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Afghanistan War Casualties
As of January, 2014

Data Compiled by Curt Wiebusch from NARA databases.

Date of Death Name Rank Age Cause Service Branch City State
7/14/2010 Goeke, Christopher S. 1Lt 23 Hostile Army Apple Valley Minnesota
8/14/2011 Harmon, Matthew A. Sgt 29 Hostile Army Bagley Minnesota
10/9/2009 Taylor, Aaron J. SSgt 27 Hostile USMC Bovey Minnesota
6/28/2005 Goodnature, Corey J. CWO 35 Hostile Army Clarks Grove Minnesota
8/6/2011 Spehar, Nicholas SWOPO2 0 Hostile Navy Duluth Minnesota
7/18/2009 Gramith, Thomas Joseph Capt 27 Non-hostile USAF Eagan Minnesota
1/26/2008 Kahler, Matthew Ryan S1C 29 Hostile Army Granite Falls Minnesota
7/12/2011 Greniger, Robert S. LCpl 21 Hostile USMC Greenfield Minnesota
7/6/2009 Hosford, Chester W. Spec 35 Hostile Army Hastings Minnesota
4/8/2007 Masterson, Conor G. Pfc 21 Hostile Army Inver Grove Heights Minnesota
11/18/2012 Means, Dale W. LCpl 23 Hostile USMC Jordan Minnesota
4/9/2010 Voas, Randell D. Major 43 Non-hostile USAF Lakeville Minnesota
8/18/2009 Yanney, Jonathan Christopher Pfc 20 Hostile Army Litchfield Minnesota
7/14/2010 Johnson, Matthew J. Spec 21 Hostile Army Maplewood Minnesota
8/6/2011 Faas, John W. SWOCPO 31 Hostile Navy Minneapolis Minnesota
10/4/2010 Clark, Ryane G. Pfc 22 Hostile Army New London Minnesota
8/27/2010 Fedder, Daniel L. MSgt 34 Hostile USMC Pine City Minnesota
12/16/2010 Osterman, Sean A. Cpl 21 Hostile USMC Princeton Minnesota
4/29/2012 Dickhut, Nicholas M. Sgt 23 Hostile Army Rochester Minnesota
4/2/2010 Swenson, Curtis M. LCpl 20 Hostile USMC Rochester Minnesota
8/21/2008 Studer, Brian E. SSgt 28 Hostile Army Roseau Minnesota
2/27/2011 Wilfahrt, Andrew C. Spec 0 Hostile Army Rosemount Minnesota
7/18/2009 Kopp, Benjamin Stephen Cpl 21 Hostile Army Rosemount Minnesota
6/16/2010 Standfest, Jeffrey R. Cpl 23 Hostile USMC St. Clair Minnesota
9/21/2010 McClellan, Jonah D. CWO 26 Non-hostile Army St. Louis Park Minnesota
4/15/2011 Kennedy, Joseph A. Spec 25 Hostile Army St. Paul Minnesota
10/10/2009 Cauley, George W. Spec 24 Hostile ArmyNG Walker Minnesota
2/21/2002 Feistner, Curtis D. Major 25 Non-hostile Army White Bear Lake Minnesota

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