private G Severely, in hands and leg.
Geo. Reed Private G Slightly, in thigh.
Batens Weber Private G Severely, in side.
Thos. G. Quayle 2nd Lieut. H Slightly, in left hip.
Josiah Keene Sergt. H Severely, in left arm.
Milton Hanna Corpl. H Severely, in leg.
John S. Hilliard Corpl. H Severely, in leg.
A. B. Rose Corpl. H Mortally, in hip.
Saml. Loudon Private H Slightly, in leg.
S. A. Mitchell Private H Severely, in leg.
Chas. Krause Private H Mortally, in body.
Byron E. Pay Private H Severely, in shoulder.
Cyrus W. Smith Private H Severely, in arm and foot.
Lewis Londrosh Private H Slightly, in hand.
E. T. Cressey Private H Slightly, in shoulder.
Albert Gesel Private H Slightly, in foot.
Albert Parker Corpl. I Severely, in thigh.
Adam Wickert Corpl. I Slightly, in side.
H. T. Whipple Private I Severely, in foot.
W. S. Wells Private I Severely, in thigh.
C. C. Handy Private I Slightly, in finger.
Isaac Layman Private I Severely, in arm.
D. S. Coverdale 2nd Lieut. K Slightly, in left hip.
John R. Barber Corpl. K Slightly, in finger.
Robt. McClellan Private K Mortally, in body.
Edwin Baird Private K Severely, in arm.
V. R. Barton Private K Severely, in hand and leg.
Lyman S. Martin Private K Severely, in arm.
John McAlpin Private K Severely, in body and leg.
Henry Roberts Private K Severely, in side.
John Shouts Private K Severely, in side.
Wm. Hamilton Private K Severely, in wrist.
John C. Smith Private K Severely, in shoulder.
Samuel Fleming Private K Slightly, in knee.
Chas. Fewster 1st Sergt. A Killed
Norman E. Case Corpl. A Killed
C. S. Cutting Corpl. B Killed
S. D. Calvert Private B Killed
A. H. Palmer Private B Killed
S. Taylor Private B Killed
F. I. Crabb Private B Killed
J. McAuliff Sergt. C Killed
Jacob Martig Private C Killed
C. Schilt Private C Killed
S. B. Neros Private C Killed
Wm. Dudley Sergt. D Killed
John Sherburne Corpl. D Killed
Alfonso Bogan Private D Killed
Geo. H. Fry 1st Sergt. F Killed
D. B. Griffin Corpl. F Killed
Cornelius Hollan Private F Killed
Herman Raduentz Private G Killed
Charles Schuele Private G Killed
Jacob Seibert Private G Killed
Francis T. Sutorius Private G Killed
John M. Foster Sergt. H Killed
Nicholas Weiss Corpl. H Killed (wounded only)
John B. Hopewell Private H Killed.
Alfred W. Bigelow Private H Killed.
Wm. H. Weagunt Private H Killed.
Arnold Cochrane Corpl. I Killed.
Wardwell Mathers Private I Killed.
Wm. McCurdy Private I Killed.
Joseph Shonmaker Private I Killed.
Freeman Schneider Private I Killed.
I. B. Pomeroy Sergt. K Killed.
Alex. Metzger Corpl. K Killed.
John A. Cutting Private K Killed.
Jas. A. Bigelow Private K Killed.

Total commissioned officers wounded - 6
Total enlisted men wounded - 107
Total enlisted men killed - 35
Total loss - 148
Assistant Surgeon Otis Ayer and hospital Steward, F. Buckingham captured at field hospital 2

