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John Simington
Source: The Aitkin Independent Age (MN) September 21, 1912, page 5; submitted by Robin Line
John Simington of Hill City was taken before Justice Fowler at that place by a Forest Service officer pleaded guilty to having left a camp fire unextinguished on Section 13, Township 51, R. 26. Fine and costs amounted to $34.50. Due to his fire not having been extinguished before the parties quit the place, the fire spread and burned over an area of 60 acres before being put out.

Jerry Trudo
Source: The Aitkin Independent Age (MN) September 21, 1912, page 5; submitted by Robin Line
For violation of game laws, Jerry Trudo, of Toledo, Ohio, was fined $12.50 and costs in Judge Burman's court, for hunting without a license last week. Five others claimed to have come here from Michigan a year ago and to be residents of Minnesota. The cases against them were dismissed Charlie Warner was fined $20 and costs by Justice Spalding last Thursday.


Source: Duluth News-Tribune (MN) Friday, September 25 1914; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

No Criminal Actions to Come Before Judge Wright and Juries.
AITKIN, Minn., Sept. 23.-District court has opened here with Judge B. F. Wright on the bench. There are 41 civil cases on the calendar and no criminal actions. It is expected that the term will be short.

The grand jurors are: N. P. Iverson, Aitkin; John Mathson, Aitkin; Lucien Chale, Morrison; Floyd Wells, Verdon; Emil Jepson, Farm Island; Oscar Nordeen, Spencer; George Fuller, Aitkin; A. C. Bennett, Ball Bluff; H. A. Turner, Aitkin; Gust Anderson, Farm Island; Victor Socier, Aitkin; O. F. Suver, Hill City; D. Codner, Aitkin; E. E. Barhite, Hill City; Ed. Sutton, Shovel Lake; George Peysar, Malmo; Roy Sugrue, Aitkin; S. F. Yeomans, Bain; William True, Hill City; J. A. Beauchamp, Farm Island; Walter Eisenach, William Taplin and D. A. Foley, Aitkin.

The petit jurors are: Ed. Pettee, Dick; Frank Carlso, Clark; William Adams, Jevne; W. J. Davis, McGregor; Thomas Hughes, Hill City; J. E. Patterson, Norland; Andrew Olson, Haugen; William Herbig, Williams; John Autio, Rice River; Robert McPheeters, Morrison; J. L. Adams, Wealthwood; Nick Claus, Williams; A. A. Heath, Macville; John Jacobson, Ball Bluff; W. O. Sloan, Millwarad; M. P. Stostad, Glen; Alfred Olson, Lee; P. V. Miller, Clark; Vance Wilson, Shovel Lake; Charles Johnson, Idun; William Geisdorf, Hebron; John Beckman, Rice River; N. S. Miller, Shovel Lake.

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