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MARCH 2018
COURT & LEGAL: Halmet H. and Florence M. Hodson
MILITARY: Soldiers - Edwin Lane
NEWS-CRIME: James Nesbitt

DIRECTORIES: 1878 Gazetteer and Business Directory
OBITS: Andrew Peterson
OFFICIALS: Rosters-1882 Election Results
OFFICIALS: Albert F. Pratt, Will. A. Blanchard, O. L. Cutler
MILITARY: Soldiers - Allie Gonyea, Axel Johnson
WILLS: Inheritance Taxes - Broadbent, Daniels, Fridle

MILITARY-WWI: Gustaf Lindbloom
PEOPLE: James Stocking - submitted by Robin Line
PEOPLE: Daniel Ropping
NEWS-VISIT/RELOCATE: J. T. Woods, Lydia MacNamara

NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1864-Bears Killed
NEWS-BUSINESSES: Swan Bros., E. P. Hughes, Dr. A. G. Aldrich, T. G. McLean
OBITS: Mary E. Graham, Leo Keubler - submitted by Robin Line

APRIL 2017
OBITS: Mrs. Daniel Stewart, Sarah S. Shannon
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1870-Chilly Baptism
NEWS-CRIME: Henry M. Day
PEOPLE: George Hyatt
NEWS-VISIT: Mrs. G. W. Putnam

BIOS: George H. Newbert
OBITS: Moses Gabrio, Rebecca Groat, George Pancake, Emma Peltier, Frank Webber, E. W. Conmy, Mrs. A. Z. Downs, Harriet F. Jackson, Mrs. W. L. Johnson
PEOPLE: Carl Bislow, Horace Hupschin
NEWS-VISIT: R. E. Scott, Mrs. Rodolph Crandall, Conrad Taylor, R. E. Scott, Joseph Blanchette,Maud Burnett
NEWS-CRIME: P. F. Pratt, 1893-Murder over poker-Stanke shot by Klichli, Patrick Lyon, 1896-Kelly Sentenced to Hang
NEWS-TRAIN WRECKS: 1922-Two Killed in Train Wreck

PEOPLE: David Adley submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-VISIT: Emma Murphy
NEWS-FIRE: 1877-Fire

BIO: John H. Niles
PEOPLE: Mrs. Johnson
OBITS: William Noot, Mr. Widmark
OBITS: William Simpson, William Gow submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1867 - New Bridge, submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-ILLNESS/INJURY: Henry McFarlan, submitted by Robin Line

MARCH 2016
BIO: William Noot
OBITS: Mary A. Novack contributed by Jim Dezotell
OBITS: E. H. Bowers, Jacob Abresch, Angeline Gervais
BIRTHS: Whitten Quadruplets, Crowell Boys
COURT: Lillian and Frank Daly
MARRIAGES: Vandell-Miller
PEOPLE: J. J. Bowen, Anterne Lamott, Mary Beeson, Fred Stanke, William Mogle
NEWS-ILLNESS: James C. Frost
NEWS-VISIT: Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Hoyt
NEWS-WEATHER: 1873-Cold in Anoka
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1874-Arrested for praying in front of a saloon, 1875-Busy Saw Mill

BIOS: Eben F. Gillispie
OBITS : Mr. Richards, Charles King
NEWS-SICK: Louis E. Berg, Joseph Cady
CHURCHES: 1866-New Methodist Church, 1870-Rev. Mr. Ongman
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1899-Cave Discovered, Human Skeletons, 1891-Bountiful Hunting

JULY 2015
CHURCHES: 1900-New Baptist Church
FAMILIES: Downs Family Reunion
COURT & LEGAL: Eliza Wise, Emma Humpreys
SCHOOLS: 1904-Anoka Teachers Promoted
PROBATE & WILLS: Joanna Cummings

MAY 2015
OBITS : Mr. Tompkins
MARRIAGES: Bissell-Herd
NEWS: (visits) John Peltier, C. N. Harris, Lydia McNamara

OBITS : Charles P. Hurley, William B. Greene
PEOPLE: Samuel Hulett, Alfred Whitten
NEWS: (Fires & Disasters) 1922-Fatal Train Wreck, 1869-Anoka Fire, 1867-Anoka Fire

OBITS : John Wyckoff
NEWS-FIRES: Fire 1867 Anoka, 1869 Anoka, 1871 Anoka

May 2014: Korean War & Vietnam Casualties - transcribed by Curt Wiebusch
Bios: Jackson (3) - transcribed by Mary Saggio

Apr. 2014: Bios: Hughes, Hunter - transcribed by Nancy Overlander

March 2014: bio: Scully - transcribed by Jackie McCarty
Township Histories: Bethel, Blaine, Burns, Centreville, Columbus, Fridley, Grow, Ham Lake, Linwood, Oak Grove, Ramsey, St. Francis - transcribed by Jackie McCarty
The First Store - transcribed by Vicki Bryan

Feb. 2014: Obits: Richardson, Taylor
Marriage: Tenney - Swanson - transcribed by Jim Dezotell
Bios: all of the Anoka County bios from the "History of Anoka County and the Towns of Champlin & Dayton in Hennepin County (1905)
Disaster News: Baker’s building destroyed by fire - transcribed by Tam

Sept. 2013: Obits: Brown, Davis, Garrish, Goss, Hansen, Henderson, Herrick, Mahoney, McFall, Stack, Stevens, Ticknor, Wheeler
Marriages: Amberson - Campbell; Barnard - Turner; DeLong - Clarke; Ghostley - Hansen; Heiber - Whitten; Jackson - Gibbs; Lapham - Davis; Lydon - Martin; Merritt - Felt; Ott - Bragg; Raney - Doyle; Storms - Scott; Townsend - Norman

July 2013: 1883 Pensioners on the Roll; Obit: Niles

Sept. 2012: Obits: Douglas, King, Lacroix
Marriage: Martin-Lydon
Wedding Anniversary: Gow (60th)
News: Anoka Matters (9 Mar. 1895 and 22 May 1897)

August 2012: Marriages: Cord - Fay; White - Conroy

July 2012: Bios: Caine, Case, Casey

June 2012: Bios: Keene, Titus

May 2012: Bios: Akin, Annon

Apr. 2012: Bios: Boardman, Engel, Frank, Gale, Giddins, Giddings, Gillespie, Goodrich, Green, Greenwald, Van Duzee, Wyman

Mar. 2012: County History; Vietnam War Casualties; obits for Cotton, Pace, Reidel, Tilden & Zettergren; marriage notices for Bailey-Thurston; Caswell-Woodbury; Mahany-Crosier, Morrison-Rosser, Pratt-Jamar; WW2 Army Honor List; Bios: Bean, Berry, Brandell, Bond, Curial

Jan 2012: bio for AKIN

Previous Updates:
Bio for ALDRICH; Death Records for 1908-1909; World War II Casualties

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