Battle of Mill Springs

H. C. Reynolds Private B killed
Milo Crumb Private B killed
Wm. H. H. Morrow Private D killed
Fred Bohmbach Private G killed
John B. Cooper Private B killed
Andrew Dresco Private B killed
H. R. Thompson Private E killed
Gustave Rommel Private G killed
Fred Stomshorn Private G killed
Jacob Warner Private G killed
Sam H. Parker Private I killed
Frank Schneider Private I killed
William Markham Capt. B wounded
Tenbroek Stout 2nd Lieut. I wounded
Ed. Cooper Corp'l B wounded
W.C. Smith Private B wounded
Ira G. Walden Private B wounded
John Etzel Private B wounded
Cornelius White Private B wounded
J. B. Chamber Private B wounded
John Mabold Private E wounded
J. R. Brown Private E wounded
O. P. Renne Private E wounded
Anton Morgenstern Serg'nt G wounded
Frank Kiefer Private G wounded
Chas. Schultz Private G wounded
Chas. Vanke Private G wounded
Henry H. Hammen Private G wounded
Wm. Kemper Private G wounded
Geo. Dehuning Private G wounded
Henry Clinton Private I wounded
Thos. McDonough 1st Sgt. K wounded
F. V. Hotchkiss Corp'l K wounded
Alex. Grant Corp'l K wounded
J. B. Pomeroy Corp'l K wounded
John Benson Private K wounded
Henry F. Cook Private K wounded
Alex. Partman Private K wounded
W. K. Haskins Private K wounded
John Smith Private K wounded
P. S. Barnett Private K wounded
Thos. Johnson Private K wounded
G. Plowman Private K wounded
C. F. Westland Private K wounded

Mission Ridge

Name Rank Co. Nature of Wound
Levi Ober 1st Lieut. A Wounded slightly.
A. J. Bolsinger Corp. A Wounded slightly.
Chas. B. Rouse Private A Wounded severely.
Richard Rice Private A Wounded slightly.
Adam Mann Private A Wounded slightly.
John Westerman Sergt. B Killed.
Benjamin P. Talbot Sergt. B Wounded mortally, since died.
Rincis DeGrave Private C Wounded mortally, since died.
Samuel S. Kline Private C Wounded severely.
Riley Barnhaus Private C Wounded slightly.
Samuel G. Trimble 1st Lieut. D Killed.
John S. Mullen Corp. D Wounded severely.
Joseph E. LaBlond Private D Wounded severely.
Jesse M. Williams Private D Wounded slightly.
Alexander Landrie Private D Wounded slightly.
Thos. G. Scott 2nd Lieut. E Wounded slightly.
Holder Jacobus Sergt. E Wounded slightly.
Thomas Harney Sergt. E Wounded slightly.
N. C. Rukkee Corp. E Wounded severely.
Thomas Fowble Corp. E Wounded slightly.
O. P. Renne Corp. E Wounded slightly.
J. L. Henningson Private E Wounded slightly.
Ole Hendrickson Private E Wounded slightly.
Samuel Loudon Private H Killed.
Thos. G. Quayle 2nd Lieut. H Wounded severely.
James Pelkey Private H Wounded mortally, since died.
William Gleason Private H Wounded severely.
Isaac Sherman Private H Wounded slightly.
J. Ira Tillotson Corp. I Wounded severely.
Stephen W. Miller Private I Wounded slightly.
Henry White Private I Wounded slightly.
Ethan A. Hitchcock Private I Wounded slightly.
Henry F. Koch Corp. K Killed.
George F. Lamphear Private K Killed.
A. H. Reed 1st Sergt. K Wounded severely.
T. H. Pendergast Sergt. K Wounded slightly.
Philetus S. Barnett Private K Wounded severely.
Wm. B. C. Evans Private K Wounded severely.
Christian Kasmier Private K Wounded severely.
Officers killed 1
Enlisted men killed 4
Officers wounded 3
Enlisted men wounded 31
Total killed 5
Total wounded 34
Total killed and wounded 39
Total No. of officers and men engaged 185

Savannah to Goldsboro

Owen Lewis Corporal Co. B Feb 25 '65 D of disease
William S. Lyman Private Co. B March 20, W in action
Christian Sanders Sergt. Co. G March 20, W in action
Isaac A. Peterson Private Co. C March 2, M supposedly captured
Mars Olson Private Co. C March 23, M supposedly captured
Sylvanus Stone Private Co. C Feb 12, M supposedly captured
Thos. H. Garretson Private Co. F Feb 12, M supposedly captured

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