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MARRIAGES: Marriage Records 1872-1875
OBITS : John Convey
PEOPLE : Gus Beaulieu, Fred Norquist, Mrs. Joseph Hussick
NEWS-CRIME: William Kellaher lynched
NEWS-FIRES: 1906-Locomotive Explodes
INSTITUTIONS : Lake Park Orphanage, Benson Children, Peter Hanson, Larson Children

MARCH 2018 Submitted by Robin Line
BIOS: Roland Baardson, Erick Anderson, Jacob Anderson
NEWS-CRIME: Thomas Thompson
OBITS : Mrs. E. C. Lerche

DIRECTORIES: 1878 Gazetteer and Business Directory
OFFICIALS: News - Ole A. Boe, J. A. Narum, John Hurley
OFFICIALS: Rosters - 1895 Fire Wardens, 1878 County Officials
MILITARY: Soldiers - Alex McKenzie, Sr., Arthur D. Olmsted, Julius Kloster
MILITARY: WWI Casualties - William Hildebrand

JUNE 2017
MILITARY : Vietnam War Casualties
PUBLIC OFFICIALS : 1878 Public Officials
DIRECTORIES : County Towns and Business Directories
FAMILIES : Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pierce and Flora
PEOPLE : John McDuffey
NEWS-CRIME: Albert Ward
OBITS : Mrs. O. A. Anderson and Two Sons - submitted by Joy Sundrum
OBITS : John L. Orme submitted by Robin Line

APRIL 2017
OBITS: Antonie Fratochand submitted by Robin Line
MARRIAGE: Bergison-Wilson
PEOPLE: Thomas Overboe
OBITS: John Felix, Henry Rice, George A. Morrison

PEOPLE: Joe Boutan, John W. Carl, Marane Fitsch
MARRIAGE: Kolb-Bisson
NEWS-CRIME: Jack the Kisser

MARRIAGE: Cunningham - Hoffman - submitted by Kim Torp
OBITS: Mrs. Maren Olsen submitted by Robin Line
PEOPLE: T. J. Sheehan submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-COURT/LEGAL: Kling vs. Kern submitted by Robin Line

APRIL 2016
WHITE EARTH RESERVATION: News From 1905-Ojibway Celebrate 37 Years On Reservation
PEOPLE: Josephine McLean, Theodore Laguee, A. H. Wilcox
MARRIAGE: Walters-Modisett
FAMILIES: Reunions-Thompson & Gebo Generations
NEWS-VISITS: Mrs. David Hanselman, Mrs. K. Mousen, Dave Modisett
NEWS-CRIME: 1930-Bank Robbery, M. J. Kolb
NEWS-ILLNESS: A. A. Campbell, William Gayus Potter, Wm. F. Campbell, John Hanks
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1915-No need to rebuild jail, 1906-Becker County Wins Bronze Medal, 1905-Road Improvements

OBITS: Emil Werk, Christina Momb, Ah-zhow-ay-keshig
CHURCHES: News of Rev. A. H. McKee, 1900-Rev. T. J. Mackey
NEWS-WEATHER: 1899-Blizzard
NEWS-CRIME: Amos Wetmer has son-in-law arrested for perjury, 1905-Murdered Youth Was Jack Anderson, John Huorti, 1905-Find Body of Unknown Man
NEWS-VISITS: Emma Zern, Mrs. A. J. McIntosh, Robert James Henry
NEWS-MISC: Frazee News Bits from 1910

JULY 2015
WILLS & PROBATE: James L. Jones
FAMILIES: Myla Seamens Converse
PEOPLE: Ignatius Hole-in-the-Day, John W. Carl, Louis Caswell, Lizzie Marshal, Paul Fairbanks

OBITS: Julia M. Coombs, Mrs. Van Sickler
NEWS: (fires) 1898-Frazee Fire
NEWS: (weather) 1900-Frazee Tornado
NEWS: (crime) 1893-Highwayman

