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MAY 2018
FAMILIES: John Davenport Fuller Contributed by Robert Bruce Creger
NEWS-CRIME: Joseph Fiedler, Chief Qua-ke-gi-sic killed, George Harris and Henry Taylor charged.

MARCH 2018 Submitted by Robin Line
PEOPLE: Lawrence Moen
OBITS: Knute Anderson
MARRIAGES: Wik-Behling
BIRTHS: Stoeckman Boy, Gorder Boy

MILITARY: WWI Casualties - Guy A. Morris
WILLS/PROBATE: Patrick Casey inheritance tax
Contributed by Robin Line:
BIOS: James W. Tibbetts
MARRIAGES: Licenses for 1911
MARRIAGES: Announcements - Bruen-Kemper, Quaas-Dressel, Klee-Hronesh
NEWS-BUSINESSES: Skelly Bros., Frank Barth
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1888-Diphtheria Outbreak, 1912-Notice
NEWS-ILLNESS: Anna O'Hara, Roscoe Reynolds, Elmer Fletcher, August Berg
OBITS: Orvis Rice, Minnie Stafford, Fuller Child, Mary Rice, William A. Rogers, Elizabeth Specht Hall, John Monson
PEOPLE: H. G. W. Austin, Joshua A. Tibbetts, W. V. Putney, Ethel Forman, Fred Lembke

Contributed by Robin Line:
BIRTHS: Peake Girl
CHURCHES: 1917-New Church Bell
MARRIAGES: McLaughlin-Patterson
NEWS-ILLNESS: C. J. Kordes, Mrs. Chris Erickson, Mrs. V. W. Buck. D. Lozway
NEWS-VISIT: W. L. Eisemach
OBITS: John Connell
OFFICIALS: Sheriff I. E. Boekenoogen
SCHOOLS: 1917-Lawler School

Contributed by Robin Line:
PEOPLE: Mrs. J. Jacobson, C. P. DeLaittre, B. M. Hungerford
OBITS: Emma Jennie Megarry
NEWS-MARRIAGE: Miller-Steffer
NEWS-ILLNESS: Mrs. Harry Larson, Ed. N. Rogers
NEWS-VISIT: Cecil Young
NEWS-BUSINESS: Becher M. Hungerford, N. H. Kellogg, W. J. Gleason
OFFICIALS: Frank L. Kinney
COURT: John Simington, Jerry Trudo
MILITARY: Soldiers-Ronald Sickner, Lester Spalding, William Thorn
MILITARY: News-1917 Memorial Day Observed
Contributed by The Alberti's
OBITS: John Skretting
NEWS-CRIME: Curtis Dotseth, Jr.

JULY 2017
PEOPLE: John S. Elmhurst
OBITS: Olive Josephine Swartout

APRIL 2017
BIOS: Benjamin R. Hassman, Christian G. Haugen, Edmund Henry Krelwitz, Ole Dahle, Carlton Graves, Horace Beemer Ayres, J. M. Markham, Ole N. Mausten, William Wakefield
OBITS: August Fenske, Jack Mahley
NEWS-VISIT: Mr. and Mrs. Kliem, William Herwig, J. W. Seybold, Mrs. J. W. Seybold, Mr. and Mrs. McCastler, Orval Jeffris
PEOPLE: John Garrity, Jr.
PUBLIC OFFICIALS: 1878 County Officials
DIRECTORIES/GAZETTEERS: 1878 County Business Directory

BIO: Warren Potter
PEOPLE: Harold Glave, Mrs. Joseph Diven, W. C. Harbach
NEWS-BUSINESS: Munn & Asselin
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1910-New Road is Busy, Forty mile ditch
NEWS-MARRIAGE: Buhler-Ives, Faix-Van Pelt
NEWS-VISIT/RELOCATE: Helen Shutters, F. Sankey, Arthur Williams
OBITS: Arthur Goslin - Submitted by Robin Line

BIOS: Frank McQuillin, Benjamin W. Kelly, I. A. Thorson, Joseph W. Wakefield
OBITS: Anne Sophie Arvidson, Alfred Arvidson contributed by the Alberti's
PEOPLE: William H. Taylor, Harpster Brothers, Charles Kaiser
PEOPLE: Dorothy Eiler submitted by Robin Line
MARRIAGE: Olson-Nelson submitted by Robin Line
MILITARY: Vietnam War Casualties; Korean War Casualties
NEWS-FIRE: 1921-Forest Fire, Nothing of Value Saved, White Pine Destroyed, Ten Fire Fighters Smothered.