OBITS: James Fairbank, Chas. Petigrew, D. L. Wellman

May 2014: Korean War & Vietnam Casualties - transcribed by Curt Wiebusch
Bio: Irish - transcribed by Mary Saggio

Apr. 2014: Bio: Jones - transcribed by Nina Kramer
Bio: Hoit - transcribed by Glenda Stevens

March 2014: 1883 Pensioners on the Roll - transcribed by Mary Saggio
History: First Settlement - transcribed by Susan Geist
Bios: Ebeltoft, Ramstad - transcribed by Janice Brazil
Detroit Marriages - transcribed by Heather Turner
First M.E. Church (Detroit) Baptisms - transcribed by Jean Hansen
Pioneer Reminiscences: Mrs. L. S. Cravath of Hamden - transcribed by Janice Brazil

Feb. 2014: Obits: Goodrich, Johnston, McKinstry
All of the bios from "A Pioneer History of Becker County Minnesota (1907)
Disaster News: June 9 Wind Storm - transcribed by Liz Dellinger
Births - transcribed by Debbie Oberst
County Records: Employees in Indian Agency Service (White Earth) 1892-1897 - transcribed by KT
All Becker County Township Histories from "A Pioneer History of Becker County Minnesota (1907)
Pioneer Reminiscences: Barnard (transcribed by Liz Dellinger); Crissy, Quinlan (transcribed by Vicki Bryan); d'Engelbroner Farm and A Pathetic Chapter (transcribed by Sandra Stutzman)
Misc. News Extracts from Otter Trail City Record (1871) and Detroit Record (1872) - transcribed by Vicki Bryan
Misc. News Extracts from Audubon Journal (1874 - 1985) - transcribed by Liz Dellinger
Cemetery information: Oak Grove history - transcribed by Vicki Bryan
Crime: Stabbing; 1905 murder; Bachinana, Byron Shooting, Convay murder - transcribed by Vicki Bryan
Carlson Shooting; Billy Lamb; Cook Family; murder & suicide - transcribed by Liz Dellinger
Cook Family Murder - transcribed by Susan Geist
A Youthful Fiend - transcribed by Glenda Stevens
Church History: Organization of 1st Congregation in Becker County - transcribed by Susan Geist
School History: 1st School in Richwood - transcribed by Susan Geist

Dec. 2013: A Pioneer History of Becker County

Sept. 2013: Obits: Boll, Buck, Hansen, Wellman
Marriages: Grafsland - Kile; Hendrickson - Cummings; Iten - Keenan; Kohler - Culver; Lyons - Hendry
Engagement: Baer - Whitney
Bios: Ball, King

Aug. 2013: 1890 Veterans Schedules for Atlanta & Walworth, Clifford, Cormorant and Detroit Lakes

July 2013: 1890 Veterans Schedule for Fraze, Jarvis, Height of Land and Lake View

June 2013: 1890 Veterans Schedule for Cuba, Lake Eunice and Lake Park

May 2013: 1890 Veterans Schedule for Audubon

Apr. 2013: 1890 Veterans Schedules for Burlington & Carsonville

Sept. 2012: Obits: Dix, Lyford, Walton
Marriage: Knutson-Kvamme
Birth: Fairbanks
Local News: White Earth (14 Oct. 1920)

June 2012: Obit: Rice

May 2012: Bios: Anundsen, Baldwin

Mar. 2012: Bios: Converse, Hamilton; Obit: Scott

Feb. 2012: WW2 Army Honor List; Marriage: Robbecke-Kennedy; Bios: Bjorge, Dahlen, Dufault

Dec 2011: Civil War soldiers from Becker

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June 2011: Biography - Chief May-zhuc-kege-shig
Biography Article, Deaths, 1908-1909, 1860 Federal Census, 1870 Mortality Schedule, 1880 Mortality Schedule, Detroit Lakes History, 1871

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