MARCH 2016
OBITS: Emma G. Johnson, Caroline Heerdt, Nancy Rice
BIRTHS: (News) Buhler Daughter
PEOPLE: Ernest Kufahl charged with accessory to murder in Wisconsin, Charges, Trial, Verdict.
CHURCH: 1930-Zion Evangelical Church Dedication
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1922-Land for veterans, 1922-Military Farm, 1922-Farming by Military Rules, 1922-War Students Buy Land, 1909-Hill City to Have Train Service
NEWS-VISIT: Joseph Diven, C. J. Burch, George Fessler
NEWS-FIRE: 1936-Forest Fire, 1924-Forest Fire
NEWS-BUSINESS: P.P. Klingel, 1909-Bank for Hill City (Rosholt)

OBIT: Fred B. Smith
FAMILIES: Samuel Rogers, Alexander Rogers, photos also. Contributed By David Rogers
CEMETERIES: Salo Cemetery Burials - Blackorby, Carlson, Futcher
NEWS-MARRIAGES: Hunter-Bartholdi
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1910-Hill City Electric Plant, Hill City Decides for Incorporation, Test Fire Apparatus, New Phone Line
NEWS-MISCELLANEOUS: ~ 25 news bits, October 1910
NEWS-PEOPLE: F. E. Sprout, Ralph Greenfield
NEWS-BUSINESS: 1910-Armours

NEWS-EXECUTIONS: Josephine Olson murdered by her father Ole Olson - News articles covering the crime, apprehension, trial, verdict, sentence, appeals and execution.

JULY 2015
FAMILIES: William Andrew Rogers Family; Louisa Margaret Rogers and William Smith Cliff Family.
HISTORY: Geographic Naming History
NEWS-PEOPLE: R. C. Burnett, Charles Kaiser (3)
MARRIAGE: Skretting-Anderson
NEWS-BUSINESS: Hill City Woodenware - Julius Rosholt, President
CHURCHES: Grayce Brennan, George Wickwire
COURT: 1914-Court
WILLS AND PROBATE: Ezra G. Valentine
SCHOOLS: 1915-Industrial Courses at Aitkin High School

APRIL 2015
FAMILIES: Robert Allison Rogers, Harrison Wilmot Rogers, William Andrew Rogers, contributed by David Rogers

OBITS : Andy Gibson
NEWS: (Visit Relatives & Relocate) Harry Runde, C.C. Walcott, Sam Shorn, Harry Litchfield, Pearl Older, T. M. Miller
NEWS: (Business) Harry Robert Zimpel & Co.
TOWNS: 1916-McGrath Town Election

FAMILIES: Knox Brothers - Details Relating to Daniel Knox, Contributed by David Rogers

BIOS: Emily Tenney Knox, Joseph Knox, Clifford Cady Knox and Daniel Knox contributed by David Rogers
FAMILIES: Knox Family Bios, Amanda Alice Polley, Emily Knox Obit, Civil War Soldier, emily ELizabeth Knox, Harrison Wilmot, Photos, contributions by David Rogers
OBITS: Myra Knox, Margaret Knox
BIOS: Lafayette Knox, George Knox

NEWS-SICK: Mrs. John Booth, Nora Winegard
NEWS-PEOPLE: People J. A. Landy, Martin Otterson, Herman Landy, Tom Kollis

Apr. 2014: Obits: Fullwiler, Hay, Hazelton, Johnson, McGrath, Young - transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman
Marriages: Charles - Smith; Dewing - Workimon; Fuller - Lawson - transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Feb. 2014: Obit: Tibbetts - transcribed by mb

Sept. 2013: Obits: Callahan, Carlson, Dutton, Enberg, Feeley, Hronesh, Jones, Knox, Mitchell, Rice, Smith, Spencer, Sugrue, Thoralson
Marriages: Berry - Carr; Bright - Drone; Cartie - Lauzon; Cartie - Searles; Dahms - Hense; Foley - Cluff; Hammond - Seavey; Kohler - Culver; Lowell - Hammond; Smith - Forman; Spencer - Cook; Steffen - Lueck; Tucker - Patterson; Welton - Reem

Nov. 2012: Obit: Hartman; Marriage: Torstenson - Anderson

Oct. 2012: Obit: Cameron

Sept. 2012: Obits: Everett, Larson, Leyde, Maitland, Marshall, McGinnis, Nelson, O'Hara, Porter, Roseberg,
Marriages: Beaver-Noble; Bugbee-Hoffstead; Christianson-McGillis; Collins-Wolf; Wick-Johnson; Marriage Licenses for Jan. 1920
Birth Announcements: Cline, Lidstrom; and announcements from March, May & Sept. 1920

August 2012: Obits: Elend, Fredrickson, Godman, Gratton, Harrigan, Hense, Howard, Johnson

July 2012: Obits: Brodine, Branesh, Butt, Crisp, Dangers, Davis, Deming, Dodge, Keenan

June 2012: Obits: Anderson, Armstead, Baumgarten, Brodina

Mar. 2012: Bio: Haugen

Feb. 2012: Selected Names from Death Index (1908-2002)

Jan 2012: Gossip News; sick list for FINLEY

Dec 2011: List of Cemeteries; Gossip News; Obits for ROSS, LARSON; 1883 pensioners; WW2 Casualties; death certificate for HARTLAND

Previous Updates: 1860 Federal Census, 1880 Mortality Schedule, World War II Army Enlistments, Births in 1935, Deaths in 1908, 1909, 1910

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